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Mukula Scam unearthed in Chipili

Headlines Mukula Scam unearthed in Chipili

Minister of Community Development Doreen Mwamba has unearthed a scam where a cartel at the Ministry working with some PF officials regime have continued to harvest and export Mukula trees belonging to ZAPID farms.

ZAPID Farms are owned by the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities, a department under Ministry of Community Development charged with the responsibility to manage Mukula farms in Chipili district in Luapula Province.

During a fact finding mission conducted by the Mrs Mwamba on Saturday, 10 trucks laden with Mukula were discovered at ZAPID Farms while seven other trucks were found packed along the road near the farm.

This was pending forged documentation for Mukula logs to be transported under the pretext they are from Congo.

And the drivers found at the scene explained that they have been waiting for documentation from Congo packed along the road in the bush while the trucks at the ZAPID Farms awaited for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.

“For the past two months, the drivers have been waiting for a go ahead from owners of Mukula trees who are connected to the system,” they revealed.

And Mrs Mwamba expressed saddeness over the indiscriminate cutting down of Mukula trees at the farm.

“This is sad that only a few people from the PF Mukula cartel benefit while the farm remains undeveloped at the expense of the underprivileged. We were getting reports that they are illegal activities at the farm, so we came for a fact finding mission but what we have found here has shocked us, over 200 truck loads of Mukula have been taken from the farm by the past regime without any written approval from cabinet,” explains Mrs Mwamba with shock.

The Minister has since instructed truck drivers both at the site and on the road side in Chipili District not to make any movements until investigations from the relevant authorities are concluded.

Minister of Community Development Doreen Mwamba
Minister of Community Development Doreen Mwamba

Trucks at the ZAPID Farms awaiting for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.
Trucks at the ZAPID Farms awaiting for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.

Trucks at the ZAPID Farms awaiting for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.
Trucks at the ZAPID Farms awaiting for clearance from the Ministry of Lands.


  1. Ministry of Lands has ALWAYS been a hive of CORRUPTION, just like the Ministry of Health. And Zambian prisons are too small to hold all those involved with these scams

  2. We said ban even the transite of mukula through zambia……….

    It’s like you ban slavery in zambia but allow slaves to be transported through zambia..

    PF was criminal organisation, it is true that every GRZ department is a crime scene….

    Actively hunt out and sack PF top caders in GRZ , they are continuing criminality to fund the criminal organisation PF…….

  3. This was published by the Environmental Impact Assessment report, the ministry did not discover the illegal trading.
    Shall we see any arrests and prosecution from here? Impound all those tracks and question the drivers, the owners can easily be tracked.
    If they don’t come, forfeit the tracks to the state.

  4. When Biden states the truth about an outsted corrupt P.F regime, tu P.F Gumu -gumu opposition leaders & their exceedingly dull sycophant followers get instant neck erecti0ns & quickly rush to bashing their keyboards in delusional denial, blaming H H.
    IS THIS NOT THE CORRUPTION BIDEN WAS REFERRING TO & what led the people especially youths to say zwaa -zwaa to abena Jonathan Mutaware & his corrupt band of “merry f00lz??

  5. flag Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    The question for me is why no one is not yet in front of a judge answering to some of these crimes. Why no one is not yet in jail? What are our security agents doing? Why should it take a new minister to do this discovery. I know the top brass for these security agents have been fired and replaced but I’m not convinced those left behind are not colluding with these criminals. The brazen nature of the crime in broad daylight without any fear tells me HH has his work cut out.
    Fire the entire police; ACC and DEC and let them reapply for the job; hire the FBI and Scotland Yard to retrain them at Lilayi. This is unbelievable! What a country this is!

  6. The secret service is a problem. Where were they as this was happening? Or is it that they had no government to report to because their own political bosses were involved?

  7. We can not let the head of this country wide crime scene off scott free……..

    Lungu needs to have his impunity stripped…….

    Let him answer how he let all this looting go on…….

  8. Jean Kapata was very busy with campiagning that’s why these trucks were not cleared…we also need a lot of answers regarding Mukula trees, what off the contraband that was intercepted in Malaysia a a couple years ago, who shipped the unaccounted number of logs to China which the forestry dept didnt get any money. This govt has been too soft….and what is the Minister doing a fact finding when this is a crime she is just destroying evidence instead of referring matters to relevant authorities, This is why you can not arrest a girl with 30 bags in cash stashed in her house.

  9. ACC, DEC, Auditor General, and FIC – what have these been doing over the years? By now we should have all the evidence and getting some of these criminals in front of judges. The current leadership for these institutions need change. Zambian resources were been abused and still been abused and nothing is happening. Why?

  10. We have a problem. People want decent pensions from the same state whose resources are being stolen. It cannot possibly work out. The World Bank and IMF are also a problem because they do business with states that cannot stop public assets being stolen. It cannot possibly work.

  11. PF are no longer in office so how can their officials assist in this scam? Only s minister or PS can have such advantage. At the rate we are going, we will still accuse whatever crime committed in 2025 on PF. Just make thorough investigation otherwise the ” enemy within” will continue stealing under the guise of blaming the PF.

  12. UPND should hit the ground running. They need to show that they mean business about putting a stop to corruption in Zambia. This minister should’ve gone to this place accompanied by the ACC, DEC, and the police. Carry out some preliminary investigations, and initial arresting of some culprits. Take full charge of the crime scene. Trace who the trucks containing Mukula are registered to. If they have fake Congolese Number plates, that should be a serious crime in itself. Carry out a thorough investigation till you get to the bottom of it. Do not leave any stone unturned. No sacred cows. Once you establish who the top criminals are, put them before a judge. Have them convicted and then sent to prison for not less than 20 years. The trucks and the Mukula should be forfeited to the…

  13. … State. Anything less than that will only show that you’re not serious about ending corruption in Zambia. And that you’re no different from the defunct PF which the Zambian people just discarded into the dustbin of history. Come 2026, you’ll be out of office and out of jobs. So deliver your promises or be a one term party.

  14. I lived in Zambia for 40 years of my early life and I never knew this Mukula tree. I knew Mukwa and Mubanga as some of the naturally growing trees locally. These exotic trees were not even in abundance. It seems PF discovered a hell lot of Mukula which they have been exploiting with impunity. ! What else did these PFools discover? I hope there’re are no underground wells which they are hiding from us, which they wish to exploit in 2026 if accidentally given a chance!!! I also hope our country is not already a desert.

  15. The problems in Zambia are jobs mukula is something else to chew for those in power , but our greatest concern is what is practically affecting people it is the innocent employment amongst the youths , cadresim will not go away if these millions of young people remain in employed, where are you going to throw them, they want food to eat even your own youths they need something to do.
    Early August I was writing that youths get the empowerment funds funds from PF , you were refusing thinking jobs will just come like that, those who got empowered are now in business but you!


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