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President Hakainde Fires Amos Malupenga, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chanda Kabwe, Anthony Mukwita and others

Headlines President Hakainde Fires Amos Malupenga, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chanda Kabwe, Anthony Mukwita...

President Hakainde Hichilema has with immediate effect terminated the services of Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe and Ministry of Information and Media, Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga.

Addressing a media briefing at State House this evening, Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Anthony Bwalya who announced wholesale terminations at Permanent Secretary, Diplomatic and Service Commissioner level also announced Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Emmanuel Mwamba among those whose job have been terminated.

Mr Bwalya further announced that Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Permanent Secretary, Borniface Chimbwali, Ministry of Local Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Matthew Ngulube have had their contracts terminated.

Others are Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kaziya, Ministry of Works and Supply Permanent Secretary Lennox Kalonde and Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Songowayo Zyambo and Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development Permanent Secretary Barnaby Mulenga.

Others fired at Permanent Secretary level are Permanent Secretary, Parliamentary Business Department under the Office of the Vice President Juliana Shoko, Ministry of Transport and Communication Permanent Secretary Misheck Lungu, Ministry of Gender Permanent Secretary Sastone Silomba and Ministry of Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Masiye Banda.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Emmanuel Ngulube’s services have also been terminated.

Those terminated at provincial level are Western Province Permanent Secretary Danny Bukali, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Joyce Nsamba, Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota.

North Western Province Permanent Secretary Willis Mangimela, Central Province Permanent Secretary Bernard Chomba and Northern Province Permanent Secretary Royd Chakaba round off the list of provincial Permanent Secretaries whose services have been terminated.

At Service Commissioner level, Local Government Service Commission Chairman Amos Musonda, Civil Service Commission Chairman Dickson Chasaya and Vice Chairperson Hilliary Chipango have been dropped.

Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Japhet Lombe has also been fired.

At diplomatic level, those that have been dropped are Ambassador to Germany Anthony Mukwita, Ambassador to Switzerland Martha Mwitumwa, Ambassador to Belgium Nkandu Munalula and High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Paul Mihova.

Others include Ambassador to China Winnie Chibesakunda, High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga, High Commissioner to Tanzania Benson Chali and Ambassador to Zimbabwe Emmanuel Chenda.

Consul general to Guangzhou China, Daniel Chisenga, Ambassador to Brazil Alfreda Kansembe, Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Mumba and Deputy High Commissioner to Botswana Goodwell Lungu have been recalled.

Mr Bwalya said the move has been made in keeping with the promises of delivering servant-based leadership that focuses on optimizing value for citizens, in the manner that government ministries function.

“President Hichilema explains that the terminations of some government officials has also been necessitated in order to entrench a new culture of accountability in the way that government works at Permanent Secretary level, and at senior government level,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Bwalya said the termination of services at diplomatic level is in line with government’s resolve to promote economic diplomacy.

“The President says this is in order to foster a new culture of economic diplomacy underpinned by meritocracy, and to optimize the value derived from Zambia’s various diplomatic relationships around the world,” Mr Bwalya said,


  1. And this is why HH is guilty of appointing criminal Musokotwane….and to destruct people from talking about 48 houses…..because it was supposed to be an issue to be addressed today but HH has chosen to destruct Zambians

  2. This was expected….but let’s talk about the owner of 48 houses….no running away from the story that HH and UPND said was more important than anything else during campaign….now we know they belong to Musokotwane and his brother what is HH going to do about it

  3. President Hichilema is rightly firing all corruptly appointed officials who got their positions on the strength of their PF political cadreism.


  5. Emmanuel Mwamba resigned on his own, so how do you terminate the contract of a person that resigned? Shame! Those being appointed shouldn’t celebrate because they will also go in similar manner. There’ll be consequences on the treasury by these wholesale terminations of contracts

  6. Meritocracy, okay. We wait for the appointment. Bally claimed that he would raise the bar of Cabinet ministers and already we have seen a critical failure to articulate issues by Chushi Kasanda, who held a press briefing to attack one individual and to issue threats against freedom of expression.
    We wait for the replacement of these PS and ambassadors.

  7. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    Good riddance! I’m not sure about many of these but I know for sure with all my heart that Emmanuel Mwamba; Anthony Mukwita; AMong Mulupenga; Barnaby Mulenga; Chanda Kabwe; Judith Kapijimpanga deserved to go. These were shameless sycophants who sold their soul and had no integrity in them whatsoever. I know the likes of Barnaby Mulenga were also crooks who corruptly enriched them… please investigate them going to back to his time at Ministry of Lands. I know the guy personally and he is good riddance.

    But what about the likes of Frank Bwalya, the shameless Catholic Priest who slaughtered chickens in broad daylight?

  8. You took too long to eject *****s like malupenga who deserted his close friend M’membe in difficult times,,, the man is a judas and that cadre from dmmu im happy his out before he could even scratch his worthless balls.

    Next should be lusambo i look forward to seeing him in a orange jumpsuit not the blue one he was used to under deadmmd.

  9. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    My only gripe here is just the number of dismissals all happening at once… how will this paralise the operations of government? What happened with the firing of the security agencies heads was they were immediately replaced by others at the same time. And I also hope that many these should not cost the people of Zambia any money to compensate them for any potential unfair dismissals.

    Also I believe there is an opportunity here to ensure PSs are not appointed by the politician, the president… they should be appointed by the Public Service Commission so that their allegiance is not political.

    By the way why do we have provincial PSs? How are these supposed to work with the PSs representing ministries already… does it mean the people working in ministries at provincial level have…

  10. #12 Ayatollah. The problem I see in Zambians is just the names that are different but the characters are the same. Like one who is calling for Dr Malama to be fired, you wonder what wrong the doctor has committed. He’s properly qualified and above all a fellow citizen. Fili eko tuleya.

