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The Cult of Bally, The Cult of Baal: Why Questioning President HH is Offensive to UPND Cadres

Columns The Cult of Bally, The Cult of Baal: Why Questioning President HH...

By Kapya Kaoma.

The Presidency of Hakainde Hichilema a.k.a. Bally is reminiscent of the contest between the Prophet Elijah and the worshippers of Baal. In today’s Zambia, you either worship Bally or like Elijah in untold insults and curses dwell. Who are you among countless prophets of Bally, who like King Ahab to question is to curse the very god of the land except Mount Carmel exists only in Plot 1. So bring it on, O countless followers and prophets of Bally, but a single voice to silence not! Like Elijah, my lonely voice speaks for masses who love our motherland over the Bally cult that blinds masses from watching countless campaign videos of HH making promises with datelines attached to them just months ago. Is it your distorted faith in Bally that shames you? Are you afraid to face the truth that Bally’s promises, like those of the prophets of Baal, are now chants of shame to drench your hearts each day and night? It is your democratic right to shout, “Answer us, Bally! Just for once! Shame Kapya Kaoma! Give us free education now! Reduce the cost of utubunga.” But like Baal, your Bally will be sleeping or on vacation! Those promises will never ever come to pass!

You may try again next year. “Hear us almighty Bally! The most brilliant economist ever to walk the face of the earth! Give us free education! Reduce the cost of ubunga at kabili! ”

This time around, you will supplicate with incense and dances as you celebrate his one year at the helm of power and much louder. But Bally would have developed amnesia or simply forgotten your cries! And so you will keep on ranting and raving year after year until 2026, but no answer will come! The bag of mealie meal won’t cost K50. Neither would Zambia provide free education from grade 1 to University unless you are HH’s or UPND cadres’ special child. As for the Kwacha to be K5 to a dollar, it is a dream! As for those graduates, well good for you! Like some of us, we will be looking for jobs unless we’re ready to go back to the land or sell at the markets or the streets. Office jobs aren’t coming back–the very Bally massacred with another self-declared, all-knowing, Western vultures-worshiping capitalist F.T.J. Chiluba.

But worry not! Like the almighty Jezebel, Vice President Mutale Nalumango will continue to shame those Parliamentarians who for years stole from us in poverty we languished. Alas, our despicable poverty, the great Bally promised to fix–with white gloves as if Ahab he announced:

“Listen all you Zambians. Am I not the chosen one by the owners of the IMF and the World Bank, the White gods of Capitalism? Just vote for me on August 12, 2021 and the venture capitalists will dump all their dollars on me! I will give them what they want and by September 1, a bag of mealie meal will be K50. Education will be free. A dollar will be K5. “Mulekutika?” As for farmers, I will buy your maize at K250 per bag. Unemployment will be history, and low cost of living for every Zambian. Believe me, I won’t bring back any corrupt minister who worked in the MMD or PF administrations–only clean Masebo, Mutati and… ”

At this, all his worshipers–the learned and the unlearned, responded,

“Amen! Bally will fix it.”

Sadly they are struck by the highly contagious and deadly ballyvirus–the virus that erases the mind. Vice President Nalumango vividly revealed it in Parliament. She could not swallow the many promises HH made to Zambians–she choked. She could “not remember” them. Instead she accused the corrupt PF cartel in Parliament of hallucinating.

“Bally the Great, the Savior of Zambia could not be so foolish to make such illogical promises.”

With those words, she shamed dishonorable Chitotela! I think Chitotela deserved it. He should have been rotting in jail for corruption, but he was acquitted!

This is the new dawn indeed. The dawn of dishonesty and deception. But watching our new Vice President develop ballyvirus so early was embarrassingly pitiable, but who cares? She has nothing to lose – – her memory is completely erased. As for Bally worshipers, they too are victims of the deadly bellyvirus. Trust me, the memory of a baby is much more alert to breast milk than to a UPND cadre who can’t recall that President Hichilema made any promises. It is what it is. To a UPND cadre, words don’t mean anything! Please don’t abuse the Vice President or any victim of ballyvirus. The bitter PF MPs are foolish enough to expect them to remember candidate HH campaign promises, for once he put on his white gloves, our beloved president erased their memories. Not even videos would convince them–so leave them in the romantic nostalgia of the Bally honeymoon.

