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154 suspected immigrants nabbed

General News 154 suspected immigrants nabbed

The Department of Immigration says it apprehended a total of 154 suspected immigrants during its clean-up operation in Lusaka city.

The Department’s Public Relations Office Namati Nshinka discloses that Zambia Police Service provided re-enforcement during the operation which began in the early hours of Friday, 24th September, 2021.

“ The operation covered the Great-North Road, Great East Road, Chongwe, Kafue Road, Mumbwa road, Lusaka’s Central Business District (CBD ), Kamwala, Chalala, Nyumba Yanga, Kabulonga, Bauleni, and Ibex Hill areas, “ he said.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Nshinka disclosed in a statement that most of the suspects nabbed during the operation did not have any documentation legalizing their stay in Zambia, while some were in abrogation of the terms and conditions of their immigration permits.

After the initial screening exercise 26 refugees were released unconditionally, while 28 were mandated to report to Immigration Headquarters for further investigations and formalities, while 100 were detained pending prosecution.

of the 100 illegal immigrants detained, 42 were Burundians, 22 were Tanzanians, 20 were Congolese, six Rwandese, four Zimbabweans, and two Indians.

Others were one Angolan, one Chinese, one Egyptian and a Malawian nationals, respectively.

Mr Nshinka described the outcome of the operation as impressive as it highlights the success of team work among law enforcement agencies.

He has also commended the general public for its cooperation during the operation and has urged the public to continue being alert were illegalities are concerned.

“We will continue to work with other law enforcement partners to effectively contribute towards the maintenance of internal security.

“ We also wish to commend members of the public for their cooperation during the operation and urge them to continue being our eyes and ears where illegalities are concerned.

“ This is particularly important because we cannot be at each and every place and thus we rely on them to report suspected illegal immigrants” he said.



  1. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    I bet illegal immigrants are in their thousands, if not millions… our borders are porous. Good start though!
    But as long as they are not doing crime and they are actually creating employment, I’m fine with them staying.

  2. These are very insecure and unstable countries with too many insurgents … its unfair to call them immigrants rather label them as asylum seekers

  3. What type of permits have we been giving to Chinese nationals doing road construction, casual manual works, growing tomatoes, shops? What is the total number of Chinese permit holders and permanent residents in this country? It would nice to know

  4. I think it is irresponsible and disrespectful of human life to choose not to mention something tragic which happened during your operation yesterday when giving such a statement bragging of your harvest of these foreigner law violators, Mr Nshinka, and it would sound queer if you don’t know about it since you are the spokesperson of immigration.
    During the operation on great North road, a Chinese company was targeted and one Chinese hide himself into the room and locked the door from within, immigration officers smashed the door with bars but, according to what the said officers stated afterwards, just when they succeeded to break in, they heard a boom and found it was that the Chinese shot himself in his head, they found him dead.
    Highly possible that Chinese didn’t have a legal…

  5. Highly possible that Chinese didn’t have a legal status regarding his visa, but the tragedy should at least be mentioned and revealed to the public

  6. The United Kingdom should learn from Zambia and deport some cretin wanker troll too.But we welcome our fellow Africans in Zambia whether legal or illegal.

  7. No wonder most shops & tembas operated by Rwandese & Burundians were closed on Friday & Saturday. Yaie!!! Clean up the mess. In Kaunda days. We used to call it. Chipekini. When all Tanzanians baMwachiusa. Would be rounded up in farm blocks in Mkushi. Let people come into the country legally. Sad about the chocoli “why kill self!!! Please baimigration stop breaking doors. It’s not a murder case he committed. You could ve used the Chinese Embassy to.extract him. I am sure he was just traumatized and language barrier fear. KZ should be on the list to Mulanje in Malabi. I will pay for his one way ticket.

  8. There a lot of Lebanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Syrians and other out of Africa immigrants who working or running shops contrary to their visa requirements. But these are able to buy their freedom. But our fellow Africans are locked up

  9. Sad state of affairs if someone died over a simple matter, I believe this was not conducted professionally. Let the immigration dept begin to show a human face with the way they conduct their inspections and in apprehending prohibited immigrants, let them also not detain prohibited immigrants with other criminal suspects but rather have a specialised detaintion facility only for suspects that have broken immigration laws.

  10. Deport Chinese, Lebanese, Indians and Pakistani? Not your fellow Africans, like Rwandese who work so hard and contribute to this economy. It’s time we as Africans worked together. Also we hope this is not because roadblocks has been stopped so it’s another personal revenue generating stream for police.

  11. Please don’t make it hard on our fellow Africans. We’re are trying to unite Africa. We’re one people. As long as an African is not committing any crimes, make it easy for them to temporarily stay or something. Rather focus on non- Africans who make it extreme hard for Africans to live in their countries. The Chinese, the Lebanese, the Pakistans, the Indians. These people’s countries make it hell for Africans to live there. Make sure these people have proper paperwork, or else throw them out.

  12. Another form of xenophobia emerging in Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them permits to stay if no any form of criminal record………….


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