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ECZ happy with voter turn out


The Electoral Commission of Zambia has expressed happiness over the high voter turnout witnessed in this year’s general elections.

ECZ Chairperson, Justice Esau Chulu expressed gratitude to the residents for turning out in numbers to exercise their right to vote.

Justice Chulu said the commission has always looked forward to high voter turnout.

“We would like to thank all voters who turned out to exercise their right to vote. The commission is very grateful as this is what we have always looked forward to,” he said.

Justice Chulu has since called on members of the public to remain patient as the results from the 12,152 polling stations have started coming in.

“We continue calling all members of the public to remain patient as the commission is doing everything to ensure that we announce and declare the results within 72 hours,” he added.

ZANIS reports that Justice Chulu made the remarks at the national results centre in Lusaka today.

Meanwhile, ECZ Vice Chairperson, Emily Sikazwe has appealed to people to give the commission time to announce the results as the votes are being counted manually.

Ms Sikazwe said the commission is not deliberately delaying to announce the results but are waiting for consolidated results from the constituencies.

“We have no interest who wins but we have the obligation to serve the public. Zambians interests is our first priority,” she said.

She has called on all Zambians to work together and have trust in the Commission as they carry out their work.


  1. Yes we are also happy with the turnout. But we are NOT happy with the ongoing delay in announcing results! First we were promised 10:00 hours this morning, that became 15:00 hours, then 16:00, then 17:30, and now it is 19:30 and we have no results. And nobody knows when we will get anything! Amateurish!

  2. In the meantime UPND has got 90% of results in from their PVT. Why don’t they declare THAT result?

  3. I get the impression the UPND will only accept results that declare them winners regardless of the facts on the ground. This is the party whose supporters beat up and chased PF polling agents in Southern Province, murdered the PF Chairperson in Northwestern Province, and severely injured Miles Sampa in Matero! If these people take over power, are we really going to be safe in this country? Cry my beloved country!

  4. This man and the Electoral Commission of Zambia should be ashamed of themselves for trying to announce wrong and unverified votes from Feira in the afternoon. It showed clearly this afternoon that that’s exactly what they tried to do.

    How did they get about 70 votes from HH in Feira and added to Lungu’s total? That was very stupid of ECZ, very very stupid indeed.

    I applaud the stakeholders in that room who objected to those results and rightly so. Thank you very much for your vigilance and steadfastness.
    HH lost in Feira to Lungu. But why did ECZ get votes from HH and give Lungu. For what?
    Give to each candidate only what the voters gave them.
    That’s it.

  5. While during campaigns the below made headlines for political mileage please still do advise the population my country men and women

    The first doses of #COVID19 vaccines donated to #COVAX by the UK are set to land in Zambia and the DRC today! 3 million
    doses will be delivered to 11 African countries in the coming days; the first of 80 million pledged to COVAX in total.
    today 13/08/2021

  6. If ECZ is happy with Vote turn out. Then DO the RIGHT THING and STOP delaying the results. Do not waste your time trying to rig the VOTES. This time round Zambians will not let you get away with cheating.

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