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Clergyman happy with Zambian’s peaceful behaviour


A clergyman has commended Zambians for upholding peace and unity during the ongoing elections results announcement.

Speaking during a ZNBC interview programme, Monze Diocese Missionary congregation of the Holy Spirit Priest John Duya said Zambians have proven to be peaceful people through embracing patience in the electoral process.

Father Duya explained that amid the anxieties of the election outcome, people have continued to interact as they follow up with the updates from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

He described the kind of behavior and patience exhibited, especially the way they turned out in large numbers to exercise their civic right as admirable.

“I would like to congratulate Zambians for the mood and patience that they are showing. I admire the atmosphere among different people and the way they are interacting as they wait for the results of the elections,” he said.

The priest also stated that the peaceful behaviour being exhibited can be attributed to the involvement of the church in preaching peace among political players.

Fr. Duya said it is evident that politicians understood the message from the church calling on them to love one another, while reminding them that there is life after elections.

He has since urged Zambians to remain calm and focused even after the results of the election saying they should not destroy the peace and unity built over 55 years ago.

He said that the few cases of violence should not escalate into destroying Zambia from a Christian and peaceful nation into a war torn country.

Fr. Duya noted that peace and unity should not be taken for granted as they are the best remedy for building a nation.

He also called on other countries to emulate Zambia by always maintaining peace especially during elections.


  1. Very wise words indeed from the clergyman. The general behaviour of Zambians had been fantastic during the electoral period and this has shown how united we are as people of a great nation Zambia. Remember Zambia is a great model of peace, respected globally as compared to some countries in Africa and world over.Zambia is for everybody and not for the few greed people. Long live great nation of Zambia and remain blessed

  2. Edgar should just concede and f*ck off with his useless pathetic foools party, useless waste of space these so called PF

  3. Peaceful because Satan has won ! Yes peaceful because because innocent blood has been shed, think again we shall wait to see what this victory will do for Zambians.
    The promises must be coming as the game has started

  4. Imwe ba Nshili mubemba, unless nimwe then its okay. Lungu was given presidency on a silver plate by late Sata but he mismanaged his fortunes and became a chitomfwa and started to mismanage the resources of Zambia, looting the treasury, Inkongole na kaloba from China, misplacing and dividing the people of Zambia on tribal lines, ubuchengeshi, not displining his thieving ministers, Cadres running instutions of government,arresting politicians in the opposition on trumped up criminal charges.Lungu had never spent not even aday at state house as he was always on the move commissioning new infrastructures which could be done by junior officers. Two terms in office wasted mukululumba while the people of Zambia remained in poverty as there was no leadership. Umungulu, ulupato, cluelessness…

  5. Zambia remained in poverty as there was no leadership. Umungulu, ulupato, cluelessness and seeking advice from cadres has really cost Lungu his beautiful seat. Let people with brains take over government and mend the economy and bring life back to normal. I do not think most people with brains would like to hear anything to do with PF. Congratulations Bally, show the nation how it is done and how to fix it

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