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Be patient with new administration-Zambians urged

General News Be patient with new administration-Zambians urged

A concerned citizen in Mbala, Derrick Kaleo has urged Zambians to be patient with President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration.

Mr. Kaleo noted that many Zambians have high expectations of President Hichilema but expecting him and his government to deliver overnight is unrealistic.

He told ZANIS in an interview that good governance is a process and it takes time to deliver.

“Having a manifesto is one thing and executing it, is another,” he said.

Mr. Kaleo has urged the President not to succumb to pressure from the public but do the right thing in order to effectively deliver to the people.

“The President should not be pressured because it will lead to the politics of merely pleasing people and not making a change,” he noted.

Mr. Kaleo has also urged the President to encourage members of the United Party for National Development (UPND to emulate his standards of inclusiveness if the One Zambia, One Nation motto is to be achieved.

Meanwhile, Western Province Minister Kapelwa Mbangweta has asked the newly installed Mayor of Mongu to be industrious and bring about greater economic, social and infrastructure transformation in the district.

Mr. Mbangweta said for development to be realised in the area, there was need for the local authority to engage all key players in various government portfolios in the development agenda.

He said the United Party for National Development (UPND) government considers local government authority as a transformative engine in the actualisation of development in any part of the country.

He pointed out that the UPND government has placed great premium on local government as it is mandated to help develop the country.

The Provincial Minister said this yesterday during the installation of Mongu town Mayor Matakala Nyambe.

And in his acceptance speech Mr. Nyambe promised to deliver in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Mongu district.

Mr. Nyambe has since called on the people of Mongu district to work closely with his office to ensure their problems are addressed.

The Mayor said he was aware of all the challenges which people face regarding accessing quality services.

In his handover of power, former Mongu town Mayor Kusiyo Akayombokwa thanked the people of Mongu for working with him in delivering development in the area.

Mr. Akayombokwa has meanwhile implored the newly installed mayor to work hard and bring about a paradigm shift in the provision of services to the region.


  1. Mr Kaleo, people gave PF a chance to create jobs but for ten years this didn’t materialize. So here comes Upnd which made people believe it knew where the jobs were hidden and if elected these jobs would come out and be dished to our patient youths. Now you are asking for our patience? Go tell this to the vulture.

  2. That’s how it starts. Muli “be patient” mwaikala ndwi!!!! The low hanging fruits are there to tackle to make us expect with patient but there theris just NO.

  3. 5 years started the day the president go into the office, you promised a lot of things we need them now. You are in employment a salary is there come rain come sun,you come out with of your stomach food and start telling us to be patient, where on earth? Start now,2026 is not far start now delivering to Zambian people what you promised. You are paid fat salaries for doing nothing yet you think people are happy.

  4. The money this guy has used to raom the US with friends could have built a 1 x 3 class room in Shangombo and a market shelter in Mongu.

    With their social media team they have lots of pictures of schools and clinics in bad state they can simply refer to that and start working.
    Busy running up and down aimlessly.
    Start working.


  6. The onus is on the President and the UPND to deliver on their promises. When these promises were being made they were no time frames. There was even a particular one of kwacha appreciation. The party supporters will of course cry foul over any comment that seeks to hold their party to account, but it is this very apologetic attitude that has allowed the politicians to ride and step on our heads. If the promises had a time lag let the President himself and his inner circle defend their statements . They should not go mute and depend on surrogates to rise up. Yes some can take time but others are policy and already w see the same huge cabinet etc so when we talk we dont hate just want to keep the team in power on their toes knowing w hold them to their word for we invested in that word by…

  7. #4 tikki you are being unfair…. you want us to accept nonsense because we have lived with it for 57 years. So you want people to forget the reasons they voted for you based on what you promised. We shall meet at the ballot box. By the way as you continue mocking the people remember there will be byelections as we go.

  8. The iron of it is that those WHO are IMPATIENT are the disgruntled PF and those who DID NOT vote for UPND, who are making the most NOISE. Suddenly, they have turned into advocates of the people. The true UPND or those who voted for HH, do UNDERSTAND this is a process and requires time. Those disgruntled people still have the MENTALITY that government CREATES jobs -which is a failed model. A realistic, sustainable and functional model is where the government CREATES CONDUCIVE environment for SMALL businesses to thrive. HH has created that Ministry, and because it’s a new ministry, processes need to be created & employees hired & Respective budgets allocated, then we can see the unemployment numbers going down. You are being STUPID and Unrealistic to expect GRZ to create JOBS with a 13bil…

  9. The 2,8’s have no problem with the new deal government.
    The only people making noise are the 1.8’s.
    Just ignore them.

  10. #9 Have you interviewed the 2.8m
    Besides the 1.8m are not less Zambian than those who voted for HH. Your reasoning is discriminatory. Is your president ( I call him your president because he’s now a property of 2.8m) going to look only after those who voted for him.

  11. Meanwhile they’re employed getting hefty salaries and bonuses and they will start telling people to be patient…ok we know it was just politics and the messiah HH is busy kissing bazungu asssss left right and center…big sell out…and Africa doesn’t need President like HH

  12. We havent seen OR heard any of those 1.8 or those 2.8 calling for immediate jobs, besides a few of you who are shouting day-in-day-out. Unlike in Lungu`s era, people have freedom now, but nowhere have we registered mass disatisfaction to warranty this NOISE you keep making on LT. If there are by-election, it’s those people in that 2.8 who are going to cast their votes at minimal, and I think they are content and have a good understanding and they are patient, no reason for them NOT voting for this GRZ. A few DISGRUNTLED and UNKNOWLEGEABLE are making noise.
    Give this GRZ space. period.

