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We will not hesitate to rally behind HH

Feature Politics We will not hesitate to rally behind HH

Chief Mwanachingwala Mazabuka District in Southern Province says his Royal Establishment will not hesitate to rally behind President Elect, Hakainde Hichilema as he takes over the responsibility of running the affairs of the country, tomorrow.

Mwanachingwala Chiefdom Representative Gristen Choomba congratulated Mr Hichilema on his victory in the August 12 General Election and offered to support the in-coming government on developmental issues.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Mazabuka on Monday, Mr. Choomba said the role of traditional leaders was to advise the government of the day.

President elect Hichilema is scheduled for his inauguration as seventh Republican President at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, tomorrow.


  1. Praying ty or HH fir wisdom and compassion but most importantly to help put Zambia where it belongs, may Zambia take its rightful place, a country of plenty and prosperity for all Zambians. We are blessed and so may we realize the favor that God has upon us as a people and country

  2. @Kanjimaano #3.
    What has chief Mukuni been saying those times when PF was winning.
    My point is Hichilema is not a president of a people in Zambia but all. Others voted for UPND while another chunk opted to support PF. There are currently no winners or losers; but One Zambia, One Nation, one leader. At 70% support, HH has a well fortified mandate. However, he is no bigger than our country. Neither Chitimukulu nor Mwanachingwala is such.

  3. Yes really behind him, though your royal highness your motivation should be objectivity rather subjective.
    I personally rally behind my fellow intellectual.
    Lets support HH and besides let’s let Lungu rest as he sits in watch of how the country will evolve to greatness under the real son of the soul Aka Bally.
    It’s well deserved victory

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