I don’t know if Bally worshippers really love President HH. But if they do, then they must not take offense to questioning President HH. Democratic leadership begins on the first day in office.

To allow President HH to govern as if people don’t exist (no matter how popular the president is) is not democratic governance, but dictatorship. Moreover unaccountability is like a tree–it grows with time. Imagine the amount of time and energy it would serve to uproot it when it is small than when it has grown. In early days of their administration, Presidents are testing the waters of what they can get away with; another reason to watch them carefully.

So if Bally has legitimate followers, they should demand accountability from the onset. As Bembas say, “Akafumbe ukunona, kafuma kubwaice.” Once HH has gotten used to roam unaccountable, he becomes a uncaged lion. I rather stop him now than later!

I understand many Zambians don’t understand U.S politics. HH paid a courtesy visit to Vice President Harris, but what his cadres don’t understand is that the Biden administration was held accountable from Day 1 by its own party. It continues to deliver based on the Democratic Party Platform or what in Zambia we call Manifesto. When it fails, Democrats ensure that the administration reverses its course to meet the party’s platform. Biden’s appointments were based on merit not on wako ni wako, as was the case with President HH’s, whose Salaula Cabinet is just as dirty as previous ones. His creation and consolidation of Ministries without consultation with Parliament is just as dictatorial and ideological as creating the ministry of Religious Affairs under previous administrations.

In a democratic society, the creation or consolidation of Ministries must be debated, with the costs analysis and personnel implementation factored in before being formed. Ruling by declaration is a recipe for dictatorship!

In short, the only thing that has changed is the name of the President, the tradition remains the same.

I rather be alone, than join a cult of the big man!


  1. Nonsensical article. We dont worship HH. He is just human and can make mistakes. And Bally was coined by some youths and is slang for a mentor or role model.
    I can see you are srill hurting.

  2. Bally’s biggest enemy are his followers, they have managed to estrange many. It’ll be his biggest challenge in 2026 when he faces Zambians again. I know that he knows that most of the people that voted for him are not members of his Party. So his decisions must not be those that please his members because that’s a very weak support base. He must listen to all, especially the youth who are social media pundits. As for UPND cadres, be educated that your actions might cause Bally to be a one term President, nipano tuli

  3. Bally is doing a very good job, even if free education comes in 4 years and 362 days it will still be in his 5 year mandate. And one Sunday Chanda on Diamond TV yesterday decides to say PF failed because of covid, regrettably the interviewers fail to tell him that the decline in Zambia’s economy started way before Covid came as confirmed by Danny Kalyalya when he was still Bank of Zambia governor, perpetual falsehoods even in opposition, no reformation, learnt nothing from the loss of the Presidential elections

  4. I did not know that the bitter overwhelming defeat of lungu and PF would send some people to the verg of insanity , like this writer………

    It must be the bags of money being found in people’s houses that are driving these people mad with glee and envy ……..

    You see, there are manifesto declarations that require economic planning and some that can be implemented with the snap of finders , like lifting Road blocks…….

    This is what the PF zealots don’t understand………

  5. Price controls and making declarations like free education without consultations and no room for planning, are some of the traits of a dictatorship. I think people are also mad at the fact that their money was looted by dimwits. It’s time for a smart dictator like the ones in the developed world.

  6. Ha ha ha ha
    Kuti wafwa ukuseka
    Awe suwa ha ha ha ha
    I’m yet to see one person arrested or intimidated for talking against HH. Not one person.
    In the PF era [or error since we are talking about a failed party which was a mistake] you could not post an article such as the one Kaoma has published.

    Who was being worshipped? – it’s PF and Lungu

  7. It seems to me PF cadres are hurting too much from the monumental loss.
    They are failing to heal and move on.

    Please Kaoma and PF – move on and start living again. This seemingly eternal chikonko needs to be overcome.

    Trust me, I know how it feels. I felt like that during the “Dununa Reverse” period but look at me now! I’m on cloud nine so happy that Almighty God heard the cries of his people and delivered them from a moden day “Pharaoh.” God has freed his people and is leading them to Canaan. If, 5 years from now we find HH wanting, we will again have opportunity to change leaders.

    For now – Alipampando- Aleteka

  8. Yes, remain a lone because your PF cult virus & your Christians For Lungu cult virus & cult have been wiped out or deleted from the Zambian computer mind. The Zambian people are happy that terrorist government which terrorised Zambians is gone.

