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Financial Crimes and Money Laundering: FIndlay Accounts Frozen Former Ministers Dr Chilufya and Joseph Malanji under investigation

General News Financial Crimes and Money Laundering: FIndlay Accounts Frozen Former Ministers Dr Chilufya...

The Drug Enforcement Commission has confirmed that stories making rounds on social media of the freezing of Bank accounts of Mr Valden Findlay for suspected financial crimes and money laundering are correct.

And the commission has further clarified that former Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya is under investigation.

The commission has however indicated that Dr. Chilufya’s accounts have not been frozen stating that more investigations are underway on the matter before any such action can be taken.

Chief Mabumba of the Ushi people of Mansa district in Luapula Province, Chief Kalasa Mukoso of the Nakabende people of Samfya District, Chief Lukangaba, Chief Kalaba, and Chief Mabenge at the Court Apperance of Dr Chitalu Chilufya to pronounce a blessing on him
Chief Mabumba of the Ushi people of Mansa district in Luapula Province, Chief Kalasa Mukoso of the Nakabende people of Samfya District, Chief Lukangaba, Chief Kalaba, and Chief Mabenge at the Court Apperance of Dr Chitalu Chilufya to pronounce a blessing on him

Last year as Health Minister, Dr. Chilufya the magistrate court acquitted Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya after ruling that the prosecution had brought insufficient evidence against him. Dr. Chilufya had appeared before a Lusaka magistrate and denied four counts of corruption.

Prosecutors had alleged that the health minister, on four separate occasions, used money believed to be proceeds from crime to acquire property, shares in a tourism firm and a passenger boat from the United Arab Emirates, in the period between December 2016 and January 2018.

When the case returned to court, state prosecutor Clifford Moono said the state had no further evidence to bring. Magistrate Lameck Mwale said following the decision by the prosecution not to bring further evidence, he had decided to acquit Chilufya.

“Given the the position taken by the state to offer no further evidence and considering the available evidence, the accused is hereby acquitted,” he said

The prosecution had called five witnesses, including one who ended up testifying in favour of Chilufya. Chilufya, 47, who faced up to five years in jail if convicted,

The Commission has further revealed that former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Joseph Malanji is also under investigation for financial crimes and money laundering. The commission indicated that this is not a recent case but dates back to March of this year when investigations commenced and remain ongoing.
Commission Public Relations Officer Mr. Mathias Kamanga made these revelations during a media briefing in Lusaka this afternoon.

And Mr. Kamanga has thanked President-Elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for the commitment he has made to ensure the commission operates independently and without undue interference from anyone and also to ensure that enough funding is allocated to the commission for smooth operations.

Mr. Kamanga has since urged members of the Public to not shy away from reporting suspicious cases to the drug enforcement commission, promising that once any tip is given to the commission, they will make a follow-up and investigate.


  1. Freely does not mean you have to be selective. We want you to start with obvious cases, fire tenders and those 48 ghost houses. We need answers to kick backs for the roads. Stop targeting potential political enemies.

  2. Kaizer we warned you, but your head was too bloated. I hope they make you account for your wealth. All the people you kicked and slapped should now drag you to court

  3. No stone must be left unturned. Start with how the outgoing thug and his daughter suddenly became rich. How much of $13billion debt went into private pockets? Tell us that!

  4. We told you findley was lingus banker. He knows where lungus stolen money is.
    Lean on him , he will talk.

    PF is about to be billed for billions of kwacha. Some one has to pay for all the campaign of lungu that were paid for with tax payers money.

    Starting from those Alepwelelapo songs to the PF campaign ZAF choppers rides………

    Also trace the PF regalia bills and that is the end of PF……..

  5. This is just the beginning….there are so many cases where Zambians are expecting accountability. And hope that at one point, parley will have enough votes to rescide Lungu`s immunity, so he can be investigated. Zambians need accountability – This must be clear to the new government and the list of the cases is also known ! we just need culprits to be fixed.

  6. The Chinese and other crooks will find HEHH can not be corrupted……

    If you want anything from Zambia, it will be done legally and in the open to benefit Zambians first………

    The days of Chinese , lebanese and Indian looting of zambias resources by bribing a few maggots are over…….

  7. You can’t investigate someone on the same matters that were dealt with by the courts, so I hope that it’s not the case with Chitalu Chilufya.

  8. FutureZed – You are contradicting yourself most of these cases are on-going or have been shelved due to State House shielding them. I am surprised there are people her defending people like Dr. Chilufya after the mess he left at MOH…do you people have conscience? These people were procuring $60,000 Ambulances for $280K and knowingly buying expired drugs for the price of in date medicine so they could pocket the difference…people have died from their defective condoms and expired medicines.

  9. Lazy Lungu immunity will have to be lifted at some point…these are his best friends people like Findlay who was even travelling with him on Presidential Jet.

  10. They can’t tell you how they will achieve all those promises and lies they told you during campaigns. But they are quick to persecute anyone who supported or had a link with pf members. This is how the entire 5 years will go. You dumb f00Is thought hh cared for you but as we told you his aim to be president is so that he pays back favours to his imperial masters and revenges the pf. Only men with small katundu behave like this. Insecure under 5 with daddy problems

  11. Look at the UK based Troll/ Impostor …still crying out loud…rally laughable..the worst part about it, it can not debate now its on the opposition it can only spew out usual insults . You have to do better than that impostor…here is a President elect who has done more in 7 days than PF in 7 years even our investigative wings have no fear…meanwhile Lazy Lungu is pardoning criminals and murderers.

  12. That pic is symbolic — it looks like handcuffs being removed from his wrists. Anyway let’s get down to the bottom of what these guys were up to. They appeared to have robbed the country blind any opportunity they got. If they are innocent, fine. But let’s have it to the nation and shame them if they indeed robbed us blind.

  13. The stolen monies are outside zambia……

    The looters are not that dumb…….

    Get Israeli bounty hunters and other international financial crimes investigative units involved at a 25 % recovery payment.

  14. @Spaka is right getting bounty hunters to follow the money is a must so that all those THUGS that robbed Zambia are held accountable.

  15. This Tarino Orange is a paste, all you do is counter people’s comments. You sound like a child full of sadness. Get a life.

  16. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU & his PF CORRUPT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OF A GOVERNMENT will soon realise that crime does Not Pay.. Years and years of Economic Vandalism & Corruption will be exposed,You will never enjoy the spoils from the plunder of the Zambian people’s money.
    Lungu and all his cronies should be subjected to intensive Lifestyle Audits ,starting with Tasila Lungu.
    The Isambo Lyanfya Post-mortem starts Now, you can run ,but you can’t hind

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