Thursday, June 13, 2024

President HH Lies on Gay Rights: Is this Lubinda’s and PF’s Ticket to Plot 1?


By Kapya Kaoma

President Hakainde Hichilema is slowly morphing into Donald Trump–one can hardly keep up with his lies. The statement that he never discussed the rights of “gays and lesbians” during his tour of the U.S. is another big lie–the Biden administration global foreign policy is unequivocally linked to the protection of gay rights. Didn’t the Zambian Embassy lie that Joe Biden canceled his meeting with President HH because of gay rights? Is Vice President Harris so foolish to ignore the diplomatic row between Zambia and the U.S. that led to the firing of ambassador Daniel Foote by the Trump administration? Besides, during her July 2014 visit to Zambia, Dr. Jill Biden, now the US. First Lady, personally lobbied for the release of the Kapiri-Mposhi gay couple. So how could the U.S. Vice President fail to raise the issue? Only victims of ballyvirus can believe the shameful lie. But for the PF to weaponize gay rights is like campaigning for 2011. If the PF wants to retain power in 2026, campaigning around gay rights will only distract from President Hichilema’s false economic promises, which are his biggest vulnerabilities.

It is unbelievable that of all the issues that welcomed President Hakainde Hichilema’s tour of the United States, the PF gifted him with the apolitical gay rights. Such a strategy was utter lunacy though not surprising. The PF ship is captainless and the once mighty Titanic is slowly sinking. I don’t know who is advising the PF, but the lack of political strategy suggests that it’s headed to the political museum of Zambian politics. It should look for new leadership beyond the current outdated and overspent empty tins–the current leadership will only kill the Party.

The PF just blew up its first major opportunity to test HH’s leadership following the debates on school fees in Parliament. Had it successfully organized peaceful demonstrations and boycotts of payments of school fees in its strongholds, for example, it would have kept its cadres politically engaged. In addition, this would have been the first wake up call to HH and an invitation to respect the PF if HH was to drive his agenda. Instead, it chose the inept route of gay rights–the lost cause in the August 12 elections. HH loves each day the PF spends talking about homosexuality–it distracts from his false promises! He knows his followers don’t care and will believe his lies. But one thing they cannot ignore is the belly–so talk about wallet issues–the economy!

Sadly, the PF seems lost in politics of 2011–homosexuality is no longer contested as a political issue. Many young people are not as invested in this issue as the current PF leadership. In 2021, the President didn’t promise to create “homosexuality jobs” for all graduates in Zambia, deploy all teachers and nurses in homosexuality schools and hospitals, reduce the cost of ubunga to 50 gay rights and fertilizer 250 homosexuality Kwacha. What makes Lubinda and the PF to think homosexuality would end his presidency? Gays don’t harm anyone, but poverty and unemployment do. Talking about homosexuality in 2021 as the way to reorganize the party is simply fatuous.

Democratic politics is about messaging and strategy. The PF lost the elections because it focused on matters that didn’t matter to young Zambians. Among the issues that matter to younger voters, homosexuality is likely not on the list. That’s why political strategists study exit polls–they tell politicians how people feel about issues. As for PF, Given Lubinda has started singing anti-gay rights hymns, as if a Cardinal. Go ahead, sinless Soul; thy holy heart gay rights offend. Add homosexuality! Then the Christian nation chorus. End with the declaration–but all these sacred PF treasured oracles to Bally worshipers profane. Didn’t Dora and Banda try it on Sata? Sata won. Didn’t Lungu, GBM, Kambwili, Rev. Sumaili and Prof. Luo tried it on HH? He won too! And when Bally and victims of his ballyvirus listened to Joe Biden, they smiled as he insulted our beautiful and admired democratic nation to dictatorial Sudan and civil war-infected Ethiopia. His demand for defending gay rights as human rights across the globe, just yesterday HH and his worshipers claim they never heard or talked about. Regardless, HH can endorse gay rights, and his followers will still support him.

