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Cabinet will be constituted soon-Mweetwa

General News Cabinet will be constituted soon-Mweetwa

UPND National Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says President Hakainde Hichilema will soon announce his cabinet that stands to reflect the wishes of the people in line with his promises to the nation during the August 2021 election Campaigns.

And Mr. Mweetwa has called for patience as President Hichilema works at coming up with a team that will resurrect the country’s socio-economic fortunes in line with his and the UPND’s vision of national development.

“We are aware that the nation is anxious to hear the team that will run with President HH and Vice President Mutale Nalumango to take the nation to higher heights. The wait will soon be over because the President is meticulous on who will have to work with him. The President has a programme for the country and for that programme to materialize he needs to carefully select a team capable of delivering” he told a media briefing in Lusaka on Monday.

He added that it was the President’s desire to constitute a team that will ensure that the promises that the UPND made to the electorate comes into fruition.

“We want to sincerely apologize to the people whose patience has been pulled beyond limits with regards to Cabinet.The wait won’t be longer than necessary,” he assured the nation.

The UPND Spokesperson further advised Zambians especially civil servants who had been persecuted through retirements in national interest and other injustices by the PF regime to exercise patience as government systems were being put in place to address their grievances.


  1. Drunkard Mweetwa, we only hope you minimise on your drinking habits and do not again go to parliament drunk as you used to do in the life of the just ended parliament. The focus will no longer be on ECL but on people like you.

  2. This is what happens when you raise people’s expectations based on broken promises. Your decisions from now on will be under the microscope and expect more scrutiny with your cabinet selection.

  3. Citizens please give the New Administration Time & Space to put in a Strong Cabinet,
    Rome was Not built in a Day.
    We have waited 7 years to rid the country of Lungu and his Corrupt Criminal Enterprise of a Government ,surely 7 more days will not hurt the country’s prospects.

  4. The more they delay to form cabinet the more they are delaying themselves, mind you the presidential term is still 5 years. Time is ticking!

  5. In addition to Cabinet, we need a complete overhaul of all governance institutions. New BOZ Governer, Chief Justice that will help clean up the judicial system that has left many with no confidence in them. ACC, DEC among others. We need a whole new team to ensure all public resources are not only recovered from the PF thugs but going forward we have a standard in place.

  6. Worrying now. It seems he does not know his people. It has become difficult for the coalition government to share the positions.

  7. In the past it was about throwing people into position anyhow from anywhere just because they served in government before. This is a complete new leaf and HH does not want to bring in dead wood. Remember also that the people he brings in have to be vetted by OOP (if they are even effective?) so that background checks are done. They need to know what business and properties you have now and compare later if you have stolen or not

  8. HH is struggling to generate what he call regional balanced cabinet. Sounds cosmetic! Select candidates who can work and that should not be in function of tribal balance. We have always voted as normal people in fresh waters, We don’t vote like cows. Stop placating us we are independent minded.

  9. Shouldn’t we be hearing this from the President’s Special Assistant for Press and not Mr. Mweetwa, given that Cabinet is a government and not a party affair?

  10. Just 1 minister Situmbeko is enough.
    Zambia has been running just fine since those PF idyots left. Even KK was buried without ministers, just Edgar and Inonge. successful elections without ministers, Essau Chulu and Nshindano did perfect job.
    All UPND top guys are MPs now, have jobs. Rest can be employed in HH companies.
    No ministers please. HH, Nalumngo and Situmbeko are just doing fine.

  11. Zambians please wait Meticulously. Since Meticulous is now the key word in every communication from UPND government. Myself, I am waiting Meticulously for the Cabinet.

  12. Please don’t forget about the Meticulous free education and Meticulous youth jobs as well as Meticulous K1,500 salary increment for every civil servant.

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