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Continued interrogation of source of campaign funds for PF is illegal and must immediately come to a stop


The Patriotic Front (PF) says it is deeply concerned with the overzealousness being exhibited by law enforcement agencies in the fight against corruption under the new dawn government.

PF Member of the Central Committee and Chairman for Information and Publicity Hon. Raphael Nakachinda says the country has in the recent past witnessed unprecedented activities in the fight against the so-called corruption by law enforcement agencies.

Speaking at a media briefing that was earlier scheduled to be addressed by party Vice President Hon. Given Lubinda, Hon. Nakachinda charged that the continued interrogation of party officials and Secretariat staff by law enforcement agencies over the source of campaign funds for the PF is illegal and the practice must immediately come to a stop.

“In the recent past we have had DEC summoned the Secretary-General, we had comrade Antonio Mwanza summoned by DEC, we had Mr. Mambepa equally summoned by DEC and consistently the questions were to do with the funding of the Patriotic Front,” Hon. Nakachinda explained.

He has since wondered which law DEC is using to question PF officials when there is no legal backing for these law enforcement agencies to ask the source of funding for the Patriotic Front.

Hon. Nakachinda who is also the immediate past Minister of Water Development and Sanitation has further noted with regret that the UPND government is now trying to use law enforcement agencies to question the source of funding for the PF when they were the ones who strongly objected to the political party’s bill which wanted to among other clauses compel political parties to disclose their source of funding.

“The UPND in opposition then shot down that Bill and the one that was in the forefront was the current Home Affairs Minister Hon. Jack Mwimbu who objected to the introduction of that Bill on the floor of the house and was saying that it is not necessary for political parties to disclose their source of income,” he added.

Hon. Nakachinda disclosed that the PF has since sued all the law enforcement agencies through the Attorney General to stop questioning the PF’s source of funding because it is illegal adding that the UPND is playing double standards when they equally have not been questioned over their source of funding.


  1. They are digging hard to find problems where there isn’t. They can’t believe that there is no evidence against any pf official because we did everything by the book. Now upnd realise they cannot use our persecution as a way to hoodwink voters from putting pressure on them for their ambitious r promises

  2. Just answer how did you manage to put ecl billboards on every street corner through out zambia,,, you accused your rivals of being sponsored by the anal community now its your turn to disclose or otherwise we can only conclude that you either illegally sold mukula or siphoned money from kcm and/ or dipped your dirty fingers into the treasury…

  3. Political parties are not obliged to disclose their source of funding but if the money trail leads to a particular political party’s coffers, then that party has a duty to explain. U cannot steal money and donate it to a political party and expect not to be asked by the police just because political parties don’t hv to disclose their source of funding. I hope Raphael Nakacinda doesn’t mean that.

  4. Now you know how to fight corruption. You were in power for many years, you had your chance, and now it is done by a government which actually MEANS to fight corruption, rather than DOING it. Bunch of hypocrites!

  5. Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    Drink your own medicine buddy!

  6. If PF or any other party has to reveal the source of their funding, Upnd should lead the way. Otherwise it shall be construed as persecution.

  7. PF had the keys to the Zambian treasury …

    That is where our intrest is………

    Voting against Bill 10 did not mean voting against looting and theft of tax payers money………

  8. In fact, I would have expected more of the interrogations happening than has occurred to date. If Nakacinda is crying for many interrogations, I am crying for VERY LITTLE done so far. We need to know who are responsible for burning the markets, we need to know where the money collected from marketeers was going, we need to know who did the gassing, etc.
    NOT HH, but the law enforcement are being too slow, unless they are also quilty, of harboring criminal activities done by the PFs. They have been given back their freedom to freely investigate without political interference, but that doesn’t mean they should be so SLOW in taking down the thugs and thieves.

  9. Incompetence at its best, if there is no law which compel Political parties to reveal source of funding, tell them you have no answer. Let them investigate and tell you, that you used stolen money. When we come to power you will know the owner of 48 Houses, Oh you shall know those behind gassing etc. If UPND used dirty funds for complains, what can come out of useless so called investigations. We are waiting.

  10. Mr Nakachinda is missing the point. PF was the Ruling Party in charge of Govt. There are suscipicions that PF stole Public Funds to finance their 2021 Elections Campaigns. PF should just demonstrate to the Enforcement Agencies that the Paty didn’t steal any Public Funds. Those who stole Public Funds will be held accountable. Those who are clean will not be prosecuted. The guilty are afraid.

  11. Nakachinda you cannot threaten Government and do not take your lucky too far. We have noted the tone of your mouth with regret – may we advise you that no one is above the law including your corrupt President Lungu.

  12. PF know they have been looting tax payers money with impunity……….

    KCM , mukula , market and bus stop revenue collections and corruption in contracts where a percentage goes to PF from caders given road contracts ……

    were all revenue streams for PF………

    ZAF choppers were being used to campaign for lungu , check the flight logs……..

  13. Zambian resources belong to Zambian people and everything must be done to recover all assets. Anyone who served in public office and their income abnormally increased during their time in service must answer and declare how they increased their wealth. Nakacinda!!! It is a must not voluntary. Talk all you want but Zambians need answers how PF thugs looted the country dry. In other countries there is no investigation if you cannot explain your source of income you must have engaged in illegal activities and jail time if possible. These individuals did not pay tax, they have dodged the banking system among other things. There is no way poor people cannot afford the basics while others spend 1 million zmk like it’s pocket money. All that serve in public office are answerable period. This is…

  14. I wish the government can also extend the same exhibition towards mining firms…We don’t know how much gold, cobalt is taken outside the country..
    Please why just chase K15 chase K 2500 also.

  15. #OJ Simpson, while it is good for our great nation to change political parties in Govt. We yearn for level headdedness in dealing with issues. There is a law that requires heads of state to declare their networthy. But there is No law that requires political pares to disclose their source of funding. We would like the new Govt to succeed for the sake of all Zambians but if we behave as though we are following a cult the results are a forgone conclusion. We need people that are going to think not to act as though you belong to the dinasourous club.

  16. While HH shot down most of what would have helped him now that he is a head of state, it is unfortunate that he will have to taste his own medicine. He shanbed almost all national events whilst in opposition. He short down some progressive bills so now we see where he will start from. HH must come out of the opposition mode of blame game and get his overalls to do the job. He needs to be reminded that he is in Govt.

  17. We don’t need to know a political party’s source of funding but we need to know if it is from proceeds of crime or state funds then that is theft.

  18. The biggest problem we now have in Zambia is the head of state you can already see that he is a soft touch for the western world they have seen something stupid to manipulate and squeeze out some gold at the earliest stage.
    Tony Blair has now resurrected from the dead he knows there is someone who cannot see the danger and hide, our president is so exposed to all that kills our enemies in Africa .
    This must be the worry for every Zambian citizen we are in a big trouble .

  19. For six years plus PF did what it wanted, putting innocent citizens in jail (think HH) now the tables have turned, and suddenly they don’t like it to be investigated! Greedy thieving hypocrites! Nakachinda….. NAKANOTHING…… Hahaha Kikikiki hehehe hohoho……..


  21. Don’t panic… Just allow the law enforcement Investigation wing to do their work. they will clear PF, if PF did not use public funds during campaigning.

  22. I quote Simon Mwewa “A Criminal Organization”. That is what PF became and that is what it is. The party is tainted, it cannot recover.

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