It is time the PF cadres understood that the HH regime position on gay rights won’t be as overt as the Lungu administration. In fact, it would be more of words, but no arrests policy. The Book of Revelation 3:15-16 explains this policy better than I, “…neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” This is President HH’s “chameleon” gay policy. To donors, we respect gay rights, to Zambians, the Constitution is clear, we are a Christian Nation. But this attitude has implications on the credibility of the president to the outside world.

The PF must find a working strategy–politics has no permanent enemies, but common interests. HH wants to build his name as the respecter of human rights to European and US donors, so why shouldn’t the PF gain political capital by partnering with human rights groups and push President HH to honor gay rights as Biden said in that speech? This approach would fix Bally both locally and internationally. But it would also expose him to his worshipers.

If anything, President Hichilema is in the better position to champion this cause–he is still popular and he has 5 years before the next election. The African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights has already passed a resolution asking African nations to decriminalize homosexuality. Our neighbors Angola, Botswana, and Mozambique joined South Africa in decriminalizing homosexuality. Namibia is in the process of doing so. The World Council of Churches has already acknowledged and affirmed the human rights of homosexual persons. President HH does not need Parliament to decriminalize homosexuality–litigation as was the case in Botswana, could be another avenue. Should his administration refuse to appeal the court ruling, he could become the first Zambian President to accord all Zambians rights to live freely without discrimination. With 5 years to make his case, his legacy could be that of Nelson Mandela. This could be bad news to the PF if it hopes to regain Plot 1. Don’t ask for more than you’re able to swallow!

The good news is the PF can easily reclaim this legacy by thinking ahead of HH–advocate human rights for all Zambians. Opposition to gay rights is nothing but political baloney! People don’t eat homosexuality at all! Let all Zambians live peacefully–arrest corruption and poverty, not innocent persons whose crime is to born gay! Enough of this fatuity!


  1. Kapya Kaoma is a PF mole with sour grapes.Endless articles stretching and bending the truth to suit his twisted worldview.

  2. Kapya kaoma
    Even expedia clearly shows that you are a gay addivoate…. Whats your point man?///
    You seem to think lusaka times will give you firm , by posting stupid short sighted rebuttals to HH … if you sre smart enough… u should have realized that, HH has raised the political game…. So stupid dull people like you will never have a chance …. Please Kapya, get a real job….. … and bain some icome ns

  3. This Country has many serious issues to take care of Forget Gay rights its just an opposition agenda
    cause they wandering in the wilderness
    Lubinda to plot 1 and pf to rule again
    Jesus will show himself before that happens

  4. The Author wants gay rights legalized in Zambia, and wants PF to help his fight,PF is on record denouncing what the writer is asking. Go fight your battles than asking people to fight for you on the causes they don’t believe in.

  5. This continued focus on the homophobic agenda makes Zambia a very unattractive country to visit. This homophobic ranting goes around and surely will stop any international tourism interest. And not only from the LGBTQ community. Grow up guys! Nobody asks you to marry someone of the same sex as yourself.

  6. You rarely stand with HH, but you’ve really waffled on this one because Given Lubinda hit your nerve centre as this is your area being a pro LGBTQ+ activist. By implication you suggest that Zambia’s neighbours who have decrimilised homosexuality are a step ahead. HH clearely stated the issue was not part of the agenda on his UN General Council visit. As for PF they will not rise again in the current form not even rebranding will help, it is like trying to repair a badly smashed car. PF should listen to their very own Hon. MP Anthony Mumba for a new perspective, otherwise they are finished, “Finito”

  7. Homosexuality is not a political issue in Zambia. HH has his plate full and he’s not looking for issues to deal with. Homosexuals don’t need HH’s permission to do what they do.

  8. Let’s look at sex beyond pleasures and see why God gave us this opportunity as reproductive package.

    It’s a reason why we are seeing many strange things happening onto our lives. Natural disasters after another.

    If people are not willing to accept your agenda leave them. As much as we poor but we cannot accept those gay rights.

    Kapya Kaoma, spare us talk about bringing the investors to the country but if they are gay investors sorry my brother, we shall remain with the way we are.

    Zambia Forward!

  9. I think the Bible should be banned in Zambia because it talks about homosexuality and prostitution. It talks about an eye for an eye. It also talks about genocide against people who do not follow the teachings. Let us go back to our ancestoral worship of mountains, rivers and trees.

