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Government has decided to lift the restrictions for the next one month


Following the reduced transmission of COVID-19 in Zambia, Government has decided to lift the restrictions for the next one month starting today 2nd October 2021.

The COVID-19 situation will continue to be monitored to inform appropriate decision-making even before the end of the month.

The new guidance on the various restrictions which have been in place is as follows;

  1. Churches and other places of worship: Worship services are to be conducted normally, subject to observing the five golden rules. Religious leaders are urged to disseminate public health messages to congregants, including encouraging congregants to get vaccinated;
  2. Markets and trading places – To operate normally while ensuring adherence to public health guidelines. All traders and customers are urged to observe the five golden rules and regular disinfection of premises.
  3. Public places and transport – Transport operators must ensure the masking up of all passengers is always observed and that conveyances are thoroughly disinfected and sanitized regularly.
  4. Public events of a social nature to be held while observing the five golden rules. Masking and physical distancing should always be adhered to.
  5. Workplaces – Employers should ensure that employees return to normal working arrangements with strict adherence to 5 golden rules.
  6. Physical conferences, workshops, and general meetings – We encourage the holding of virtual meetings. Where physical meetings are necessary, facilitators must ensure that the meetings are held in compliance with five golden rules and adequate meeting space is provided to allow physical distancing.
  7. Bars, taverns, casinos, restaurants, night clubs will operate normally and strictly observe the five golden rules including regular disinfection of premises;

The Government said that as stated above, the situation will continue to be monitored closely with appropriate action taken and emphasised continued adherence to the prescribed COVID-19 public health measures including the five golden rules as well as cleaning and disinfection of public premises.


  1. Oh, were there any special rules? Never noticed. The last time I saw somebody wearing a mask in public transport was in 2019

  2. Has Masebo been living in Zambia or what?
    I thought the UPND told Zambians this was there to distrust them from campaigning and they went ahead attracting huge crowds of people whom they never even for day advised to distance.

  3. Don’t drop your guard. Covid19 doesn’t get orders from government or anyone for that matter. Stick to the rules.

  4. We need to study our genetics as well so that in the future we do not rush blindly into things that may require different measures from others of predisposed conditions in their groupings… Ma Zambian have largely been spared. Nikuti largely namwe!!! Largely!!!!

  5. Jigga Kayama Simangulungwa (formerly Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Honeybee)

    What is the ‘5 golden rules’?
    #1 Churches and other places of worship don’t need to be reopened, they are huge super-spreaders and they don’t drive the economy. Let churches hold virtual sermons and/or rely on small cells in the community.
    #7 too don’t need to be reopened as they are equally super spreaders… although they drive the economy somehow. Let people buy take away alcohol and drink in their own homes; or even better let the people be sober and focus on work.

  6. If you have not lost a loved one, relative or friend, you can go ahead and make fun. Just because some people failed to observe the Covid regulations does not mean the rules were non existent. If Zambians relax and pretend to be immune to the Corona Virus, they must prepare for the worst possible outcome in the next wave.
    If you are wise, get vaccinated now because the next wave will be catastrophic.

  7. This is what the so called “new dawn government” has to offer….recipe for disaster
    What happened to “METHODICAL” and “TRANSPARENT”
    -6,000 tests per day amounts to gross under testing for a population of 20 million people.
    -Only 3% of the population have been vaccinated.
    Please don’t play with peoples lives

  8. @ Independent.

    I cannot agree with you more. Vaccination of 3% is too little to lift restrictions. There should be ways of encouraging people to get vaccinated like allowing those with VAX certificates to have physical classes in unis and colleges or watch football matches from stadia. Those not vaccinated should continue with not-so-cheap online classes and watch football matches from TV, It is important to look at more practical ways of having more people get vaccinated.

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