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Realign yourselves with ethical conduct- Justice Staff implored

General News Realign yourselves with ethical conduct- Justice Staff implored

The Ministry of Justice says there is a need for members of staff to familiarize themselves with the code of ethics as a measure to curb corruption.

Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary for Administration, Thandiwe Oteng says knowing the code of ethics will help address unethical behavior, which is capable of breeding corruption.

In a speech read on her behalf by Director Human Resource and Administration, Doreen Matambo, during the launch of a sensitization workshop on corruption in Lusaka, Mrs Oteng called for professionalism, integrity and zero tolerance to corruption, among all staff members.

She said documents such as the Service Charter and Gift Policy are key in the fight against corruption, adding that the Ministry’s Integrity Committee is responsible for reviewing such policy documents.

“We know that corruption is a vice that has hampered the growth of our country in many ways. I am delighted that in the sensitization workshop schedule, we have topics on corruption phenomenon, Integrity Committee programs for Zambia, administrative ethics as well as the Service Charter,” she said.

And speaking on the same occasion, Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Acting Director General Rosemary Kuzwayo says the Integrity Committee programme has been rolled out to 118 institutions since inception in 2006.

In a speech read on her behalf by ACC Acting Director, Corruption Prevention Department Glenda Mungalaba, Ms. Khuzwayo noted that the programme is part of the Anti-Corruption Policy and was formulated even before the policy was approved.

“The Integrity Committee programme is one of the strategies in the National Anti-Corruption Policy which is aimed at institutionalizing the prevention of corruption,” she said.


  1. What ethics are there under a government whose members freely killed people during elections and today want to act holier than thou.

  2. They know these things but won’t abide by them. I remember how tough Mwanawasa was on corruption but it was during that time when judiciary employees stole my property. I hired a lawyer, the lawyer got bribed so I gave up.

  3. Look at the shameless UK Based Impostor talking about ethics whilst masquerading as lawless former Presidential Press Assistant…really laughable…anyway this is a new era even hyenas can now preach about dinner table napkin etiquette.

  4. I am just waiting for the appointment of new DPP …the current one was a fraud too many costly Nolle prosequi…she needs to be investigated.

  5. AmaFacts – Just the Civil Servants Code of Conduct its always been there but Sata came in and started appointing cadres in Deputy PS and PS roles…you had morons like Bowman threating anyone who refused to obey his orders with transfer to rural areas.

  6. We have had all these codes of conduct but what can poor civil servants do when the President is there receiving gifts from Swazi building contractors who are bidding for GRZ contracts…there is a lot of work to be done by this govt to remove the ingrained corruption.


  8. Name one youth appointment so far in this govt? You f00Iish youth have been used and dumped like cheap condoms

  9. As usual the shameless UK based Impostor has zero to offer, it can not adapt because his act is all based on trolling, insults and name calling but its impossible to pull off when Lazy Lungu lost by a million votes even after oppressing opponents …really laughable …this is how Bowman will be in Parliament in the presence of intelligent MPs in the end he will be just sleeping…people of Kabushi I hope that mealie meal and cooking oil he gave you is still filling your stomachs.

  10. Tikki – Even former Katondo St Currency Dealer Stephen K and Bowman were considered a Youth in Lazy Lungu’s govt …really laughable

  11. My brother Kaizer is doing everything in his power to get to prison, including openly insulting the president. Some are so brave or is it sucidal.

  12. Chinokoro don’t be f00Iish. Is it not your president who was very adamant about freedom of speech and even condemned the arrest of those who insulted ECL when he was president? Today you want to say I have no freedom of speech to say what I feel about ka HH? Is it not hh who said he didn’t recognise ECL as president? So why should I recognise ka hh? He is not my president that ka chi colour.

  13. Chinokora – The best thing you can do to this UK based impostor is think its the real KZ , who is somewhere enjoying his beer in a vest….you saw the real KZ on social media surely do you think such a person can seat in his car and type paragraphs on LT.
    Just include this frustrated clown

  14. We only saw indiscipline magistrate in the likes of simusamba and a few other disgruntled justices from higher courts who were puppies to the president. Now the judicial complaints commission should be strengthened and if any complaints regarding misconduct they should be investigated and if found in breach of the code of ethics should be shown the door.

  15. @Kaizar zulu are you living legally in the UK?? Maybe its about time the British government does some serious investigations.

  16. Lusaka times, you guys are crap at moderating comments. Your comment section is just a platform for some people to express Thier pathetic arrogance. Some of the stuff here is very devisive….u r writing about ethics were are your ethics,

  17. They claimed I was in UK because of my flag,I told them I was using VPN, and these ignorant upnd villagers thought I was lying. Fast forward to August election they all realised that vpn is a real thing and many of them were showing as blogging in different countries and yet based in Zambia. This is how f00IIsh upnd diasporans can be. Tarino I know it hurts you to realise that I KZ get more attention than you. Ichikonko

  18. Ba PS just wait UPND is replacing you soonest than later. Dont play like you know what you should have been doing. UPND is getting rid of all of you and dont play good boy now. Where were you all those years of grand corruption and stealing by yourselves and Musambo, Chitotela, Kapyongo the list is endless. Just leave on your own and let UPND do its job. Its a new dawn muledabwa.

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