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If there is ever developed successful governance and prosperity, Africa and Zambia hold the high ground


As an American who came of age in Lusaka during the good early Kaunda years, and watched the ups and downs since then, one has to be both amazed and gratified by last Thursday’s extraordinary collective act of civic patience and strength.

We now have not only a new president and majority party in Zambia. We will likely soon have a new leading African nation playing a major role in world affairs.

Africa is not only the cradle of humanity. If there is ever developed successful governance and prosperity, Africa and Zambia, believe it or not, hold the high ground – the position from which to lead.

The major issues and threats facing humanity are all in dire need of a credible voice from outside the power centers speaking for all. Whether it is peace, nuclear weapons, climate change, pandemic, child trafficking – even the threat of the artificial intelligence singularity, these issues will not be resolved in the USA, China, Europe and Russia. They require a voice from the high ground.

So, please, keep in mind that as you work to better the nation through big and small improvements in financial management, education, roads, medical care, the sewers in Garden and policing in Kanyama, you are together also building a potential world colossus – a most powerful voice.

For those of us in the USA the concurrent eruptions, on the same days, in Afghanistan and Zambia, are two sides of the same coin. One is the most humiliating and pathetic defeat in American history. The other is a most remarkable triumph of the basic values of individual freedom and governance of, by and for the people.

Who provided the hundreds of outside observers to monitor the Zambian election? Who had to put the arm on chiefs and warlords to set aside their differences? And how many American troops had to serve and die in Zambia trying to build that nation?

None. They did it all themselves.

As one tied so closely for so long, it is difficult to avoid getting overly emotional about this. God Bless the Powerful People of Zambia. One Zambia, One Nation.

The Author, Robert B. Kent, Jr. was first in Zambia in 1969, as a teenager, played basketball with the UNZA Monks, and presently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has a wonderful Zambian wife, half Zambian children, and a startup Chimoto family farm on Leopard’s Hill Road in Lusaka.


  1. Thank you Sir, You are most welcome. Pity we had a period of non-ethical behaviour by the former president. But all will be well now. Once more – thank you!

  2. well said and articulate. zambia is passing through things that once australia passed. until we will reach at a point where everything will be made in zambia, and not much of the dependance from other countries.. even election will come to a point when any president will know of saving only for two terms. we don’t have to get angry to be voting for someone just because he did this or did not do this. nooo. for the country to be growing , we need presidents that one at least made this and its working , then give chance to others to better other sectors too. so lets give support to the one with power now and help him in helping us open business doors in bettering zambia.

  3. I voted for Biden but now I wish Trump was still President….feels like we don’t have a President here in the USA

  4. And yet the f00Iish author is still shackled away there abroad. If you have so much confidence in your fellow t.onga leader why aren’t you here in zambIa to be ruled by him? He has promised you free education, 1:1 exchange rate with dollar etc. Why aren’t you back here

  5. Our children are new breed of united citizens who behave like submarines and unleash their power at the last moment at lightening speed. The PF leadership thought they had at all and they were unstoppable little did they know that a humiliating defeat awaited them in a few hours. They became very arrogant in their talk, deeds and conduct in public, they would address belittle opponents in a drunken state, pretended to be humble outside and used the churches as political platforms to discredit their only political threat HH. The Public opinion has prevailed over the bad guys..

  6. It is all by the grace of our God. Zambians are by nature peace loving and we should guard our peace jealously and not take it for granted.
    Thank you for your kind words

  7. Great Write-up, Zambia is truly an example in Africa. LT please block Kaizer, he is such an evil minded man. Zambian have moved on and it time to work. We are tired of the Kaizer PF hate speeches.

  8. Human behavior is complicated… just look at Trump’s behavior during and after elections. And yet the international observers have kept quiet. Oh sorry I forgot that America is the international observer.

  9. Kaizar Zulu do you even have children. What values are you instilling in them . How was your upbringing? Was there love given to you as you were growing up. I feel very sorry for you. You a very angry, hateful man. You are one of a kind.

    THAT IS A GOOD ONE :)) :))

  11. @4 Kaizar Zulu, you are feeling so bad that you cannot even see that this person is not praising HH or UPND, but all the Zambian people for doing what they did so peacefully and democratically, including YOU. This is also kudos to President Lungu for conceding even after complaining a bit. People like you do not realise that people in the diaspora have a great heart for Zambia. In one year they contribute more than $50 million to Zambia’s GDP. Many of them are supporting children in schools and universities, children who are not their own or even their relatives. They seek nothing but the suma bonum of Zambia.

  12. KZ is a useless cadre who jail sentence is not far from 24 August. If you are man enough go on radio now claim all your nonsense. Enjoy your few day here with your wife because you find wife married. YABA

  13. Something tells me that KZ has not developed mentally!! How does one fail to reason with others even for one second? KZ, have you not learnt something out of these elections? That your party/Lungu has lost embarrassingly partly because of your type? Your continued attacks on Tonga people and HH is one of the reasons the entire Southern province ticked for HH . Your strong holds even got fed up of your tribal remarks and votted your man out!! Do you get this? If I was leader of PF, I would reprimand you for your uneducated ways , because you’re not doing your party any favours by being in such denial and behaving childlike!! Grow up and start working like a decent human being!! You’re toxic!! Lets all work together undivided…..we are all Zambians , for f…k sake.

  14. Well said! I am proud to be a Zambian, who lives in Canada.
    The foundation by Kenneth Kaunda and all the freedom fighters is what makes Zambia
    weather the storm and remain strong.
    One Zambia one Nation is the Key to our future as a country.
    Let us, continue building on what Kaunda and his compatriots stood for.
    To me, the peaceful transfer of power is what makes me very proud, beginning from when Kaunda stepped down in 1991 .
    It shows that Zambia is maturing as a democracy.
    Presidents will come and go but Zambia should always be the Zambia I love.
    Without peace, serious development will be elusive.
    At the same time, the opposition should re-group and offer meaning checks and balances.
    Corruption should be tackled aggressively.
    Zambians should be very proud for showing the…

  15. @Anonymous Trump is a racist who made it his mission to divide Americans. Trump and Lungu are very much alike. Both were in it for their own personal financial gain and didn’t care a hoot for the peoples well being. The Jan 6th mob was not a pretty sight for America’s image around the world. Never before in the history of America was there a coup attempt until Trump. The problem with we human’s is we expect the new president once he or she takes office to immediately fix everything that was broken. It takes time to put broken pieces back together. Especially if major corruption was involved. Patience is Virtue. People need to give both HH and Biden a fair chance and if they fail to deliver on their promise then they can be Judged accordingly.

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