  13. Oh @Saulosi
    The choice is go West with dignity and accountability
    Go East and lose our identity and accountability which we almost did

  14. @13 neither the east or the west is your mother. Develop on your own like these people did instead of displaying your begging bowl east then west. Oh try North.

  15. “….Develop on your own…”
    How do you suddenly DEVELOP YOUR OWN when you have 13 billion External KONGOLE and You OWE 20billion Kwacha internal suppliers and NO money to service your debts? A situation where 90% of your revenue is going to salaries & debt servicing? You need to balance that first by agreeing with your creditors so you can reduce or spread the debts to create some room for those developments you talk about.
    Do You know that the new KK terminal, if you stop paying the debt to China, they have the right to takeover it over themselves? Either way, your DA.MN PF did the damage, and HH is trying to do Damage control. GIVE HIM SPACE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS ! You tolerated PF for 10yrs, now you want UPND to dot in 1 month?

  16. @Moto,
    Its NOT even the 1.8s, its the 0.0001%.
    Misusing their newly acquired freedom of expression, and yet they don’t appreciate and credit HH for it.

  17. We been fvcking waiting for a lot of things. We are an impatient society. Been swindled by politician since fvcking 1991.
    Tell your kids to have patience. It jobs, free education and cheaper commodities he promised within a week or he too goes, now it’s weeks and this guy is already doing what we didn’t like about EL. What the fvck is he still doing here?
    This is fvcking BS.

  18. @Cosmic blackhole ,
    The only time by law he can get out is after 5years, it’s NOT after 4 weeks, iwe. Giving you a benefit of doubt, if he went out after 4 weeks, tell us who on current political scene, can fix this PF mess within 4 weeks? Sean Tembo, Nakacinda, Lubinda, Lusambo, Kambwili ??? Come on, none at the moment.
    Your only saviour is HH, there is no alternative…maybe in 5years…..so take time to identify that person while you let HH atleast fulfill his 5years, the same way you let PF rule with their corruption for 10 years.
    What is wrong with you people? Just common sense, you dont need a PHD.

  19. Ignore these lying PF bloggers here. They were fine with 10 years of PF incompetence, theft and destruction of the economy, but can’t stop complaining that UPND hasn’t miraculously fixed what they destroyed in a month. They are also too backwards to understand how things work. What HH is doing is part of a long process to build back the economy. Let them keep kicking their wounds with lies.

  20. #20 Sarah… nobody was happy with the PF ten years. This is the reason why even perceived hard core PF strongholds fell to the Upnd. People voted out of frustration hoping that you would keep your promises. If we have to wait for six years to get what you promised, then we might as well have stuck with the PF. Maybe they some light at the end of the tunnel.

  21. Deja Vu, be reasonable? What the hell do you think anyone can do in a month? Especially given the nadir Zambia is in.
    You are one of those constantly on here complaining about the no jobs in a week nonsense.

  22. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    @Deja Vu, stop being disingenuous and hypocritical. Where in the world would you expect campaign fulfillment from a new government in power within a month? Shouting loud, whingeing and whining like a kid crying out for ice cream just makes people lose respect for you even in the anonymity of the Internet. Be real and don’t let your bias dictate how you view and analyse issues. Please get real mate or I will start skipping reading your garbage like imposter Kaizar Zulu. Supposed or purported “intellectual” with access to the Internet shouldn’t be behaving like mercenaries and cadres in the village who have never entered a classroom. Criticize where criticism is warranted, not just spewing out unrealistic ‘vomits’ based on fantasy.

  23. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    Exactly @Sarah… the damage the PF did to Zambia will take decades to fix… the best HH can do is create an enabling environment and a foundation from which future generations can build upon. Remove nchekeleko mentality; remove corruption; strengthen independent govt institutions; remove laziness and bring about culture change; bring proper separation of powers of the 3 arms of govt; and create economic policies that attract local and foreign investments. The people who work and implement policies on the ground are the ones who bring change… politicians at central govt merely lay out strategy!

  24. flag Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee

    Having said that I feel like there are some ‘easy’ things that HH and UPND can start doing right away, mainly because these can start being moved by MPs, e.g. start moving motions in parliament to start abolishing the Public Order Act (POA); enact media freedom laws and access to information; get rid of that media board and start process of making public media truly independent; start introducing laws that decentralize governance so local governments can start be responsible for their own destiny; start the process that will reduce some of the powers concentrated in one person, the president; etc. You can start making good on laying the groundwork and conducive environment.
    Jobs and the economy; education, healthcare and poverty will take very long time to fix.

  25. What’s fvicking wrong with some niggaz?
    Fulfill your promises pela.
    This is fvcking serious.

  26. #22 Sara just go to radio Icengelo for the recording. Upnd assured the voters that within a week all these things will come to fruition. I’m not being unreasonable I am only stating what the party promised. You say non of this can be done in one month? So it was a lie to get our desperate children to vote for your party. No wonder they couldn’t give us the formula they were going to use each time they were asked. All they could during the interview was LOOK SAM I JUST TAKE MY CALCULATOR ENTER THE INFORMATION AND THE SOLUTION IS THERE. Of course I didn’t believe it just like the more money in the pocket nonsense.

  27. Looks like a lot of PF cadres miss the good living they had and are here saying ‘Rome was built in a day ,forgetting they were in power for more than 7 yrs chopping the economy to bits n pieces . Be patient n start running your mouths after a year.

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