  9. The question many people are asking is that what makes this man so so so bitter? Its the brown evelope that he will never receive again thus writing nonsense day in day out. Waiting for HH to fail…sad.Take it easy Kaoma you will have heart attack.5yrs is short but a long time to the losers.

  10. How irritated i used to get when Kabimba after 2011 elections always childishly said “they are choking with bitterness/anger”.Now it makes sense.THis is another example of an adult throwing a tantrum like a child purely out of jealousy

  11. The strategy of the PF loosers is to say HH has renegaded on his promises. But people should open their eyes and realise that HH has 5 year mandate. The PF as usual want to say HH won on false promises, when did HH speak to the people during campaigns as you were always blocking him. The owner of the party called PF died a long time ago, and now chancers who should never have been anywhere near leadership in the first place are trying to position themselves, both Luo and Kambwili cant be leaders on any given day in Zambia.

  12. Kapya, I don’t often agree with you but you are spot on this time. Some upnd blogger even posted that HH is the most intelligent human being in Zambia. And these are educated people and not villagers.
    It is without dispute that the cult culture is fast entrenching itself under HH. The supporters don’t seem to accept that he is a mere mortal who can make mistakes. Take the example of praising a mere speech at the UN. As if the Lord himself has descended from heaven and spoken!
    I do fear for the future of Zambia under this cultic new dawn dispensation where Bally is untouchable and always right. Filiokotuleya, tuli pano!

  13. As much as I do not agree with the author, I equally find it absurd that anyone with a different opinion to that of the President is labelled as being PF and bitter. Let’s just be realistic in both our praises and criticism of the New Dawn government.

  14. This Kaoma is busy writing a long article to insult all those who voted for UPND and HH including many Zambians who now feel free to express themselves such as himself!! Watusabila Kaoma. Many voters know the difference between a campaign promise and a budgeted for promise post campaigns. If you and your PF friends treated ECL as a small god, UPND supporters have never and donot treat HH as a god. The UPND supporters have their eyes on reviving the damaged economy with a view of meeting some of the most important promises to benefit the citizens!! Where were you when several of the PF promises were not even attempted or fulfilled like money in the pockets of all Zambians??

  15. Any national development agenda anchored on IMF and World Bank and Corrupt white collar infestors.
    Bally is wasting taxpayer’s begging for who sell national assets to.
    I know that his national development idea was to have infestors rally behind him, the very investors he was busy discouraging to work with the previous regime yet he expected to see many dollars waiting for him in national treasury.
    What an embarrassment of a guy to have in state house. Owe to him if the people he wants to come to his rescue don’t come. We have a white collar executive inexperienced president with no clue of to run Government. Just watch.

  16. Any national development agenda anchored on IMF and World Bank and Corrupt white collar infestors is kuWire.
    Bally is wasting taxpayer’s begging for who sell national assets to.
    I know that his national development idea was to have infestors rally behind him, the very investors he was busy discouraging to work with the previous regime yet he expected to see many dollars waiting for him in national treasury.
    What an embarrassment of a guy to have in state house. Owe to him if the people he wants to come to his rescue don’t come. We have a white collar executive inexperienced president with no clue of to run Government. Just watch.

  17. A very sad reading! PF had to go – no two ways about it. The alternative is what we now have. Is it good enough, am not sure, it’s too early to gauge. But, to the average Zambian still stuck in despair, it’s not good; as the promised minimums have not yet been reaffirmed. It’s the least this government should have done to assure the people, what UPND promised as reward for being elected, had not been empty. So, reaffirm your pledges, & state the dates by which implementation will commence. Attending the UN wasn’t deemed too soon – the same can be said about meeting deadlines at home.

  18. Kikikikikikijukija ballyvirus Hehehehehehe oro koronaVirus nkunkunkunkyu, cult, hahahahahaha kwekwekwekwe, Jezebel, kwikwikwikwikwi, Baal ;kwokwokwokwokwo! Uuuwwiiii! Yangu!

    Kapya is not having it!
    Binoculars operation acepa!
    He spoke against the Great PF. Now upndead wapya munzi! Hehehehe! PROMISES. Yugh!
    I kind’a understand him 10%.
    He is on heat.
    Great points though; promise ni promise. Yaba ba Zambia, nizieeee.

