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NAQEZ welcomes Siakalima as Educator Minister

General News NAQEZ welcomes Siakalima as Educator Minister

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) has welcomed the appointment of Douglas Siakalima as Minister of Education Minister. NAQEZ Executive Director, Aaron Chansa said the appointment of Mr Siakalima is well deserved as he is a seasoned educationist.

Mr Chansa noted that the new Minister of Education is familiar with the many challenges which teachers, lecturers, students and learners have been facing over the years.

He reiterated that Mr Siakalima is equal to the task adding that he will change the the education sector.

“The appointment of Mr. Douglas Siakalima by the Republican President, H.E. Mr Hakainde Hichilema, as Education Minister, has been welcomed by the National Action for Quality Education in Zambia considering that he is an educationist who knows the challenges which teachers, lecturers, students and learners have been facing,” he said.

He since implored the new minister to embrace all stakeholders in line with the UPND manifesto.

“Unlike his immediate predecessors who frowned upon stakeholder engagements, our new minister should embrace all stakeholders in moving the ministry forward through a consultative process, which is process is mentioned in the UPND manifesto of 2021-2026 under the education component,” he said.

And Mr Chansa said NAQEZ looks forward to an overhaul of Zambia’s education system through extensive reviews of the National Policy on Education, Education Act, the curriculum and syllabi, ” he said.

“Without attending to these matters, the country will continue to have a system of education that will always produce job seekers instead of churning out graduates who can innovate, invent and create jobs,” he said.

Meanwhile, NAQEZ has commended President Hakainde Hichilema for creating the new Ministry of Science and Technology.

Mr Chansa said the creation of the Ministry of Science and Technology has come at the right time especially that more countries are investing heavily in science and technology.

He indicated that the Ministry of Science and Technology, if well harnessed, could be instrumental in driving the country’s industrialization agenda thereby creating the much needed jobs for the youths.

“Science and Technology Ministry could be instrumental in driving industrialization which has the potential to create jobs for the youths and other citizens,” he noted.

He stated that with adequate funding to the Ministry of Science and Technology in the next 5 years, Zambia will become scientifically and technologically competitive among other countries.

President Hichilema yesterday sworn-in and appointed 17 cabinet ministers with Mr Siakalima being appointed as Minister of Education.


  1. In making my comment I should state that I believe in giving everyone a chance to prove themselves. I also believe that people to reform. As such I would like to advise Douglas Syakalima to moderate his language. Douglas has a foul mouth and he holds those below him with contempt. Despite being a lecturer he isn’t one of the many accomplished educationists. He’s several cubits below Choolwe Beyani. I don’t know why he’s so pumped up. What will matter is your performance otherwise you’ll kicked out. You have been given one of the largest, if not the largest Ministry. That’s a great responsibility. So show us what you are capable of doing, it’s your chance to contribute to national development

  2. We expect the new GRZ to introduce a environmental awareness subject from primary school ,through which 90 % of our citizens pass through.

    An environmental awareness subject to teach our children about correct garbage disposal, recycling and importance of safeguarding out natural resources….

  3. Tayali and Haimbe were not supposed to be near Cabinet ministers. I remember those 2 MPs won elections through corrupt practices, and they behave thuggish.

  4. Governance must be addressed in Elementary School through High School for there is a lot of ignorance on government, its structures and public participation! Does the subject “Civics” still exist in schools? Zambians to a large extent are devoid of how their government is structured and operates to develop the country through availing services accessible and beneficial to the citizenry! Many do not understand its a duty to vote and what breeds so many parties that jostle to get into forming national government once elections are won! Definitely as going by @ Spaka, lets have Mr. Siakalima transform the Ministry of Education into one where vexing issues are addressed in education with a practical approach.


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