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Miles Sampa blames the old Guard for Sinking PF and the presidency


Newly elected Patriotic Front Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has laid the blame for isolating President Edgar Lungu from getting the truth from the ground on the shoulder Minister in the President Freedom Sikazwe.

In a statement posted on his page, Mr. Sampa, without directing naming Mr. Sikazwe, said that in the last 5 years, President Lungu was hijacked by the known ‘ big wigs’ for their own glorification and agenda.

Mr. Sampa called on the rejection of the old guard that wants to hold their head high in opposition after sinking the party and the presidency down.

Below is the full statement

I have no problem with former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a person but have a big problem with those that captured his presidency.

You know them. They shielded all of us younger ones from accessing him that may have availed him vital data on what the youths were saying arising from interactions at the Council. They kept cooking lies against us to sustain their relevance.

One old Capturer even attempted to chase me and my wife from the Presidential wedding where the Bride and Groom were from my Council as Mayor. This Capturer won in 2016 by 200 votes but still managed to force himself into being adopted in 2021.

I hear he lost by mid-day on the voting day and escaped the Constituency. I dont know what capture powers he had on him whether ‘ubwanga’ or ‘Juju’ but in the process he lost the border town and the PF Presidential Vote as well.

So President Lungu is my elder Brother and win or lose he remains one. Our effort in Matero towards him shows the best in the Country as regards percentage Votes achieved for him over registered Voters. Our nature is to take a position and run with it 100% for better or worse.

What was seen of ECL post-election at the acceptance speech, is what I know of him. A common man like most of us. In the last 5 years, however, that part of him was hijacked by the known ‘ big wigs’ for their own glorification and agenda.

Other than Hon Given Lubinda who anyone genuinely knows means well for every human being and the party, the rest ‘ba’ wrong and even worse so are ones that still want to put their heads above water in the PF in opposition. This is all when they have individually and callously sunk PF. These are the ones every well-meaning PF member and Zambian at large should be rejected. They let the Presidency, the PF, and the Nation down.

My ‘loci standi’ is the 55,000 votes we got in Matero amid near death stabs for no crime committed at all other than supporting ECL and PF.

I pray President HH will surround himself with solid individuals that mean well for him, all leaders in their party and the Nation at large. It’s a new dawn and shall We love and embrace in Zambia we love regardless of idealogy or political beliefs post the general elections.

The moment of actualizing the much sang about ” One Zambia and One Nation” is here before us.

God bless us all.


  1. Miles let me educate you a bit about our politics. It’s not about who you get advice from, it’s about the situation affecting the people at a particular time. I tell you that even if the PF had stolen trillions of dollars but the youth had jobs and commodity prices were affordable, they would have sailed to victory with minimum effort. The opposition capitalize on a situation no matter whether it’s the fault of the party in government or not. We call this APPEALING TO EMOTIONS, NOT TO THE INTELLECT. We kicked Kaunda and Unip because of shortages of basics not because he had overstayed.

  2. Well Sampa you are saying the half baked truth and I’m sure PF has structures through which these issues could have been raised and dealt with that time. Now it is no time to start squabble with your party mates and instead start finding solutions to revamp the party. You all collectively failed the people of Zambia and you MIles Sampa you lied to that people about free Wifi so do not sound smart anymore. You are lucky people still love your deceptions!

  3. Rampant theft, unruly cadres, tribal hate and a destroyed economy: reasons for the loss. Zambians were fed up and hungry.

  4. Continued from#3 What we lack in Zambia is ideology. We just float around. If you look at some of our neighbors, you will see that they have been ruled by the same parties since indepence while Zambia has been changing parties like undies. All they do is change the president at the agreed time. That development has been achieved through the continuation of policies. Here even within the party no one can challenge the president. PF couldn’t ask Lungu to step aside as his eligibility wasn’t clear, neither would the Upnd ask Hakainde to give chance to another member. So don’t blame the Old Guard, blame the status of the country’s economy.

  5. Sampa is the biggest coward out there, the little respect I had for him went out of the window when he apologised to the Chinks for doing the right thing. The old guard have always been right about this boy Sampa he can not be trusted as is the case here and please let’s not make it as if Lungu is a toddler who couldn’t think for himself don’t make excuses for him he was just an inept bad leader.
    I remember how Sampa wiped a lot of shoes just to be adopted as Mayor…I remember warning bloggers on this website not to vote for this boy that he will not do his job as he owes alot of corrupt thugs favours just look at who was his campaign manager; Paul Moonga, hence when he got the job couldn’t tackle any of Lusaka city’s problems especially cadres.
    Sampa you never did anything…

  6. Sampa you never did anything tangible as Mayor apart from your Face-book page which you used to enhance your profile, now again as in 2015 you think you are best suited to lead the party when you are simply a jumpy boy related to the founder of the party…really laughable!!