  10. Read the first line , same rubbish ……

    No bearing what so ever on current state of play ………….

    So far fetched from reality , you realise this writer must have had a direct input to the PF garbage FB page during elections

  11. What nonsense!
    If Biden cancelled the meeting with HH because of the anti – gay stance HH’s government has taken how can you sat HH supports gay rights?

    Short circuit in the head
    Loose nuts also

  12. The writer’s argument is self – defeating.
    PF cadres need to start healing and move on.
    HH Alipampando aleteka

  13. Talk is cheap and anyone can accused anyone else of anything. I can, for example, accused of the writer of being gsy himself. That, however, does not make him gay.

    Accusing HH of promoting gay rights does not make him do so. Let’s wait and see if he will amend the Constitution to allow gay rights.

    For now whatever anyone says can also be said about them.
    He can even meet with supporters of gay rights – maybe to inform them of Zambia’s stance on the matter and advise them of Zambia’s culture but that does not make him a supporter of gay rights.
    If he is we will see him putting in place laws and policies to effect what he supports

  14. @Makaveli
    You are very dull.
    Under the Zambian law , if you and your heterosexual partner(wife, husband,girlfriend, boyfriend) performs oral .s.e.x., its deemed to be against the order of nature.
    Both of you will be convicted and sent to prison for 15 years.
    Please , never talk about things you don’t understand.

  15. The constitution is NOT for leaders; it is for the fabric and culture of its people. At the moment, the Zambian culture has no appetite for explicitly supporting gay rights, ba Kapya. It is not for HH or whomever sits in State House to dictate what the Zambians should observe. Let that evolve if it has to. For now, the answer to gay rights is still a NO from the Zambian people. And I hope we will also explicitly state that we need a referendum before such fundamental changes are made to our constitution. Enough said. Awe mwe.

  16. @22 Independent – agree !
    “.S.E.X AGAINST ORDER OF NATURE” and includes .Oral or even WHEN HETEROSEXUAL COUPLE, DO .ANAL Penetration that is deemed to be against the order of nature.

    NOW, HOW MANY OF YOU PRACTISE .ORAL or .ANAL .S.E.X in your bedrooms? As per constitution you should be locked up. Now many of the young generation is practising the two, do you think they will be interested in discussing the Gay rights sh!T ? Of course not. So put this topic to bed, and let HH ateke in peace, without the noise.

  17. Cont’d
    The more PF talk about this topic, and as soon as the young generation realize, the gap in the Constitution, the more they will advocate for loosening the gay rights, if that happens don not blame HH for it.

  18. Firstly, PF should not listen to UPND kapya.
    Do not play to the gallery.
    Kapya’s scripts takes the stance of The dysfunct Post News Paper editorial articles. Any political party that would want to take advice to articles like Kapya’s agenda risk making him a copy of Mmembe and confused.
    My advise to PF is remain focused and elect a leadership that speaks to the people’s needs and rebranding. The moment you sow division, you’re gone

  19. Secondly, we all know that h² is a pathological liar.
    He who overindulges in promises usually achieves a little.
    When Zambians begin to see h² for he he is, they will not need Kapya’s advise to look elsewhere, h² himself will facilitate for this. This is when the spirit to dismantle PF will be multiplied to dangerous levels. You got to get me right h² already has the desire to undo PF. Then the fun will start. Watch out PF!

  20. PF and Lubinda seem to talk about this topic heavily. They say when talk about something too much you might be that something. Maybe Lubinda has changed. This was never a topic and should not be a topic when their serious things to discuss. This also goes to show you how useless Lubinda and PF were and still are. We expected them to provide constructive criticism not useless things one after the other. Please explain to Zambians why the country was looted to the core rather than spend time on useless things like gay rights.

  21. Some authors are thick as porridge they just churn out rubbish…LT don’t cheapen your website with these articles from this chap

  22. Choneka kuti Kapya Kaoma chimubaba we.
    Ali na chikonko pa mukosi. Aoneka answer your Election Equation yamukanga kupeza.

