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Given Lubinda urges PF party officials to stop the infighting

Feature Politics Given Lubinda urges PF party officials to stop the infighting

Patriotic Front (PF) Vice President Given Lubinda has urged party officials to stop the infighting, adding that if it escalates, it will divide the party.

Speaking today during the “LET’S PEOPLE TALK PROGRAMME” on Phoenix FM, the PF Vice President said the last thing party members must dwell in is dividing the party because it will be the end of its existence.

He was reacting to continued finger-pointing between party senior officials Chishimba Kambwili and Professor Nkandu Luo. Mr Lubinda said senior officials must be leading the party to grow it instead of destroying it for the sake of fighting for positions.

Mr Lubinda said the infighting must come to an end immediately and senior officials must focus on strengthening grassroots.

“It is not good for party officials to start fighting because of positions. I cannot be happy to lead a party which is divided, let’s unite and make our party strong again,” he said.

Mr Lubinda said the party President will be elected by delegates at the convention to be announced soon. He also challenged party officials to stop campaigning because this will lead to division as the party will be going to the convention.

He said it is important that all delegates go to the convention united to elect the leader who will be at the helm of the party.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda has apologised to Zambians for all the atrocities which party officials and members had caused during the former ruling party’s tenure.

Mr Lubinda said it is true that people were hurt, therefore, they decided to vote out the PF on August 12 this year.

Mr Lubinda said the party cannot deny what people felt because they showed their anger in the just-ended elections, adding that it was, therefore, important to apologise to Zambians for all what the party members did to Zambians.

“The caller said PF lost because cadres were getting money from bus drivers, this will be taken seriously and be added in the postmortem so that we can be a more listening party,” Mr Lubinda said.

Mr Lubinda said the party will bounce because it will work on all the issues being raised by Zambians.

Mr Lubinda said Zambians will turn back to PF because the ruling party is going against its promises. Mr. Lubinda said Zambians are watching whatever the ruling party is doing contrary to what is expected.


  1. We told you that PF died alongside Sata, what remained was just a shell under Edgar Lungu no wonder he had no vision.

    There will be no credible person to take PF to another level. Wait and see how they tear each over tge remain carcass.

    Zambia Forward!!

  2. Two wrong people fighting for power. Edgar’s choice of Nkandu Luo as running mate was one of the causes of the PF defeat, so PF can’t rebrand with her in the picture

  3. People like Kambwili will not follow on your advise. What you should be doing is to visit all districts to collect data on what made PF to lose elections. Do not allow those who made PF lose because of their big mouth to be fighting themselves.

  4. This was a very badly lead party that depended on GRZ resources , bribes and corruption to evolve……..

    Most of their MPs will be in court soon for abuse of office………..

    The bill for PF use of GRZ resources is still being prepared……

    No matter who leads , the future is bleak….

  5. Well spoken ba Lubinda. But naimwe ba PF all the money you have you can’t by a proper chair. Look the chair the vice president is siting on. akaso

  6. Mr Lubinda this is not time for press statements , time to build destroyed structures of the Party. Lower organs was completely disconnected from top organs of the party WHY??. While top officials were dancing , no one was dancing with them. Surprisingly you never detected that. you with your experience. Those who did not want to be lead by Lungu should not be allowed to take over the party.

  7. Pf is in a state of oblivion … i have a strong feeling that it will be difficulty for them to resuscitate from the cups of sea water they drunk while drowning on the 12th of august…

  8. Apart from tribalism, your part have got no campaigning message. Many PF members knows it that the party cannot be revived hence the resignations.
    Mumbi Phiri, Antonio Mwanza, Daivies Mwila etc and you are saying rebranding the party.

  9. As long as the party top people don’t disappear, the PF is doomed. ECL, GBM, CK, GL, DM, AM, you name them – they ALL must GO. Stay on, bye bye PF.