  7. He’s right in many respects but I believe he could have used his platform to inform the president, it all just sounds like sour grape knowing him and Freedom Sikazwe don’t see eye to eye.

  8. Some are blaming the old guard, others blaming cardres, others blaming SG, … The blame game continues. What you need is a professional evaluator/researcher to do a postmortem for you. Otherwise it’s all speculation and witch hunting

  9. Sampa, loss is always painful. And as we bembas say, “uwawa tabula kabepesho”.
    Accept loss and move on. I can’t agree with you on one point, that you had no way of delivering the message to EL because social media was always at your disposal.
    That said, your party PF, has vast experience both as opposition and as ruling. You work is tangible.
    While state house has fallen, the guy in state house now has zero experience in Government. While we wish him well, you have every chance to bounce back if you play your cards well at reorganizing yourselves. We are at the messy of trial and error in State House. No experience whatsoever.

  10. Deja Vu, Cchanging parties and leadership is a sign of a healthy democracy. If things are not working why continue on the same path. If anyone has to result to dirty tactics and tribal politics. We are no shining example in the UK because our politics are a mess right now (corruption wise). The example of buying that jet and vehicles for PF members bought via government companies was just too extra.
    Embrace democracy, give the new guy a chance and then you can oust him if he doesn’t deliver.
    Zambia certain doesnt need a Museveni clone. For that matter, the whole of Africa really doesn’t.

  11. Miles, you saw your President you are praising stifle liberties for the opposition and you were quite. You saw Police kill Mapenzi, Kunda, Vespers and Frank Mugala and you and your President were quite, Bus stops and Markets were taken over by caders and you were quite and today you want to talk. Kalaba resigned from PF when he saw labbish

  12. As food for thought, imagine a situation where 15 opposition parties were campaigning against you even when 14 of them knew that they would not make it to plot1 but their word was against PF.
    The state of the economy in the World let alone Zambia was/is shaky in this Covid-19 era and if a candidate would promise heaven, they would get it even when you and I know that UPND over promised in this immediate past election, a perfect recipe for failure.
    You can’t imagine what we managed to secure for ourselves. It already feels like jumping from a frying pan into fire.
    Nevertheless, your right to wish hh well. He needs those wishes big time.

  13. Sampa is talking sense and we all know what he is saying. I will give one example of how Smiler Sikazwe contributed to making PF unpopular in the extreme north of the Northern Province. A few months before elections, Smiler was sending cadres with no Grade 12 certificates to Mbala airforce training base to be trained and recruited as ZAF officer cadets. When those in charge of the training school tried to resist, his response was ” are you interested in your job”. This information was forwarded to government but it was difficult to know whether it was getting to the highest office.

  14. I am scared you are still telling lies. You pretend you admire ECL, in my view that is because he is still Party President and you are after favours to get the helm of the Party. The fact is you did not need permission from anyone to condemn and post to your page ( just as you have done now) the PF evils. Corruption, Cadrerism, Tribalism hate, Third Term manoeuvres, Impunity and general arrogance etc….. Sorry, start afresh with Bo Lubinda.

  15. Saying the economy is what caused the PF to fall is not true. The economy was always going to be affected by 2 major factors-copper and covid. Add to that drought, and you were going to have that downturn no matter who was in power. Corruption is equally a factor that the upnd used to capitalise on the PF. You see, corruption is only corruption until proven in Court. Already, it’s just on social media we see this corruption but the relevant authorities haven’t put together a single prosecutable case. What brought down the PF is the lawlessness of the cadres and bootlickers who invaded large aspects of citizens’ lives. Even bonafide PF supporters were disgusted with this aspect. And Miles Sampa is right because these cadres literally formed a wall around the president, benefitted…

  16. One thing about lungu , he was loyal to the death to his bootlickers……ignoring public mood, not a clever strategy in early politics.

    Mwila is another one who benefited from lungus loyalty even after promoting caders to take over public spaces . And that old woman VP.
    Even PF caders , after being warned of the damage , lungu stated they are part of his office…….

