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UPND losing Candidate discontinues Court Petition against Sunday Chanda

Feature Politics UPND losing Candidate discontinues Court Petition against Sunday Chanda

The United Party for National Development (UPND) losing candidate for Kanchibiya constituency James Mulenga has applied in the Lusaka High Court to discontinue his petition against the election of Patriotic Front candidate Sunday Chanda.

Mr. Mulenga petitioned the Kanchibiya Parliamentary seat after losing to Mr. Chanda who polled 19,686 against his 2,054 votes in the August 12 polls.

When the matter came up before justice Egispo Mwansa seating the Chinsali on Monday, Mr. Mulenga was not before the court.

However, Mr. Chanda’s lawyers informed the judge that the petitioner, Mr. Mulenga through his lawyers had communicated that he would file a notice of discontinuation in the Lusaka High, which he has since done.

Justice Mwansa said the court did not want ‘busy bodies’ and that the petitioner and his lawyers should have been present during the hearing.

He said according to the elections petitions act, the petitioner’s lawyers were not expected to stay away from court but be present during the hearing which is a public hearing adding that he cannot decide to stay away from it.

“The petitioner is definitely not required to stay away from court to make such an application, he is supposed to be seated there.” Justice Mwansa said.

Justice Mwansa further said that the petitioner and his lawyers were required to file the notice, put the notice in a newspaper of his intention to withdraw, and also serve the notice on the respondents.
And in a notice of intention to withdraw the petition, Mr. Mulenga said he decided to withdraw following President Hakainde Hichilema’s guidance on elections petitions.

“Take notice that the petitioner of house number 19, Vubu road Emasdale, Lusaka herein intends to withdraw the election petition against Mr. Chanda and the Electoral Commission of Zambia on the grounds that the President of Zambia gave guidance of the question of the election petition, in a bid to promote democracy,” reads the notice in parts.

Justice Mwansa has since adjourned the matter to September 20, this year, in order to allow Mr. Mulenga to follow the correct procedure required for a petitioner to withdraw the case.

Meanwhile, Kanchibiya Constituency Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has emphasized the need for Zambians to uphold unity and compassion regardless of divergent views or political affiliation.

Speaking when he delivered his maiden speech to Parliament this evening, Mr Chanda said no person should be killed for belonging to a political party as was the case with Mr. Jackson Kungo.

Mr. Chanda paid tribute to the fallen Patriotic Front Northwestern Province Chairperson, Jackson Kungo who was murdered at a polling station on election day August 12 2021.

“Allow me to convey my deepest condolences to the family of comrade Kungo as well as those others who’ve lost their loved ones, due to the scurge of political violence and the hands of the who have not learnt to disagree without being violently disagreeable,” he said.

He hopes that the UPND government as a government priding itself in upholding the rule of law will accord maximum and fair attention to ensuring that justice is served to the victims of political violence, past, present and future.

He also said it is immoral that the UPND as a party would remain quiet in instances of violence and harassment being perpetrated by its members towards the Mayor of Kabwe and in the recent incident in which for Inspector General of Police Mr. Kakoma Kanganja’s relatives’ burial site have been vandalized.

“We have read and we’ve heard of how the mayor for Kabwe has been harassed by UPND cadres in Kabwe, it is immoral that the UPND as a party would remain quiet about this matter.
We are reading about the Kanganja family burial site being vandalized by UPND cadres and yet th party and the government remains dead silent.” he said.

“We have to disagree without being violently or hateful disagreeable.” Mr Chanda added.


  1. “Kanchibiya Constituency Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has emphasized the need for Zambians to uphold unity and compassion regardless of divergent views or political affiliation.”

    Look at who is talking about compassion and unity now he has come down to earth.

  2. “……He also said it is immoral that the UPND as a party would remain quiet in instances of violence and harassment being perpetrated by…….”

    When you were at state House, Did you say anything when opposition and citizens were being jailed , maimed and harassed in public spaces by your PF thugs ?????

  3. Your point being…???
    It appears that there are a lot of people that struggle with deep rooted issues. This country will struggle to make genuine progress if our existence is reduced to exacting revenge on those from PF. The silence of those in UPND is makes sad reading and paints a dark picture for our country. What will it take for the UPND to say two wrongs will never make a right?

  4. HH should have gone for PF’s throat. Its a wrong advise to discontinue petitions. I hope he does not regret it. The masses tend to forget and move on fast, strike the hammer while the iron is hot!!!
    Sunday Chanda used his platform to spread tribal hatred. Many souls were lost on both sides, more on UPND; Chanda won’t mention those in his maiden speech. I hope he catches a case soon, get him back that why.

  5. It is interesting how the opposition MPs are preaching peace. When we were crying for peace and a level playing field, they were calling all of us tribal and “criminals”. But God answered our prayers and we are liberated again. People are experiencing practical freedom and this must continue. Chanda owes us Zambians an apology for all the lies he was trumpeting. But UPND must reign on its supporters to avoid sliding back into anarchy. The people of Zambia deserve the freedom and peace needed for our country to prosper. Let’s move as a united-with-diversity country, as one Zambia one Nation one people.

  6. The biggest threat to PF and their thugs is good, sound governance guided by the rule of law…….

    Zambians will soon notice and appreciate the difference when the country is well run without taking vengeance on PF……..

    Mind you, governance guided by the rule of law also means all abuses of office are investigated and where prosecuted where found wanting……..

  7. The difference is too much …and again HH is wise because to petition the results it will revil how fraud the elections were….in the south it was really bad…I’m not proud of Zambia because of that

  8. Does this Chanda guy know that lives were lost with PF doing nothing when they were in Power. Mapenzi, Vespers, Kaunda and many others were killed in cold blood and he as the PF party spokesperson never condemned this, only to lose power and eyes open to start seeing a murder of a PF sympathizer. Let us live in harmony

  9. That’s a sensible decision.
    Sunday Chanda and corrupt Milingo Lungu were directors on the National Airports Board. You can imagine the illegal deals with the Chinese.
    Sunday wont survive the fast track courts.

  10. @Redo no fraud in the South. That was a protest vote against Kambwili, GBM, Luo, Nabakwi, ECL and the rest of the tribalism bunch.


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