  11. #16 Not even the civil service commission should be involved unless this commission is appointed and approved by parliament. If the commission is appointed by the ‘politician’ then it will be Deja Vu.

  12. Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita were vile shameless cadres in our embassies on GRZ payroll these morons had the cheek to even come over in July to assist PF’s media team. Mwamba would justify every evil PF did even writing articles on Mwa-bantu page and Bo Mukwita is one flamboyant little rat I hope the wife has also been sacked at the embassy. The boy made my skin cringe when I heard him promoting Zambia to potential Western investors proudly telling them to avoid tax by renaming their companies after enjoying 5 tax years in Zambia. Judith Kapijimpanga was another one who thought that position was for touring Indian factories and promoting herself….and someone said she is helpful to Zambian patients visiting India well that the minimum of her job. Good riddance to the one in…

  13. This is just the beginning. By the time its 12 months everyone will have been retired in the nation interest under the new name of ‘keeping promises to the Zambians’. Atleast you have created some jobs Zambians are waiting for. Congratulations. Please go to the parastatals also. Kikik. Ati ‘I will not retire anyone in nation interest’. Kikiki yaba. As expected its time to reward UPND cadres and sympathisers as every new government does. HH shouldn’t even feel bad it’s a tradition in Zambia to fire people appointed by your predecessor. Go for it Bally, fix them and create more room for your supporters. They need jobs.

    • I guess you read all or at least some of the blogs on this same site lambasting HH on why he was so slow in firing these officials, more so when one Bowman Lusambo lamely claimed pf was still in control at government level.

  14. London.
    We know HH reads social media he follows the trends this is why he got extra 1 million votes whilst PF were thinking of how to switch off the internet. Now to Zambia I said it countless of times Amos Malupenga should have been sacked way before even ministers were appointed he was the face of PF media intimidation, there was no way he was going to change just like that. Next that day Chanda Kabwe this boy was so jumpy that he used DDMU like PF food tactical dept he was literally in bed with PF enjoying some PF beauties as well.
    Thank you for listening HH.

  15. The price of appointing cadres who are political activists into diplomatic and civil service. A long time ago the motion of career diplomats was an aspiration until PF came along and messed up everything. These days you turn up at an embassy their pre occupation is to figure out if you are PF or opposition!

    People confuse careerism and how one votes. A civil servant can not be a political activist, but surely will vote how his conscience tells him Now you have a civil service with a PF backbone, unfortunately as well from only one region of the country! They have to be removed so that people of a different mindset are appointed.

    Doctor Malama at Ministry of Health, I perceive him of being corrupt with his friend Chitaly Chilufya..so will you keep him in that job? Very hard!

  16. Letter to Madam Kaseba in Paris.
    Madam if you have any integrity just resign…I advised you years ago not to take up that position but you did. The only reason Lazy Lungu appointed you in that position is that he was a weak man who was intimidated by you and rightly so because the man had no leadership qualities whatsoever and his advisers knew that. If there was a right time to enter politics its now when PF is leaderless and is looking for a clean candidate to lead them forward.
    If you dont want to join politics you can go into private Health care just your name on the hospital…will be reassuring to potential clients.
    Please resign from that position at least this time take my advise.
    Thank you
    Tarino Orange.

  17. Saulosi – Musokotwane addressed this issue when PF was in govt…seriously if there was any form of connection between him and his alleged nephew do you really think PF would have let a big trophy like him just walk away? Use your head at times…think you sound like a frustrated little toddler!!

  18. Please ask Anthony Mukwita if you see him in the arrival lodge at KKIA which of those Germany investors ever put one cent in Zambia ..the boy was a loudmouth …really laughable!!

  19. @ Tarino Orange
    I know since Musokotwane is directly linked to the 48 houses…then the story ends there…nothing will be done….you can steal,commit fraud for as long as you’re UPND then you will walk Scott free…..you guys are sick in the head…..every UPND minion used to campaign on 48 houses but now it’s ok since it’s one of their kind….HH is a liar and big bandit….

  20. Not new, next it’s CEOs from A… to Zamtel and Zesco. It was long overdue going by the upnd’s characterization of their president that he is a slow decider.
    All those that will be appointed will be fired after 5years again when the businessman in state house will be kicked out.

  21. Saulosi – The sad thing about you is you wish this new govt was like your corrupt PF…meanwhile you are in the US enjoying yourself

  22. HH please remove Simon Miti…he oversaw all these civil servants and was very close to State House…there is a reason Sata fired him and a reason the corrupt LAZY LUNGU hired him.

  23. Good riddance and over due, the next appointments must be people who are career diplomat trained, those who passed through ZIDIS. No more cadres please.

  24. For Chanda, Emmanuel and Antony, I suggest trial starts in the fast track courts, we will find the evidence as we progress. And imagining how Chanda Kabwe quickly moved in to distribute food in areas where bye elections were being held and trying to justify the unjustifiable , at this juncture the compromised little man with very bad spoken English did not know that God does not sleep.

  25. Kayula Chasaya the Mr Know it All is gone? The man forced me from listening to Kabusha program because of his arrogance. He doesn’t want to listen to the questions, he just shuts people up.

  26. All PF cadres pretending to be civil servants and deserving the chop. Yes even Frank Bwalya and Kaseba needs to go as does Solomon jere in Nigeria who only got appointed due to lobbying by Mpezeni to Lungu because he (jere) used to shield Mpezeni from all cases of womanizing and poaching when he was deputy IG.


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