Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A Live conversation with President Hichilema and a panel of experts that explores President Hichilema’s governing priorities


Join USIP for a conversation with President Hichilema and a panel of experts that will explore Hichilema’s governing priorities, as well as his approach toward key continent-wide issues such as Africa’s engagement with China, implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063, youth and gender issues, and lessons learned to strengthen democracy across Africa


  1. Thanks, we will join. Just asking for a favour from HH to tell his media team to be active, if Antonio Mwanza says there is no law requiring a political party to disclose the source of their funding during campaigns, somebody should tell him that there is no law that compels political parties to conceal their funding especially during investigations, and also out of the 16 political parties, it was only the PF which out shone others with a huge questionable budget for campaigns, nobody else bought bicycles for all the headmen in the country

  2. HH kissing up to Kamala Harris. He never talks nicely about Zambia. Always painting the worst picture looking for pity.

  3. I am not sure ECL would have been anywhere near this . Last time I checked he was dancing dunna reverse with US Based Zambians.

  4. You Skylab… ECL was not a tail of imperialists.
    We know reasons why USA wants to use hh but history is justifying the end. Nothing is new .

  5. I will listen to it later but the new Dawn government is Zambia first! Africa’s goals for 2063 don’t concern us. Africa never meets any goal; it’s just endless fights and corruption.

  6. One of the groups that HH is reported to have met in the US is the Open Society Foundation hugely funded by Soros. From the Open Society Foundation Website, read below what they stand for:
    The Open Society Foundations seek to combat discrimination by empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex communities to promote and defend their human rights.”

  7. Just suck it up …those doubting thomases !….This guy is a big deal, had earned respect. Presidential material…..Ba ECL nowhere close.
    The haters will always find a reason against this man. And I speak as a non-UPND.

  8. @Nubian Princes – The Zambia president has accounted for himself and represented the country very well that he has gained respect of the international community and his context is being studied as a model for democracy amidst many challenges. Most Zambians are satisfied with his public relation skills and his presentations have been well thought out and convincing.
    Lets give credit where its due.

  9. The HH Presidency will be a success. We doubt not because the man himself has been a success. How many political parties stayed that long in opposition in Zambia and/or Africa to later form government. Those who think UPND could have made it this far under Mr Patrick Chisanga or Mr Sakwiba Sikota should just accept the fact HH has something we should all aspire to have. That is resilience and goal oriented mindset. No wonder his business has remained viable under hostile regimes.

  10. Even Elias Chipimo Jr posted stating that UN speech he delivered was no mere speech but a conviction …if you are going to criticise him please up your game as well those days of mediocrity under LAZY LUNGU leadership of dancing like kadancer on by-election platforms when people are suffering are long gone!!

  11. Presidential material kissing imperialist ass….HH is a sell out…he should be ashamed of himself….low self esteem…Louis Farakhan calls him an uncle Tom

  12. The green economy. I have been bothered. Which industries does our country possess that are emitting gas to warrant a ministry. I agree with renewable energy as most Zambians have gone solar. Green economy ministry should have existed in countries like South Africa. The only company I see emitting gas is our trade kings and maybe breweries. Maybe charcoal burners. Hope it won’t end up being a charcoal burners ministry.

  13. I saw HHs news conference with US Vice President Kamala Harris, though I am PF I should confess I am jealous, Our President looked very Presidential in all aspects, body language, content and gestures. Congratulations are in order, HH also looked very solid when presenting his speech at the UN.

  14. He clearly said a big Zambian budget goes towards two things debt servicing and civil service pay…he will dismantle this. Its VERY IMPORTANT that critics of HH listen to the whole interview, as evident from the thread time for posting comments without research only expose your ignorance like Saulosi and XXXX Princess. Time for posting lazy comments is long gone…you too have to pull your socks

  15. When you hear a Chapatan or Kasamalese bragging of how HH is selling out, don’t be disturbed, their nearest comparable to selling out is Kamuzu and Mobutu, gutless dictatorial kleptomaniacs!

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