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ZAMRA cautions against purchase of purported AIDS cure

Health ZAMRA cautions against purchase of purported AIDS cure

The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has reiterated its caution to members of the public against the purchase of GAMMORA, a product purported to cure Human Immune Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

ZAMRA Senior Public Relations Office Christabel Iliamupu stated that the safety, quality and efficacy of the GAMMORA product has not been ascertained and no marketing authorization was granted by the Authority.

She stated that the Authority has put in place guidelines and procedures for grant of marketing and authorization and approvals for the advertising and promotion of medicines and associated substances.

‘’In this regard, the Authority only approves advertising and sale of medicines and allied substances which are authorized.

‘’We are concerned with the repeated advertisements and sale of an unauthorized product called GAMMORA on social media platforms purported to cure HIV and AIDS,’’ said Ms Iliamupu noted.

Ms Iliamupu added that the Authority is worried that despite arrests and prosecutions of people involved in the sale of GAMMORA in the recent past, perpetrators have continued to advertise and sell the product.

She further added that, the Authority continues to support researchers who intend to investigate possible treatment for HIV and AIDS and other medicinal products in accordance with laid down procedures and guidelines in its quest to promote and protect Public and Animal health.


  1. ZAMRA must be proactive if it wishes to remain relevant to the Zambian community. What can’t ZAMRA move swiftly to ascertain the pharco vigilance reports in its possession and give an authoritative statement on GAMMORA? All ZAMRA does is issue threats which are detrimental to the growth of pharmacy in Zambia. Last time they warned us against LH24 but many of us and our relatives were treated by the same Chinese medicine because there was no hope of recovery when put on astramycin. Most of our colleagues that went to the hospital died while we who treated ourselves at home survived. So we were not surprised when reports emerged that many patients were neglected in those isolation facilities. If GAMMORA is harmful, tell us how harmful it is because will continue to use it

  2. How about Ivemectin purported cure for covid19? and what happened to Sondashi fomular .It’s hign time ZAMRA worked hand in hand with producers and reseachers to find a way of approving these medicines before people start taking dosages.Up to now ZAMRA hasnt given it’s position to the general public about the covid 19 vaccines coming into the country.

  3. ZAMRA is a regulator. It’s up to the developers of drugs to provide evidence that their drugs work. The only way to do that is in. a randomized Clinical trial. GAMMORA or Sondashi and others must organize these trials, provide data which must be peer reviewed and published in a recognized journal – which will scrutinize the data further before publication. Then regulators like ZAMRA can come in to ensure the drugs are being manufactured to standard and can be sold to the public. Give ZAMRA break


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