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President Hichilema meets Congresswoman Bass

Headlines President Hichilema meets Congresswoman Bass

President Hakainde Hichilema Friday afternoon visited Capitol Hill and met with Congresswoman Karen Bass, who serves on the influential House Committee on Foreign Relations, where she is the Chair of the Subcommittee on Africa.

Congresswoman Bass congratulated President Hichilema on his election victory and applauded his efforts to; strengthen the rule of law, tackle corruption, and reduce unemployment.

Congresswoman Bass committed to efforts aimed at expanding Zambia’s contribution to global trade and investment, beyond Zambia’s existing revenue streams.

President Hichilema noted that his election victory was built on the principle of “service over self”, and emphasized the role that the youth and women of Zambia played, and continue to play, in delivering change to the country. 

The President said he hoped that Zambia and the United States shared commitment to democracy would result in improved access to jobs, healthcare, education, and social protection for all citizens.

President Hichilema also emphasized Zambia’s commitment to a green economy and singled out “investment in smart energy solutions for rural communities” as a key area for development cooperation. 

The President highlighted the need for efficient border management in Zambia to simplify the movement of goods and services, as well as people, in a bid to bolster trade and investment opportunities for citizens.


  1. What Congress Karen Bass, should advised President Hakainde Hichilema;
    Each of the U.S. states and the five major territories of the United States has a capital city. Not every capital is the cultural and economic center or the most populous city of its state, but every capital is the seat of state government. and ask him do you want to be come a state So you can contribute to the federal government then in return will help you .

  2. We have always had so called important meeting with developed country representative and leaders but there have no meaningful impact that as changed zambia ,i would rather you come home and sit down with zambians and plan how best to run this country to achieve it’s full potential

  3. Daniel Chisebwe – Are you serious ? Zambia is a small country compared to such countries that deploy that kind of system eg US and Nigeria…go and study the history of such countries before you propose such systems of governance.

  4. Knight – Networking is very important especially if you are connecting with influential congress men and women on such important committees. These people especially black congress men and women are connected to black American businesses that are worth billions of dollars who want to invest in Africa but do not know who to trust on the continent. Look at RSA and Ghana they have benefitted greatly from such investors and this is also in line with UPND manifesto you think he is going to create employment for the youth population by opening more ministries?

  5. When Lungu visited the stinking lumpen was just busy dununa reversing at the embassy with Zambian refugees in the US while swallowing gallons of skokiana kacasu! That charlatan was such a misfit of nature, Inonge Wina must be made to account for helping install that maggot into power!

  6. Let him meet all the US, UN, WB, IMF, or OCCULT officials. That leads to nothing.
    Solutions are back and within Zambia.

    Donation and More debt will not rebuild Zambia. The white niggaz spend time in charitable work, or charity movements; all charity only tends to perpetuate the wretchedness it aims to eradicate.
    Zambia doesn’t need the WB and its cousin; it needs inspiration and good leadership. Charity will only give Zambia a loaf of bread to keep it alive in its artificial wretchedness, or entertainment to make Zambians forget it’s mess for an hour or two; but inspiration and good leadership will cause it to rise out of its misery.

  7. @5.Knight, I totally agree but in addition, we need to penetratethose markets for us to grow. Otherwise we don’t have enough capital going round in our region except perhaps South Africa

  8. They called us UPND, when we where not, There calling us PF when we are not there are calling us tribalist when we are not.

    Remember we are Jerabos, young, old, educated, white, back, brown, rich, poor, not Homophobic and some Never finish grade 7 and subscribes to Determinism, some of them brought up by people who grew up pansaka.

    In Bemba say: Pakwakana ubunga tapabansoni.

    UPND administration first trip to United States of America was poorly organized.

    I write United States of America. intentionally.

  9. Tarino Orange, I appreciate your engagement in the issues affecting our country Zambia. UPND administration first trip to United States of America was poorly organized.

    “A governor by far is more powerful. Governors are chief executives of their state, while a congressman is merely one of 435 in a legislative body.”

  10. Congress has a lot of power in America’s separation of power system. Remember it’s Congress that defeated apartheid in South Africa by imposing sanctions.

  11. HH is a joking [email protected] His friends have made multi-billion trade deals and returned to their countries whilst he’s still galavanting in the US having useless meetings that will not benefit Zambians other than himself, his masters and his cronies

  12. Daniel chisebwe – They called me UPND when I detested LAZY LUNGU’s leadership, they now call me UPND cadre and during MMD they called me PF…I criticise UPND they are surprised …very soon they will forget and call me opposition…all I want is the best for my country.
    Yes, State House did a poor job for this trip if there was time to engage black business in the USA its now but HH was thinking of a lean entourage.

  13. Its notable the President has had fruitful meetings and networking Meeting Presidents and Joe Biden has been particularly been a successful and historical to both Zambia and the Us even when the ratings and others in Pew could be low but it’s a plus together So equally the meetings with IMF and world bank including the one with other supranational firms like the Millennium Challenge We will need to see a report on the deals consummated to facilitate trades and Investments with Zambia In future the President should utilize more of the Zambia’s Promotions Agency to be effectively so and achieve impactful results in the effective Cost benefit way
    We expect more of those US Zambia Business and…

  14. Its should though be noted and appreciated that about the role of Development financial Institutions There role is create an enabling environment and Financing as 1st movers to actualize start ups and commerce in Zambia Meetings and some Financing will be important but the key is to perform the Zambia economic sectors and the economy for long-term So issues of Trade and Investments to Zambia is what should be rated and measured in every engagement We need to see more of those US companies and firms moving shore to Zambia and that is encouraged and supported as its the sustainable way of formelting friendships DFIs

  15. We expect more of those US Zambia Business and trade meetings to move Global Value Chains from US to Zambia taking advantage of the search by US firms to move capital including FDIs It yet to be seen and heard what sought of deals and details are consummated but for future we would want to see a situation where the President will be more on Promotion of Trade and Investments to Zambia with clear Policy and Terms of engagement He needs to set the intent and not be seen to be on the receiving side He has so far scored fairly well on networking and less on Promotion of Trade and Investments between the US ,other partners to Zambia .In his meetings He has less emphasized Trade and Investments and has not…


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