Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Zamtel’s new retain model won’t cause job losses-Kabwe


Zamtel has clarified that the new retail model the company is implementing will not cause any job losses.

Zamtel Corporate Communications Manager Changwe Kabwe said the new retail model is aimed at extending its footprint to all corners of Zambia.

Mr Kabwe said the new model will also help reduce the cost of running the retail chain and create jobs through entrepreneurship.

“We wish to respond to speculations on social media regarding our new retail model. It should be stated that the Board has not approved any outsourcing of retail services. Equally, Management and the Union have not agreed to any outsourcing of retail services,” Mr Kabwe said.

“As a forward looking and indigenous Zambian Company, we are partnering with enterprising Zambians across the Country to support the running of new Zamtel branded franchise shops in their localities,” he said.

“This industry best practice is already helping to revamp the distribution channels, ensuring availability of Zamtel products and services even in hard-to-reach areas and will not result in any redundancies.”

Mr Kabwe emphasized that as the company implements the programme at scale, there will be no redundancies that will be occasioned.

“Using our new franchise model, we are targeting to open 250 brick and mortar Service Centers which will create 1,500 direct and indirect jobs during the construction phase, after which 500 direct sales jobs will be created,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said with the massive investments in network infrastructure over the recent years, it became prudent that a well proven and cost-effective retail model was adopted to ensure long-term sustainability, improve efficiency, and encourage local participation in the value chain.

“All Zamtel employees remain focused on delivering on the strategic vision of the Business of becoming the leading provider of digital solutions and services that will power the 4th Industrial Revolution in Zambia and Beyond,” he said.

“We will continue engaging with all relevant stakeholders in order to realign their expectations to the overall objectives of the Business as we implement the retail expansion programme.”


  1. Please fire these directors and CEO they can not implement any new model when they have failed to make profit in the last 10 years.

  2. @tikki, just concentrate on changing dippers for the aged in the old age homes. Stop commenting on matters you have very little knowledge. Zamtel has been doing very well and for us that work hard for mother Zambia in Zambia are not complaining and being bitter.

  3. ZAMTEL, this is when you are working up from your slumber. Other mobile phones service providers have been doing this already. Its not anything new. It is not even worth trying to announcement the way you are doing it. Typical of state-owned enterprises, too slow to adapt to change.

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