    Well, they cost him the elections for his blind loyalty …..

  17. ….benefitted heavily and gave him wrong information. Upnd used social media to amplify the corruption myth while cadres unknowingly showed this “corruption” with their careless acts and lifestyle to the youth voters. In reality, just like the Mwanawasa persecutions, upnd will struggle to prove these corruption cases and people will soon realise that the recent copper windfalls are behind the improving economy. Zambia being an import dependant country is always affected by the exchange rate but the real economy or GDP never shrank under PF, if anything, it went up before low copper prices and covid hit. So when these crises hit, the dollar-kwacha rate went up and all everyday commodities became expensive and people cried; upnd capitalised on that using the youth’s preferred…

  18. But going forward, having a copper driven exchange rate, FDI and IMF supported programs to reduce imported commodities and call it development is not the direction Zambia should celebrate. It’s the creation of industries and mines owned by more locals and our GRZ that we should push forward and upnd and hh should emphasise on that. By reforming the banking and financial sector to support local industries, this is what we must call development.

  19. #16  Zambian Citizen 
    August 27, 2021 At 9:25 am

    “Saying the economy is what caused the PF to fall is not true. The economy was always going to be affected by 2 major factors-copper and covid. Add to that..”

    That is not true…….the cost of living cost lungu the election, the high cost of living brought about be reckless borrowing and spending…..

    Lungu had no clue. Dishing out free cash handouts was his speciality.

    I have said this before many times, when people see all those nice shining new buildings , they expect a corresponding raise in living standards , that only natural.
    But lungus was clueless on how to grow the economy to benefit everyone. He’d rather bribe a few, unfortunately he did not have enough money to bribe the whole country……

  20. People blaming the poor economy on covid and low copper prices,

    can you tell us how PLM , HISRIP, managed to come through with a good economy at a time of low copper prices, mines were being sold for $25,000, on top of that we had austerity measures to qualify for debt write off ????

  21. It’s not time to finger point anyone.PF should
    Accept the loss as a party.Everyone in PF
    Played a part in the loss.

  22. Miles Sampa is right. I remember vividly how Freedom Sikazwe bullied Elias Kamanga and Besa Chimbaka when they tried to discipline that Deputy PS in Northern province. What were the duties of Freedom Sikazwe apart from smiling like a zombie? Amos Chanda alleged the presence of strong witchcraft at State House soon after he announced his resignation. More will come to light

  23. @De Javu, you are on point. There are a myriad examples: Kagame; Gadaffi, who are rare, but truly believe in their own people and countries (nationalists). To some extent Kaunda was just that. Only KK was more absorbed by the ambition to liberate southern Africa at the expense of the Zambian economy and wellbeing or bien etre de la population. ECL was an accident. The silver ling is that it ended soon enough. He would be the first to acknowledge this, and he has i.e. no vision. The better question for LT consumers is ‘what can I do for Zambia, and not what it will do for us”. On LT we discuss a lot on national matters, but hardly anything on personal challenges,
    let alone family. Why?

  24. @21-Spaka: don’t be a bonehead and upnd cadre who supports everything upnd says. At the time KCM was being sold for $25m, China had just announced itself to the world and caused commodity prices to skyrocket as it was manufacturing everything for the world and buying every metal. Mwanawasa experienced high copper prices throughout his presidency at times the price hitting $10,000+/ton. With high copper prices, no major infrastructural obligation, no major debt repayments (nb HIPC started under FTJ admin), no parastatals or mines to run, the kwacha strengthened to K3-$1. But

  25. If PF genuinely rebrands with a fresh leadership then they stand a better chance of taking over again….People are becoming more frustrated with UPND….looks like Zambia is in the hands of western world….

  26. And where did HH get the money to build his house….brown envelopes he was getting when he sold the mines ….Zambians you’ve been duped….don’t blame me I didn’t vote for HH

  27. Sampa keeps his head down then waits for an opportunity that’s what he did to adopted as Mayor…as soon as he got that used it to promote himself for Matero seat…he couldn’t speak out about the wrongs in PF as he is a coward and he too is part of the reason they are such a state…you had a platform why didn’t you speak out…silly boy?

  28. #24 Cha Cha Cha…. Your last line explains why we will continue to ” suffer” amid abundant natural resources. Good example you gave on Gaddafi…. he was wamuyaya but his people never lacked anything except Western type of democracy… well they got it and they still fighting an endless civil war.

