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PF rejects calls for National Prayers to Celebrate Elections, The Elections were not Free and Fair- Davies Mwila

Feature Politics PF rejects calls for National Prayers to Celebrate Elections, The Elections were...

Patriotic Front Secretary General, Davies Mwila has rejected the call for National Prayers to celebrate the so-called free and fair nature of the August 2021 General Elections.

Mwila has reminded the Church that promoting a notion that elections were free and fair was misplaced and untrue. Mr. Mwila said it would be folly for PF President Edgar Lungu to attend such prayers held under that guise.

He said the PF has put it on record that the last elections were characterized by widespread electoral malpractices especially in North-Western, Southern and Western Provinces. He said the elections were also characteried by abductions, murder, arson, injuries and loss of properties perpetrated by the UPND against Patriotic Front members.

He said the pre-election period witnessed unprecedented high levels of brutal violence perpetrated by the UPND against PF members. The Patriotic Front has therefore called upon the Church to help promote Justice against these crimes before they could sit to pray for a free and fair election.

The three mother bodies, CCZ, EFZ and ZCCB have called for National Prayers to celebrate the successful holding of Free and Fair Elections in Zambia. The prayers will be held on Sunday 19th September 2021 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.


  1. PF wanted a “god” they could control. Lesa ni maliotola!!
    “Shall we not accept good from the Lord, as well as bad?”
    There is need to give thanks because this country did not descend into wholesale violence and killings and we are still a unitary state. Besides, we need to give thanks that a brutal and thieving regime has been removed without bloodshed through the ballot, and that all their schemes to rig were frustrated and brought to nought.

  2. The so called Church bodies and their leaders, how do you call for prayers with that reason? We all prayed during the election and it was not for the outcome of a process but rather that there be no bloodshed or destruction during the election. What you have suggested is an abomination and mockery of prayer. It is calling people to endorse a winner. Some of these so called men of God leading people astray and clearly serving another master.

  3. Below is what God says of prayer that should be made by his people not what these wolves in sheep’s clothing are advocating.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.

  4. When of was in power! Upnd had never attended any of the national days like this
    So its pay back
    Do unto others in the way you would want to be treated

  5. #11 Miracle. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s there to pay back? A real Christian should always give the other cheek, forgive and go an extra mile.

  6. If you can be able to open the soul and mind of this is guy, its full of hatred, revenge, jealousy and self denial. He still doesn’t believe that he is out of power with his corrupt, oppressive and murderers pf regime. Relax man mane, stll more is coming, pray that that you won’t be napped for looting county dry with your wicked group.
    Better start repenting for forgiveness.

  7. The Church mother bodies should just pray for the nation. Some people lost their breadwinners during the last election and you cannot be praying for free and peaceful elections. It is a mockery to those 1, 2, 3, or four families whose members were killed because of the same election. Pray for the salvation of this country and its political leadership.

  8. What has God done to you Mr. Mwila? Let by gones be by gones, you won’t be there to pray for your fellow human being but God, the almighty with infinite intelligence. You can’t boycott prayers over politics, just come and smell the roses…

  9. You can keep your Day of National Prayers those days for hypocrisy are long gone its time to work…what a shameless dinosaur he is you have no place in modern day politics. I am surprised the ACC has not visited this moron who was encouraging councillors to get plots for themselves.

  10. This is the type of leaders we were tormented with for 7 years …hoodwinking people with prayers, just look at him this man should never have been anywhere near leadership!!

  11. Are you not the same people who tried to defranchise thousands in opposition strong holds and increase your numbers in your strong holds accept your loss.what free and fair can you teach us Mwila ?

  12. Trying to save face as the most incompetent PF secretary General ever. You are wired through out the country and you still claim the elections were not free and fair, very dall. Even if we repeat the elections, we the Zambian people will still deliver the same results, come out of shock quicker and stop insulting the Zambians.

  13. This man is just trying to save face when both him and Given Lubinda kept cheating their boss that all was well on the ground, they kept on saying wind of change was a myth. Zambians kept on saying we can’t eat infrastructure and they were adamant, only a few honest people in PF like Mwimba Malama have acknowledged their short comings, for this one and others it’s kufwa na no

  14. #19 Friends in PF have told me that this guy was behind the vetting of parliamentary applicants who had better chances than the ones he picked. This you can tell by the number of Independents who won. The punches he received to head during his boxing days have damaged his brain.

  15. Zambia had 3 problems – debt, unemployment and dallness especially from politicians, how can one say the elections were not free and fair when there was uniformity country wide. They told lies to President Lungu so Given and this chap their SG are trying to save face. THE ELECTIONS WERE FREE AND FAIR, we are ready for a rerun to deliver the same results. The PF chaps were talking of infrastructure whilst people are worried with bread and butter issues

  16. Yes Davies Mwila is speaking from within. He knows as the inside man in PF that the elections were not free and fair. The opposition then namely upnd were not allowed to campaign freely, intimidated at every turn, movements restricted, threatened with arrests etc etc. So I whole heartedly agree with him.

  17. It is very true The Elections were not Free and Fair. No reasonable Zambian could call these last elections free and fair. They were as unfair as all Zimbabwe’s past elections. Let me explain : The opposition were denied coverage by biased DeadNBC. Only PF were given the chance to campaign on State broadcaster. The President banned opposition parties from election campaigns under the guise of Covid 19 lockdown while he campaigned for himself by rushing up and down the country in a desperate attempt to sontapo on things like the uncompleted Copperbelt Airport. All the opposition parties were given a raw deal and they should be crying out loudly that the elections were unfair.

  18. PF are bitter losers.
    It’s unprecedented that a third party would call for a celebration especially from an electoral point of view.
    It’s just a good effect feeling.
    The people spoke loud and clearly.
    No manoveurs would work.
    PF is in the past what with young terks living roles on flimsy grounds.

  19. As a Christian nation we need to thank God for giving us a wise new leader. We also need as God to help the UPND rule forever.


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