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Follow Presidential directives, issue police bond to deserving suspects, Police Officers told

Rural News Follow Presidential directives, issue police bond to deserving suspects, Police Officers told

The police command in Kapiri Mposhi has directed its officers in the district to follow the Presidential directive of ensuring thorough investigations before effecting an arrest on suspects.

Kapiri Mposhi Police Officer Commanding, Brighson Mwape has also called on his officers to issue police bond to suspects as long as they meet stipulated bond conditions.

Addressing police officers in Kapiri Mposhi, Mr. Mwape advised the men and women in uniform to operate professionally by refraining from being politically partisan in their discharge of duties but to be loyal to the government of the day.

Mr. Mwape, who also doubles as Police Officer Commanding for Mkushi and Luano districts, noted that the call by President Hakainde Hichilema for police to carry out investigations before arresting someone and to issue police bond is very timely.

“It is the duty of every police officer to uphold the human rights of suspects than to manufacture cases against people because they have personal issues with them. As police we shall follow the directives from the Head of State for us to operate professionally,” he said.

Mr. Mwape warned that he will discipline police officers who will not follow the Presidential directives.

“Basically what we are saying is officers who feel cannot follow these directives should resign and leave the service to operate professionally,” he said.


  1. It is not “presidential directives”, it is just the RIGHT thing to do. Stop misuse of HH powers baffikala.
    We are not in PF of presidential directorship.

  2. It does not have to be a Presidential directive. You must just follow the law full stop. What if the directive was illegal? We are just lucky that we have a President who wants to do the right thing, unlike the former lawyers who were the commanders.

  3. Typical behavior among institutions’ management where instead of following the Constitution and terms of reference for operations they all choose to look up to the president as to be reactive to presidential observations or they become active fearing the appointing authority! It’s like not appreciating the fact that the appointing authority does so out of belief that the teams built and given the authority have the competence to apply their mandates to the best that the country demands! For years governance has been one that without any soliciting bestows too much on the president than freedom of decision making by appointed managers to allotted institutions and ministries!

  4. Where is Kaizer Zulu! We told him he was being stubborn in a failed boma. Where is the Lungu he was stubborn about? Go & answer for the stolen wealth


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