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Government will not threaten closure, take over in the running of any company managed by investors-Mweetwa


SOUTHERN Province Minister Cornelius Mweetwa says Government will create good working and business environment to promote worker and investor friendly policies in the County.

Mr.Mweetwa said Government will not threaten closure, take over and bring in politics in the running of any company managed by investors.

He said Government will not be heavy handed on the investor but ensure that laws governing any form of investment in the Country are reinforced.

The Minister was speaking yesterday when he addressed Maamba Collieris Limited (MCL)management and staff at the mine over conditions of service which were reported not be good by the employees.

“As you may be aware,the new down Government is a Government of the rule of law and therefore investors must abide by the laws and regulations of investment of the land”,he said.

Mr.Mweetwa also addressed employees of a contracted company under MCL who were found protesting against their management over poor conditions of service including megre salaries and lack of provision of safety measures in their working environment.

He said that Government was aware of the higher levels of casulization where workers were subjected to working over six months on the basis of casual.
Mr.Mweetwa warned that the practice was against the laws of the land and Government will not tolerate the practice.

“Casulization is against the law which applies to all citizens and entities so there must be limitation on how long one can be casual worker”,he said.

He called on the contractors to ensure that once the economic recovery of the Country is achieved as indicated by President Hakainde Hichilema,there must be a reflection of improved conditions of service for the workers.

Mr.Mweetwa promised that Government will engage investors and contractors on how best a conducive working and business environment could be achieved to ensure that a win win situation is achieved for Government, worker and employee.

He said that industrial harmony was key to the economic reconstruction of the Country.


  1. UPND almost everyone can speak on behalf of the Government and contradicting themselves…and watch someone else will issue a statement exactly the opposite of what Mweetwa is saying….welcome to UPND world…clueless and soon Zambians will miss Lungu…..USA Government is about to default on its debt by October 18th…..we voted for Biden and it turns out it was a huge mistake

  2. I always wonder who is the government’s spokesperson as well as presidential and party.As those appointed bacifwanikiso fye, mwebantu.

  3. Of course, Bally is the blue-eyed boy of Western capitalists who cannot dare his masters. We do not have to be told what we already know. Bally cannot be in the same league as Kwame Nkurumah or Kenneth Kaunda who despised neo-colonialism.

  4. What happened to Larry Mweetwa…has he been given any position in HH’s government….UPND WILL BE A ONE TERM PARTY….and the majority of Zambians are already shaking their heads….just like here in the USA…Joe Biden has damaged the US economy big time….we miss Trump and Zambians will soon miss Lungu and Kaizar Zulu

  5. Cornelius why dont you go to State House and ask for Minister of Information job? The only statements you should be making should be about Southern Province

  6. Are you giving an open ticket to foreign companies to do whatever they want? The PF may have been bad in many areas but the intervention in the KCM and Mopani were necessary and without it we could have been in worse problems.

  7. The only problem with bitterness is that, the more you talk, the more it hurts you back. Busy campaigning for Lungu who will never come back to power. It is like searching for a NEEDLE in the ocean. Mweetwa’s statement is not misplaced, that man is southern province minister and he was addressing southerners. all ministers have one agenda, To implement government policies. if he committed a crime by issuing that statement, you can simply report him for a possible arrest.

  8. Saulosi – Why do you care about him? It seems no one can not win with you if someone is given a job its a problem if they focus on their own job its a problem.

  9. @ Saulos,
    Stop alarming Zambians with big lies. The Risk of the USA defaulting is VERY LOW. Why haven’t YOU provided details behind the “October 18th “. It means that Congress by that date should approve raising the debt limit -the maximum amount the U.S. is permitted to borrow to pay its debts.
    So, if it’s congress, then you will understand it’s a political decision, which Biden needs to fight and get vote from the Republicans. The impact of defulting is huge and I don’t think Republicans will allow that either. ITS NOT the first time, the USA finds itself in such a situation. Your Trump had the same situation, Obama had the same challenges, .. the list goes on. Stop giving the Impression that it’s due to Biden.

  10. @6 – Tarino Orange,
    “The Minister was speaking yesterday when he addressed Maamba Collieris Limited (MCL)management”
    Mweetwa is speaking to his province, there is nothing wrong, and no need to ask for an Information Ministry. He is the Information Minister in his province.

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