  19. Writers like this one make me think of my childhood years when I yearned to be a writer. I am always disappointed to see someone put their thoughts to paper and still convey to make sense! At what point shall we say Bally has failed to steer the economy. So in macro economics if a 25kg bag of mealie meal is reduced from ZMW 150 to 70 or 50 kwacha is this the same or different result.

    The naysayers are scared that HH will succeed where they failed. That is why they are clamouring for results when they know well that results take long and there are many factors that affect variables. Like now we are worried how inflation can be effectively controlled with sac loads of printed money by PF!

  20. Mark my words!! This Bally New dawn Maladministration will cause upheavals in the country at some point mid term. He egocentric just like his cult followers. Upheavals are coming and HH will cling to power whilst mayhem continues on the streets and country set ablaze.

  21. Sour lemons ………

    Keep drulling, we have another 5 years …….

    Meanwhile you can gather around the PF corpuse and try resuscitation while the 2.8 million patiently wait results……

  22. 1991 very young and energetic, I was ready to butcher anyone attacking my FTJ. My FTJ with no shame would publicly boast I WILL KISS SAP IN THE MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING AND NIGHT. I didn’t see anything wrong then until years later. Then I lost interest in the politician any politician.

  23. Kapya Kaoma.
    You are a hero I applaud you for the good articles to say least, yes indeed Zambia has a monster in state house his followers are heavily possessed by this cult leader and are failing to think for themselves and they are sinking deeply into the culture of deception this is really dangerous.
    This Bally worship is entrenching itself in the minds of our youths just imagine they keep saying even he doesn’t fulfil his promises they will still vote for him that is total madness.
    The demon of Bally must be cast out of Zambia , any one who opposes their god Bally he is mercilessly attacked with insults that you can fail print.
    This strong man needs to be cast out of the minds of upnd members and declare freedom from the Bally worshipping .

  24. This is a point worthy thinking about, some of us have indeed felt like we have a “cult” roaming our streets. Hakainde used to call Lungu’s regime as brutal but he seems to be more brutal than ECL. His ministers are like scared rats, they dare not question Bally what he says goes that is why he elects not to follow the due processes. The real litmus test for UPND will be to see the voting pattern if ever there will be a non Tonga party president and if the voting pattern will remain the same.

  25. If there is any cult in Zambia, it is that of Kapya Kaoma and his criminal and gangster Pf with his Lungu as the high Priest and he once stated that he (Lungu )was the ‘alpha and Omega’ of Pf and Zambia. If your Lungu was not head of this cult he would have seen the true situation on the ground that Zambians had reached a stage where it was ‘any other leader but Lungu. Cult Leaders like your Lungu delude themselves all the time because they only listen to their ‘praise singers’. This nonsense about promises, in all fairness, lets start with Pf, how many promises did your Pf achieve under ‘your self confessed’ visionless crook, where is more money in your pockets, where are the five million jobs that were promised. Please we are not children we know every word your criminal Pf…

  26. Can someone confirm. I heard that HH refused to declare his assets. If this is true, how democratic is that?
    If he refused its clear that his businesses whilst he is president will increase I assets and cash. He may not steal money directly from government coffers but will influence business contracts with his companies. No doubt HH’s companies growth during his presidency will be the biggest. Please SHOW the Zambians HH’s assets as of 12th August then we will compare in 2026 before elections and analyse the growth trends before he became president.

  27. I was there when KK was our Messiah, I was there, when he became our ridicule. I was there when he finally became our pride again! I was there when Chiluba was our Mesaih, I was also there when he became our ridicule. I was again there when he was vindicated. I was there when Mwanawasa was called ‘Cabbage’, I was also there when he was vindicated in death. I was there when Sata was our Messiah. I have enjoyed our History as a nation. Just saying.

  28. #33Flo. It’s a pity we don’t take time to look at what you have said. We forget the people we allow to lead our country are just normal as the next person. They need our rational not zealous support.

  29. So this is how this Kapya Kaoma feels. Reality has set in. Go get a real Job. Go for interviews and demonstrate your
    abilities and capabilities. Free pay from companies is over! Keep writing nonsense you will heal from your CHIKONKO!

  30. it has not even been 100 days! these pf cadres are starting to feel the pinch–gone are the days of lax government tenders and walking up to a bank where one does not even have an account and demanding cash. Lelo! Very bitter indeed–but as for the 2.8 million plus–including those unjustly purged from the voters roll, we are enjoying everyday under the new dawn administration!


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