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Super Rhymer discusses his music career



Lameck Zulu a.k.a Super Rhymer is a hip hop song writer, singer, beat maker and rapper. “People identified me as the artist who always brings tough rhymes. That’s where the Rhymer comes from and Super come from me being inspired by Superman’s story. I like to think of myself as the last son of the Copperbelt. My name represents what my brand is made of: The Super is a way of assuring the audience or listener that what they are about to experience is legit and above average.”

He was raised on the Copperbelt by a single mother, he discovered the power and influence of music at a tender age, but only had a chance to show what he can do in 2007 when he started free style battling rappers at school and road cyphers. “In the past, if one was to gain respect as an MC, they had to prove it through battle rap: one on one on the spot! This worked to my advantage because it helped me train my mind to always think like a winner. For you to win you had to bring something exceptional. To win I had to do what it takes for someone to win. Besides battling other people my biggest challenge was to perform better than my last battle, so in a way, I was constantly competing with myself too.”  From there he began writing rhymes, aiming to save souls and give youths music which has substance.

Super Rhymer is mostly known for his super speed tongue twisting style; creative, wide word play and punchlines. Describing his musical style, he said: “My music comes from the heart. I share my faith, my flaws and how I managed to overcome some of these challenges. My style of music can be enjoyed by both old and younger people. I create music that someone can sing along to even when experiencing or going through a painful situation. When most people hear my music for the first time, they always want to know more about me and my work. I am known for my unique tongue-twisting, wordplay and most importantly my punchlines and metaphors which I blend in Bemba, Nyanja and English seamlessly.”

He is influenced by musicians both locally and internationally, these include locally: PK Chishala, James Sakala, Mag44, Chef 187 and Christine. Internationally: Serge, J. Cole, Lecrae, Amanda Black, Joyner Lucas

Super Rhymer recently resigned to Xplore management company; It feels great working with people who believe in your abilities and have your best interest at heart. I’m looking forward to a fruitful journey – we stay winning and making history together!” Talking about the importance of artists having management he said; “Having a good team helps an artist to plan and strategise. It also makes more sense to have someone accountable for a particular task because if certain things don’t go as planned you know exactly where to start from. And as they say, a good team makes the dream work.”

Speaking about the challenges he has faced in his music career he had this to say; Our listeners can honestly do better in supporting us financially. If more people could learn to appreciate our works with the value it deserves, I can safely say our music careers could thrive. Over the past few years, I have learnt that music is a business and businesses require cash flow for them to start making a profit.” During this Covid-19 period, where artistes are not able to perform live, Super Rhymer explained that utilizing digital platforms is the way to survive and thrive. “Whenever I have a new project, my team makes sure it’s on all digital music platforms. I’m also hoping to do even more maybe having a virtual concert.”

Success means different things to different people. Super Rhymer had this to say about it; “Success means having influence that’s equivalent to my value and being able to inspire and help others become better.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me financially and those that encourage me to keep going. You have all helped me become what I am now. Get ready for more music is on the way.”




Yahweh Ft Reuben

Simple ft Macky 2




  1. This dude is “Super” talented . I always hear Teaspoon on the radio , never knew it was him who sang it. Zambia has got great talent

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