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Zambia Police Arrest UPND cadres behind a trending receipt on Social Media

General News Zambia Police Arrest UPND cadres behind a trending receipt on Social Media

Police have arrested UPND cadres who are collecting money at intercity bus terminals.

Spokesperson Esther Katongo said “Around 11:30 hours, police in Lusaka followed up a matter in which a receipt was seen trending on social media indicating UPND Intercity security and marketers community and payment of K20.

She said some youths were identified to be behind the issuance of the receipt and police managed to apprehend one of them identified as Stanley Phiri aged 36 years while three other suspects escaped but were later arrested.

Ms Katongo said they have been identified as John Bombek aged 34, Charles Mulenga aged 40 years and Mathews Mwape aged 35 years.

“This occurred today Tuesday, September 07, 2021 at Intercity bus terminus. The suspects are detained for obtaining money by false pretenses and will appear in court soon.

Meanwhile, the Ndola City Council has formed a task force to ensure that the taking over of markets and bus stations in the city is sustainable and translates in improved service delivery.
The Ndola City Council Town Clerk Cosmas Chalusa established a task force comprising members of management and other members of staff.

The task force is mandated to ensure that the full control of markets and bus stations by the Ndola City Council is sustainable and results in improved service delivery by working closely with Council staff that operate in markets and bus stations.

This is in line with President Hakainde Hichilema’s statement made recently that it was expected the service delivery in bus stations and markets would improve after the takeover of the public facilities by Councils.

The task force on markets and bus stations has been visiting various markets and bus stations in Ndola to understand the challenges of traders and bus operators and to ascertain which short and long-term measures should be put in place to maximise revenue collection and improve service delivery.

The task force has been engaging the market and bus station advisory committees as well traders, bus operators, commuters and other members of the public.

The bus drivers, traders, commuters and members of the public have highlighted various challenges such as run-down market and bus station shelters.

Other challenges include damaged roads on bus stations, run-down toilets, lack of security and lack of proper bus stops closer to their residencies.

Some advisory committees have urged the Council to protect traders and members of the public from youths that abuse alcohol and hurl insults on residents.

The Ndola City Council has embarked on measures to rehabilitate run down infrastructure. The measures are both short and long-term. The Council has also deployed more Council Police officers to the bus stations and markets.

The task force will come up with various measures to ensure that service delivery in markets and bus stations improves.


  1. I just don’t get it. If I was a busdriver why would I pay K20 to whoever? Get your smart phone out and video the guy!

  2. The problem has no political boundaries… it’s survival. Put yourself in their shoes, no job and no nothing. It’s deeper than we can see.

  3. Don’t wolly Barry will fix it. He will show readership and will allest them all. How dare these PF cadres and Sean Tembo start collecting money and pretend to be UPND? Imagine sure. This is supposed to be a joke by the way incase we have some overzealous people.

  4. how come all the names are bembas when people say Bembas are thieves people disputes .
    look at our national football team and the names that dominate the team
    we always loose
    flush them out of markets good job ZP

  5. How can a 40 something year old man be called a youth? What shall we call his children that are 26 years old?

    Anyway, arrest these cadres and send them to ZNS for one year for rehabilitation.

    At least now the police are taking action. The system is working.

    We now need to recover stolen money and cage some thieves.

  6. Ba Kaizer
    Why call people of Southern province monkeys. If anything you are the one who looks like one. I hope you didn’t pass your stinking genes to your children. Zambia can’t afford mongrel to be part of the next generation.

  7. Ba Kaizer
    Why call people of Southern province monkeys. If anything you are the one who looks like one. I hope you didn’t pass your stinking genes to your children. Zambia can’t afford another mongrel to be part of the next generation.

  8. Please get rid of this fat officer Esther Katongo…she is part and parcel of Kakoma Kanganja rotten regime. she was the face of the regime telling blatant lies to the press without shame

  9. Why is there so much fear in people? How do you just pay someone who is not an official? AND in this day and age people use Stone Age receipts?

  10. @Tarino Orange there is no need to call someone fat. Its not a nice thing to say. Please Don’t stoop to KZ’s level.

  11. @dejavu. These cadres are lazy and arrogant people, don’t even support them all they do is sit smoke weed and drink tujilijili then at the end of the day want bus drivers to give them K20 and you are saying put your self in their shoes, no!thats wrong, don’t be supporting wrong things…..

  12. Good day people. Please stop paying attention or commenting on Kaizer Zulu’s comments!!!! It makes him relevant and important…so my advice is let’s stop seeing his comments by not commenting!!! That will finish him completely by default. His comments are childish and stupid so it doesn’t need any attention.


  14. I didn’t know if Stanley Phiri and Bombek now come from Kasama for “all of them to be Bembas”! And names mis-lead, I know of a George Mpundu and a Daniel Kaoma who are typical Tongas! So don’t conclude from the name, know the person first!

  15. The word Youth and age group is abused in Africa. Even old papas call themselves youth.
    @ Kaizer Stop your nonsense. You are just bitter.

  16. #18 tikki please don’t try to change history. The problem of so called youths has a long history, started in a small way long before you were born. It was there in MMD and and has grown to this status.

  17. Young people need jobs and not arrests I mean not any one party or tribe but all the Zambian youths as a whole give them jobs they will stop what they are doing they will be busy going to work.
    Don’t talk about removing them from anything but employ them as you promised them, mind you they have to feed as well, looking at things PF was giving the same youths empowerment funds , but UPND youths were refusing opting to get jobs as soon as their president is sown in, but up to this time nothing is happening what do you expect yes they are UPND because they refused empowerment funds offered by PF.

  18. Good, arrest each and every one of them!!! They like easy money. Money should be earned and not extorted. With digital money apps, why can’t all dues to government institutions be paid directly into their coffers? Yes, even traffic fines.

  19. Am now confused because yesterday the PFwere claiming these To be their youths how come LT is saying they are UPND this is questionable LT

  20. Ba SG Ba Davies Mwila have you seen the problem you created with the youths running markets and bus station now.
    we demand that all those evicted youths go to PF SG Mwila and demand legal employment not what he taught them the illegal one.

  21. #16 Liverpudian. Contrary to your suggestion that I support these cadres, I am only asking people to understand their situation. Some would willingly get a job but lack of opportunities has forced them to do what they do. My NGO has been trying to understand why someone can opt to disgrace themselves by cadering. Most of these people have known only this life since childhood. To solve this problem you will need to understand and find them viable alternatives.

  22. Maybe they belong to other political parties but in UNPD regalia with an aim of tarnishing the image of the new administration

  23. Dont Jail them, but take them to ZNS. You cut out their livelily wood without offering the alternative means of survival or else you are just creating dangerous criminals.

  24. Dont Jail them, but take them to ZNS. How do You cut out their livelily wood without offering the alternative means of survival or else you are just creating dangerous criminals (The Police Service wont have the capacity to handle). 1 Samuel 22:2 ” All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. About four hundred men were with him.” so be careful how you handle the discontented people

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