  10. Lubinda…….we told you in the last 3 weeks, instead of you focusing on your Party you were busy (with your binoculars man and Sean Tembo) bombarding HH with noise.
    Up to now you have NOT identified the root cause that led to PF losing, and yet you expected HH to have given you your “free education”, what a hypocrite ! And you call this a leader? Without critical thinking. HH was focused for 15 years, does Lubinda has that stamina? If LUO and Chimbwili are talking about who will be President of the Party, clearly, Lubinda has no chance to be the President of PF. He is already being dribbled.
    Bo Lubinda, focus on your PF and let HH ateke icalo. Iwe noise maker from group 3.

  11. Lubinda your party is finished gone completely. Zambians suffered at your hands and still remember vividly what they went through. You have no credible leader to challenge HH as for now. As for you Lubinda you were appointed VP for convenience, it was a strategic move. You will not be the president of that dead party, you will be hounded out very soon. Luo and Kambwili are nowhere near presidential material to match HH. In other words you are dead as a party.

  12. Mmmh Given! Eyiyi balanda ati confidence ya pemfu true.

    PF I gave you my vote from 2006 till you got elected in 2011. Then I saw and experienced your mis-governance. I told myself I deserve better…next. So UPND you too watch out

  13. Let’s vote for experience n that man should be Kaizar Zulu for president, Given will be SG and Antonio Mwanza must retain the same….Party spokesman.

  14. The folly of politicians! Now Lubinda thinks it’s appropriate to apologize to the people of Zambia for all wrongs PF meted on the nation! No, thank you Mr. Lubinda for the scar will be a reminder for a lifetime! Many have on notice boards and share the cartoon of a figure climbing a ladder advising those who ascend not to forget those that are left behind steadying the ladder for a time would come that the one on the ladder would desperately need them! It’s just a cartoon but how many appreciate it’s worth? In less than a month critics aligned with PF are matching HH to ten years of PF governance! PF bouncing back will have to beat the standards HH is aiming at!

  15. Since on the same program Given Lubinda says Joe Biden made a mistake by calling the corrupt PF regime as corrupt at the UN general assembly, I take it that Given Lubinda suggests that Joe Biden should have used the word fullish because which wise regime can buy one ire tender vehicle at one million dollars each

  16. Lubinda with all that money your Gangsters were flashing in public and using it as pillows and the R2 000 000 for groceries, you could not buy proper Chairs for your evil offices. Look at the Chair you are sitting on shame! All the monies was used on the Toyota 4 wheel drives. People’s money will haunt you for the rest of your lives. Any us in team 2.8 we have moved on.

  17. Lubinda with all that money your Gangsters were flashing in public and using it as pillows and the R2 000 000 for groceries, you could not buy proper Chairs for your evil offices. Look at the Chair you are sitting on shame! All the monies was used on the Toyota 4 wheel drives. People’s money will haunt you for the rest of your lives. Anyway us in team 2.8 we have moved on.

  18. You ran the PF Party like a bottle store and let LAZY LUNGU have his way…half the PF members dont even respect this Bo Lubinda, he is a coward who hides and always comes out when trouble passes. The worst decision you did was allowing BUFFOON CK back to PF you should have just let him rot in jail now he will eat you alive..its like bring a reticulated rock python in your house when you have children in the household…its always calculating and measuring how to eat you!

  19. Mr Lubinda the apology must be emphatic. It is a welcome move. For the sake of democracy we cannot wish the party to die. We need checks and balances to the ruling party. Going by what we see now in the “new dawn” Govt. one cannot rule out the bouncing back of the former ruling party.

  20. PM – The troll is somewhere in the UK…what can it post now? Nothing…it had no affiliation to PF it was simply trolling last time it was UPND,

  21. The PF lost the election because the Zambian voters saw through the lies and corruption at all levels in the party. Unless ALL those liars and thieves are gone (that includes you Given Lubinda, and ECL, GBM, CK, DM, AM, KZ, EN etc) the PF will get ZERO seats in 2026. And rightly so! Bye bye PF!


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