  29. So Miles Sampa never realized that PF going out power was a deal done the moment the Humble Leader and his gang of jokers started pushing for Third Term and Bill 10 should have been brave enough to advise each other. KBF tried his best to chart way forward but was ignored. For some of us who were on the ground knew way back that people surrounding Lungu were just there to line their pockets. They were not good for PF and Zambia at large. People like Stephen Kampyongo in the seat of Home Affairs were just throwing their weight around without paying attention to the grassroots. SG Davies Mwila was behaving like a school head boy and treated and threatened fellow members as though they were in the Party by chance. Ba Freedom Sikazwe ever laughing and smiling as though he was Partying every…

  30. Deja Vu, Gadaffi was murdered by the west i.e. USA for ever imagining a currency other than the USD. Lessons, which call for a totally different time. Much like why oil is traded in USD. My simple point is that much of the world needs benevolent leaders above the single formula of the USA version of democracy. Look at what is happening in Afghanistan!. Who would have thought the USA would go to bed with the Taliban? Yes, ISS/Al Qaeda is back. As for us Zambians, we should stand tall mainly behind our democratic culture, which allows people like us to experiment willfully whatever our dreams. And to support our families in the knowledge that they will not be collateral damage of some random sputter of a machaete. Unfortunately, not by design, the PF regime let the so called Cadre or…

  31. Notice how Spaka and Tarino now sound like useless Jackasses….so many down voting them…..HH is not the messiah that people thought he was…actually worse than Lungu

  32. This kachanga want to sound clever and yet he is also a lier and manipulator. The case of him over the girl killed in cold blood is still on his hands. If anything while others were pilfering cash from government coffers him was busy lying about free wifi in Lusaka. He even staked his ka-beard over wifi – if wifi is not a reality I will never shave or something like that.

  33. #24 Spaka have just landed from Mars? The poor economy caused high commodity prices and high prices hit the people hard so hard that they had to look for alternative leadership. Covid19 or low copper prices mean nothing to the man on street. As far as he’s concerned the government is there to tackle these problems so that he can lead an affordable life. I hope you are not suggesting that Covid19 will be the reason the new government will fail to deliver on their promises? Mukula mbulu ayanga namaka.

  34. 39  Deja Vu August 27, 2021 At 2:49 pm

    “#24 Spaka have just landed from Mars? The poor economy……”

    Stop smoking weed , it is Zambian Citizen who is blaming covid and low copper prices for a poor economy…….

  35. #28  Zambian Citizen 
    August 27, 2021 At 10:19 am

    “@21-Spaka: don’t be a bonehead and upnd cadre who supports everything upnd says. At the time KCM was being sold for $25m, China had just announced itself to the world and caused commodity prices to skyrocket as it was manufacturing…..”

    You don’t know what you are talking about……thats why you supported a hopless crook in statehouse who lost by 1 million votes………

    PLM inherited a very poor economy from FJT, there was destitution in the streets from unemployment and the raviges of aids……

    But through single-minded austerity and rule of law, the economy was ticking and PLM was on course to win a second term…….

  36. #28  Zambian Citizen August 27, 2021 At 10:19 am

    Covid, drought , world wars , low copper prices…… you name it ……

    There is no GRZ that has had it as good as lungu…….

    with billions more than any one else at his disposal…..

    He was just hopless , look at his appointments……..and people who supported him need their senses checking……

  37. @Spaka,. By the time LPM was becoming President, we had qualify for the HIPIC completion point. Zambia had zero debt during his reign. That is your simple answer

  38. #44  Deja Vu 
    August 27, 2021 At 5:39 pm

    “#41 It’s not you?..”

    It’s Citizen who is blaming covid and low copper prices for the rotten economy…..

    I am saying lungu and PF have had more money than any GRZ to ride most storms and very low debt to start off with…..

    But reckless spending and lungus speciality of dishing free money messed up the economy……

  39. IN 2015 this boy was campaigning with the UPND alliance they lost and he went begging back to PF so called old guards now PF has lost he is trying to be smart again …silly boy

  40. Well let’s not waste too much time on post mortem. It’s better to focus on the diseases we have been left with and to try to cure them. Fingerpointing won’t solve problems. What we all have been shown in the past 30 years is that Zambia will need a strong opposition so that citizens rights are not randomly tampered with. Democracy is not all about a strong ruling party. Its about that and strong checks by the opposers

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