Tuesday, June 18, 2024

President Lungu expresses happiness with the voter turnout


President Edgar Lungu was today the first registered voter to cast his ballot at Andrew Mwenya stream two polling station of Chawama constituency.

The Head of State expressed happiness with the voter turnout in the constituency’s polling stations, an observation he made as he drove past the streets on his way to cast his vote.

The President urged all registered Zambians to exercise their rights to vote, in the ongoing general elections.

Mr Lungu in the company of his wife, Esther Lungu and Patriotic Front Chawama aspiring Member of Parliament Tasila Mwansa arrived at the polling station at exactly 06:08 hours, and cast his vote at 06:13hours.

“I am happy that I have cast my vote. All those who are home should go to vote. I hear some politicians are telling people to hang around polling stations after voting, but people should go home after casting their ballot and wait for updates from radio and television stations,” the PF Presidential candidate stressed.

The President who was calm and confident as he entered and left the polling booth, urged electorates to look out for lapses on ballot papers before they proceed to vote.

President Lungu also explained that it was unfortunate that one of the ballot papers he was given was not stamped, and he had to remind the officials.

“Please look out for any lapses on the ballot papers, I was given one ballot paper which was not stamped and if I went ahead and cast, that vote was going to be invalid. I had to remind the officers there to stamp it. So before we proceed to vote check for details,” he stressed.

Mr Lungu also exchanged greetings with the African Union Observer mission officials as he was awaiting for his wife to cast her vote at Andrew Mwenya stream 5 polling station.

He left the polling station at 06:20 hours amidst jubilation from electorates who were in the queue while observing COVID-19 laid down health guidelines.

Andrew Mwenya Stream 2 polling station Presiding Officer Herbert Kamboyi officially opened the polling station at exactly 06:0hours.

Andrew Mwenya stream 2 polling station in Chawama constituency, has about 820 registered voters.

Meanwhile, a check by ZANIS at Vera Chiluba polling station in Munali constituency found long queues of people had formed at 04:40 hours by registered voters.

A similar scenario was also observed at David Kaunda polling station with ques having been formed at 05:30 hours.

Zambia today goes to the polls with 16 Presidential candidates and over 800 aspiring parliamentary candidates.


  1. “President Lungu also explained that it was unfortunate that one of the ballot papers he was given was not stamped, and he had to remind the officials.”

    The only solution is interim president.

  2. Zambia has never voted like this before. They are championing to get an outright winner. Reruns are very confusing and distressing.

  3. Thanks for the observation, Mr. ECL. So you know, voter turn out is so the voters bid you good bye. They have had enough of PF and it’s reported criminality. As a citizen voter, I can’t wait for new leadership. Thank you for your attempted service to our country.

  4. FA ECL Expressing happiness at the voter turn out. He is incorrectly assuming the voters are in his favor. ECL YOUR TIME IS UP. You had your chance to showcase leadership, but you FAILED to do so. Zambians have spoken loud and clear. They want CHANGE.

  5. This is best way to send off Ba Edgar. He has organized best elections, and we shall remember you for that. Go continue packing, and write a nice letter to HH. He has equally respected you.

  6. This guy with tusks in the mouth. Why can’t he vote quietly? That comment is unnecessary and nauseating. He connived with ECZ crooks to disadvantage opponents. What a low life!

  7. This is 2021, kuuya nokunya bebele. We are sick and tired of your endless incompetence, kleptomaniac tendencies and stinking tribal bigotry and sheer stupidity. You will be out of that office and if you resist to go we will come and smoke you out like a rat that you are. No wonder, where in this world have you seen a president with such a rotten dental formula. One wonders whether this ***** even knows how the inside of the dentist’s clinic looks like. What a shame!

  8. There will be a whitewash for h². He is buried for the 6th time. ECL just got re-employed. His mandate renewed and a final tenure.

  9. Chi colour Edgar, you are gone useless w@nker of a president, you switch off the internet and whatsapp u don’t know there is VPN, bwaba akal1tole Chi colour chabwiso

  10. I bet the ZNBC news at 1900 hours will already be very kind to Bally. Those guys obviously smell a rat, and don’t want to lose their jobs on Monday!

  11. One UPND should be worried about is the large turnout in PF strongholds. Reason why the 2015 and 2016 were close is because of a low voter turnout in PF strongholds whilst UPND strongholds have had over 70% voter turnout. If I were a UPND supporter that would give me concern and not excitement because Zambians vote on regional and tribal lines.

  12. @Dominion, be real. This is not the time to be presumptuous. Did you seriously stand in those queues on the Copperbelt and listen to what people were whispering? My friend, in all truth, this is the end of PF and it done and dusted.

  13. Really laughable…you thought people will eat infrastructure development which you can’t even pay debt incurred. Chilu announce results

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