    August 12 + UPND 2.8 M – PF 1.8 M = UPND + 5+ years – PF
    Where PF = 0

  23. Chioneka 12 August ikali ibababa ba PF so nikuchita oppose vilivonse.
    Bali na chikonko pa mukosi. Baoneka answer ya Election Equation yabakanga kupeza.

    August 12 + UPND 2.8 M – PF 1.8 M = UPND + 5+ years – PF
    Where PF = 0

  24. Thorn in the Flesh sounds more like THORN INSTEAD OF A BRAIN
    Deliberately suffering selective amnesia by which he or she fails to remember the pathological liars that promised “More Money in Your Pockets ”
    He deliberately forgets the untold manifold corruption. He also deliberately forgets the gassing and other murdering of innocent citizens.

    Zambians rejected and discarded the carcass of a party together with its failed policies and cadres some of whom post nonsense on this forum.
    Thorn in the brain things because PF went flat-out destroying other parties UPND will do the same.
    This is a New Dawn baba.

    The only fun that will start is the rotting of the Carcass Party.

  25. It is Lusaka Times which is anti HH. There were many instances of negative behavior by Mr Lungu that LT never covered. Today, LT wants to quickly publish even remote negativity on the HH Presidency. It is possible shall we not think that some editors at LT could be bitter that Lungu lost power? Their persistent coverage of Mr Kaoma suggests so.

  26. Adultery destroys lives, ruins families, distresses children and is theft but no one cares about it. Meanwhile, people are flustered, enraged about an issue that is between consenting adults in their own private lives. Could it be because some of us are afraid that we may turn out to be what we fear and deplore in others? A Christian country is not a Theocracy. We are not ruled by men and women who hear directly from God. Theocracy was Israel before they asked for a king. There is no Theocracy in the world any more. So, let us not point at specks in other people when we have logs and skeletons in the cupboards.

  27. A bit repetitive of the same thing. The message Mr Kaoma is attempting to convey, could have been achieved within a few paragraphs. As it is, it’s too
    convoluted; becoming conflicted in the process. It has no punch.

  28. mwalinya pf yaliya and it wii never resurrect. we know you are still very annoyed and disappolnted to discover that the source of your income, pf and particularly ………….had lost the election . i equally sympathize with you because you were very optimistic tha upnd was going to lose the elections and thats why you could sing and dance madly the ‘ ALEBWELELAPO PAMUPANDO. BUT SORRY YOU LOST SHAMEFULLY . SO, EVEN IF YOU WRITE 1000 FALSE ARTICLES . THE SITUATION WILLNEVER CHANGE AND BARRY HAS PROVED TO BE A GREAT LEADER AND INTERNATI8NAL MATERIAL TO BE PROUD OF. SO KAPAYA ACCEPT MY CONDOLENCES

  29. It’s only PF *****s like you who still think Zambians can elect Lubinda to plot one, after the looting the pf did & the brutality they came with…

  30. “Some authors are thick as porridge they just churn out rubbish” -Tarino Orange .

    Me too i’m tired of the garbage writeups that come from Kapya Kaoma and chi KZ .

  31. The skeleton of PF is still throwing spanners not knowing that the PF regime will never rise again n will remain in opposition longer than UNIP.

  32. Kapya Kaoma whether you call yourself a man of God, you are an atheist. Please, do not question or take the commandments of Jehovah God in the name of rhetorical write-ups, for granted. As for you pro UPND and pro PF supporters, as long as man has the ability to think for themselves in selecting leaders, anything is possible. The Kenyans under Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, ruled and where defeated and yet came back with his son being president. If it can happen to Kenya and the US, UK, etc that keeps changing current and former parties in leadership, don’t underestimate the will of the people. Comparing UNIP and MMD to the PF, will be a very big mistake to the UPND because despite the negativity in corruption, cadreism and other bad vices they did, well they have helped develop Zambia whether we…

  33. it or not. It’s my sincere hope that we continue embracing the One Zambia One Nation motto even amidst our different political ideologies, for the good of mother Zambia because the country doesn’t belong to politicians only but the entire majority of ordinary Zambians. Lets be very mindful of embracing ungodly practices however imperfect we may be as human beings created in God’s image.

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