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United States govt condemns violence after elections


The United States (US) government has condemned the violence that has rocked selected parts of the country in the aftermath of the August 12, 2021 general elections. US Embassy Chargé d’ Affaires David Young says any form of violence is bad and should not be tolerated.

Mr Young has called on law enforcement wings to confront the people behind the violence and looting. He stressed that violence by political cadres from either political parties should be condemned and curbed by the Police.

Mr Young said the USA government will continue to speak against any form of violence. He also commended President Elect for speaking strongly against the reported violence when he addressed the media yesterday at his residence.

Mr Young was speaking during a pressing briefing held via ZOOM. Violence and looting has been reported in Lusaka, Southern, Copperbelt and Muchinga provinces.

Meanwhile the US government has congratulated United Party for National Development (UPND) President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema for scooping the August 12, general elections.

Mr Young said the turnout of voters on the polling day was gratifying and pleasing as people came out in numbers to vote for their preferred candidates.

He described Mr Hichilema’s election triumph as a “big victory”.

The US Embassy Chargé d’ Affaires said he was impressed with how people stood in long historical cues waiting to cast their vote.

He reaffirmed the United States commitment to further deepen the existing bilateral relations between the two countries.

He said the US government is looking forward to building excellent cooperation on the already existing ties.

At the same briefing, Mr Young commended the Electoral Commissioner of Zambia (ECZ) for administering credible and transparent polls.

He observed that the Commission worked hard by ensuring that the election results were fully announced in 72 hours.

Mr Young also saluted various groups that participated in the electoral process as their efforts contributed to the holding of successful elections.

The US Embassy Chargé d’ Affaires also indicated that the counting of the votes was credible and transparent.

He explained that the role played by both domestic and foreign observers helped in creating or promoting transparency and a conducive atmosphere for voting.

Mr Young was pleased to note Zambia’s voting process which he said is a model to the world.


  1. It hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and already there is violence. I am happy that I have been proved right that the upnd are violent tribal animals. Zambia the new Rwanda in the 90s. Enjoy it

  2. Ati bally will fix it, and yet bally meant he will fix you. They are already killing people in the streets these animals

  3. The violence after elections was just a continuation of the PF culture, a new and serious President has been elected, let him just be sworn, all this violence will be a thing of the past

  4. It turns out it’s just name change from PF Cadres to UPND cadres….so PF cadres used to flash money but were peaceful and UPND cadres are violent and illiterate

  5. Change way you think about “violent” Africans. Zambians are not Africans, they are Zambians, and 120 % more civilized than MOST Americans.
    And don’t deport me, it is a fact.

  6. Munio Zulu scooped MP seat as independent, impressive.
    Meanwhile Dora Skirt got fvcked by Jay Jay independent in Petauke.

  7. ati Bally will fix it…hahahaha not so fast…Forward Forward Forwarded….till they start eating each other…to much over promising…it is already ending in tears…how much is a bag of ubunga…how much is cement…if the kwacha is gaining then prices should start going down…so it was just campaign blah blah blah blah…chimbwi no plan

  8. Where is the fic.kin president to stop the violence? As usual Na chilala dwi like the past 7 years.
    Tuesday next week is too far for the real president to take over

  9. He should also tell his President Joe Biscuit Biden on the on going violence in America. People are dying and crime had increased in America. The us/boarder is in crises ever since Trump left office.

  10. If my comments about our electoral process can be retrieved you can see that I have always said our electoral process is among the best in the world. mR Young was just short of saying it is better than the USA’s, so he used the model in the world.

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