Friday, June 14, 2024

Voting commences with a good turn out in Ndola


Voting has commenced with an overwhelming turn out of people forming queues as early as 03:00 hours in Ndola district.

A spot check conducted by ZANIS in Ndola found a line of more than 200 people formed at around 03:00 hours at Kansenshi secondary school polling station

And at the Evangelical University polling station, Presiding Officer Mailes Ndhlovu officially opened the polling station for voting at exactly 06:00 hours.

Mrs Ndhlovu told ZANIS that voting started on a good note, free from any incidents.

Meanwhile, Osward Mwaanga, the first voter at Evangelical University polling station was excited to exercise his right to vote.

He explained that he was at the polling station at exactly 03:00 hours.

“I am excited because I have exercised my right to vote. I have made history for myself because I was the first person to vote at Evangelical University polling station in 2021. I came here at 03hours and I was the only one. Now I am going home to wait for the results,” he said.

Mr Mwaanga described the atmosphere at the polling station as peaceful.

Zambia today goes to the polls for Presidential, Parliamentary, Mayoral, Council Chairperson and Local government elections.

Voting is expected to end at 18:00 hours.


  1. The polling station near my home opened at exactly 06hrs but I was on the queue from 04hrs. I was able to vote peacefully a few minutes after 06hrs.

  2. Even where I am it is so crowded. There are thirteen 13 queues, all grouped in alphabetical setup stretching as long as 500 metres.
    This is what intelligent voters do: come in hordes and beat a confusing rerun.

  3. It’s not just voting for Change…you don’t experiment with governance….the devil you know is better than an Angel you don’t know…..I voted for Biden and now am regretting…..

  4. Anonymous , look I was at my old Kabanana voting point at 02:00am
    and voted at 06:10am with over 3000 people already waiting to Vote

  5. Change is in our hands if we don’t make the change then we are the next Zimbabwe andbwebwillnallnremain with hunger and no jobs and the corruption will only increase
    Lord save us


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