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Human Rights Commission calls on Government to immediately restore internet services


The Human Rights Commission (HRC/Commission) has called on the Government to with immediate effect restore internet services to promote the right to access to information and communication through social media platforms.

In a statement to the media, the Commission said that it is deeply concerned that at a time when the general citizenry is relying on social media platforms to communicate and to access information relating to the electoral process, the internet seems to have been shut down, thereby depriving them of the right to information.

“The apparent shut down of internet services is a breach of a constitutional right to freedom of expression and information because there is no legitimate existing circumstance that warrants the curtailing and/or limitations of the right to access information.

“At worst, the act of shutting down the internet is undemocratic and is reminiscent of repressive regimes that are against good governance principles of transparency and accountability and thrive on excluding the public from participating in critical governance matters.

“Therefore, the Commission calls on the Government, through the respective agencies responsible for managing the local internet gateway, to unblock the internet and allow the use of applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook which are the major sources of information and means of communication by most citizens, particularly the youth.

“The blocking of the internet service has the potential of creating suspicion, speculations and misinformation in the management of the election results and may result into anxiety and possibly violence.

“It is, therefore, unnecessary to create tension at the time when the electoral process is coming to an end and the country is almost healing from political and electoral violence that had characterized the campaign period,” the statement conculded


  1. This shutdown at the time most of our undecided youth were still on the queue has actually worked against PF in a big way.

  2. Tell me HRC, is it a constitutional right for Jackson Kungo and Emmanuel Chihili to be murdered over suspicion owing to social media rumours???

  3. @Zambian Citizen, It is unfortunate that the two citizens were killed and MTSRIP.

    At the polling station where I voted for HH. We had a guy who came and started telling us that: “It doesn’t matter how you *****s will vote my President has already won.”
    We all ignored him, until the lady Police officer decided to allow him to vote and leave before he brings confusion. In other places the wisdom exibited by our officer may have been lacking and the people there may have been in a different mood.

    The next time you go and vote respect everyone on the line no matter what your status in society is. We all carry one vote for our preferred candidate, keep it safe you may be the +1 to your candidates 50%.

  4. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.

    For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.

    Our out going government fails on all fronts if only they even tried understanding spider man @ *** with power comes great responsibility *** Maybe just maybe they would have spent part of that 10 years learning responsibility to its citizens.
    Instead in the last stages they abused all the power that was available to them till the last minute they do the same.
    Just because the option is there doesn’t mean you use it any how but again after the fainting incident personally i new from then unwarranted threats from…

  5. @Zambian citizen, before you ask about the constitutional rights of Jackson Kungo and Emmanuel Chihili, have you ever asked yourself who has brought this violence to Zambia? Any life lost is very sad indeed. Where are the constitutional rights of all Zambians that this government has been denying us for the last ten years?

  6. @SkyLab. There can only be one winner at a time. Congratulations for carrying the day. But I doubt it, is that so?

  7. HRC, blood has been shed and life has been lost. instead you are “deeply concerned” about shut down of WhatsApp first and foremost.

  8. @Mulongoti Machayi, my view is hard to prove but I just personally feel shutting down internet while voting was in process was a bad idea.

  9. Meno Meno, open the internet, you have already lost no one wanted with those yellow teeth. After this we come for you and Tasila for all that mukula money, your night mare is just beginning chi colour… you thought Zambia for your father . The ka worst president the country has ever seen useless as they come dull and stup!d

  10. @Zambian Citizen No it is not a constitutional right for anyone to be murdered. Instead of you going after HRC, you should be asking ECL why did he send his people to rig the votes across the country. ECL is not innocent. He has blood on his hands. Why do you think he has shutdown the Internet? Zambians have spoken. CHANGE has arrived whether you like it or not. It is high time civility is restored back in Zambia.

  11. @Mulongoti Machayi you LIE you know exactly how you are accessing the Internet. Zambians are smart, whom are you trying to FOOL???

    Zambians have delivered and made CHANGE happen. Proud to be Zambian.

  12. One can use a VPN to access geographically secluded websites. Some sites are restricted to certain areas only.
    The VPN makes you unanimous or incognito by globalising rather that localising an internet user.
    VPN does not improve internet or switch to another connectivity.
    If you are in Zambia, you are stuck with those ISP’s that are near you. The VPN can’t reroute you to America or Germany.

  13. Matt #15.
    All ballot boxes are in public eyes, only the booths for marking votes are secluded. How does one go in there with premarked votes to stash in transparent sealed boxes? When changing full ones, it is done in everyone’s full view. Let’s not foment, felony to use as an excuse when claiming victory. If UPND has won it will show. 50 Plus One.

  14. Kaizar Zulu knows the game is up and has gone into hiding. Where is he? The PF crooks should not be allowed to leave the country. Prison awaits them, starting with corrupt Lungu.

  15. Some of you here either you do not understand English or are simply ignorant. Chihili is just a brother to the slain man, he was not killed.

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