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The Institute of Directors of Zambia happy with President Hichilema’s pronouncements


The Institute of Directors of Zambia (IoDZ) says it is elated with pronouncements made by President Hakainde Hichilema during his inaugural speech. IoDZ president Edward Kabwe said the institute is pleased with President Hichilema’s statement of running the affairs of the country based on the rule of law and good governance.

“IoDZ is encouraged and elated by the pronouncements made by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia during his inauguration speech to the effect that his Government will be anchored on the rule of law and good governance,” Mr. Kabwe said.

Mr. Kabwe further stated that the Institute of Directors of Zambia is proud to be associated with the corporate governance credentials and leadership of President Hichilema.

He said Mr. Hichilema, who is a senior member of the Institute of Directors of Zambia, has over the years, been a good corporate governance practitioner and advocate.

Mr. Kabwe disclosed that President Hichilema has served and chaired several boards of directors and corporate governance oversight bodies.

He said IoDZ remains ready to support government’s stance of promoting transparency, accountability, responsibility and integrity in state owned parastatals and statutory bodies.

“The institute supports the Government on its stance in ensuring that government entities, state owned enterprises (parastatals) and statutory bodies are governed in keeping with the best practices of corporate governance which should be anchored on the tenets of transparency, accountability, responsibility, integrity and fairness in order to spur economic stability, growth and prosperity for our nation and her people,” he said.

Mr. Kabwe has reiterated the commitment of the institute in supporting the aspirations of the new administration in promoting good governance in the operations of state owned enterprises (parastatals), statutory bodies and other government entities.

“Institute of Directors of Zambia stands ready for continued constructive and structured engagement with the government with regard to ensuring dispensation of the best practices of good corporate governance,” he said.

He added that, “In that regard, the Institute of Directors of Zambia stands ready to continue capacitating the boards of directors of these entities, for both existing and newly appointed boards and board committees, with key relevant skills, through training in all areas of corporate governance and board practices”.

Mr. Kabwe said the Institute of Directors of Zambia has a rich pool of qualified and experienced resource persons who are readily available to assist the state owned enterprises (parastatals), statutory bodies and other public and private entities to enhance their corporate performance, efficiency and effectiveness


  1. Spaka and Tarino Orange don’t run away …people woke up on western expecting fuel to go down and to take their kids back to school for free…so it was just hot hair…just trying to get to state house and promising the impossible

  2. Don’t expect things to change over night its takes first planning, implementation and monitoring the progress before seeing the results.

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