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Sean Tembo advises UPND not to dissolve parastatals boards if they are not ready to appoint new ones


Economic Progress (PeP)President Sean Tembo has said that President Hakainde Hichilema and his United Party for National Development (UPND) administration should stop dissolving boards of parastatals if they are not ready to appoint their replacements.

Mr Tembo said that his party is deeply concerned with the pattern being exhibited by the UPND administration whereby they dissolve boards of parastatal organizations without replacing them, thereby creating a vacuum for these institutions, adding that, by law, in order for any parastatal body to function it needs to have a Board of Directors in place.

Mr Tembo said, therefore, whenever Government in its capacity as sole shareholder for these parastatal bodies, decides to dissolve a board, they should be ready to immediately appoint a new board.

In a statement, he said If the UPND administration does not have anyone in mind to appoint to boards, then they should allow the old boards to continue operating and only dissolve them at such a time that they have identified people to appoint to a new board.

Mr Tembo said”Otherwise parastatals whose boards have been dissolved but not replaced are currently at a standstill and this is adversely affecting the economy.

“The UPND Administration should be cognizant of the fact that Government and its parastatals are the biggest player in our economy.

Therefore anything that puts the operations of parastatal bodies at a standstill will inevitably affect the entire economy,” he said.

As Patriots for Economic Progress, Mr Tembo said, we would also like to take this opportunity to advise the UPND administration to consider retaining some of the old members of parastatal boards when the time comes to appoint new boards. This will ensure the retention of institutional memory and will likely make the boards more effective by combining the old with the new.


  1. The only thing hh is competent at is talking like a woman or fayking his accent like a whlte man and firing people. When it comes replacing people he fired he fails because they are all useless in upnd.

  2. Henry us who worked with him when we attempted an alliance with pf prior to 2011, known what he is like . He is very arrogant and thinks only he is ever right.

  3. Most of those boards are made up of corrupt useless PF caders ……..

    Earning allowances for nothing…….

    Sack them………

  4. These useless boards were just sitting warming chairs and enjoying the luxury that their offices provide…most of these parastatals are loss making organisations and therefore they should be privatised…

  5. What boards? A group of incompetent cadres put up by the PF can be called a board. Does Sean Zero know why people kicked out the PF

  6. “Mr Tembo said”Otherwise parastatals whose boards have been dissolved but not replaced are currently at a standstill and this is adversely affecting the economy………”

    Tell us which parastatal is affecting the economy now and before the useless PF morons you call board members were in place.

    Did this F.OOL know that KCM was dumping waste in the Kafue river while ZCCM-IH board members were being paid huge board fees?
    Don’t expose your ignorance in publice

    Ati we as Pep…. who is the we when you got zero votes

  7. I followed, but the moment this flashpoint occurred, I stopped reading: “Mr. Tembo said”Otherwise parastatals whose boards have been dissolved but not replaced are currently at a standstill ”

    No facts, which parastatals are currently at a standstill ????

    I don’t think even the 1,813 people who voted for him in 2021, agree to his views, so he should be saying this from his personal viewpoint and NOT magnifying his ka Party PeP.

  8. Let UPND work, we voted for UPND to work for us, not for people we did not give the mandate to start dictating to UPND on what to do NO NO NO

  9. UPND should work according to their plans not according to what Sean Tembo wants please. Remember Sean Tembo is a smart guy but immediately he unreasonably started pushing UPND a week after HHs inauguration for free education then we immediately detected malice. He was not even as malicious to the PF people who beat him up in Cairo road meters away from the Central Police and are not arrested up to now

  10. OMG Sean Tembo together with KZ in one item….. Both have STILL not recovered from the election loss. See you in five years guys, nobody is listening to you anylonger. Hahaha Kikikiki hehehe hohoho!

  11. I have been saying this chap’s articles are not worth anything first of all, who would even take any advise from him, he is just a maligner period. The boards, like someone already mentioned, they never run day to day activities, lies

  12. @Kaizer Zulu
    Be careful what you say.

    If those in UPND are useless I wonder how those in PF are for them to lose to useless people.

    Those in PF are worse than useless?

  13. Chioneka 12 August ikali ibababa ba PF so nikuchita oppose vilivonse.
    Bali na chikonko pa mukosi. Baoneka answer ya Election Equation yabakanga kupeza.

    August 12 + UPND [ 2.8 M] – PF [1.8 M] = UPND [5 years+] – PF

    Where PF = 0

  14. Which boards are affecting the economy? As far as am concerned, all those boards are made of PF cadres who don’t even report for duty, and u here saying replace , replace – replace who? Cos there is no one going to work from those boards , let alone qualified. On top of that, they were all jst milking these parastatals .

  15. Tembo don’t have better things to do in life. Seems like you are lost. Having no board is better than a toxic board that consumes public resources. If Tembo wants to keep majority of these PF thugs in board positions let him hire them in his own company from Botswana. He can enjoy their madness.

  16. Fellow Citizens,do we really need to pay any attention to Sean Tembo?
    The Zambian Voters clearly DO NOT take him seriously hence 0.001% of Votes they gave him.
    People like him and the other Political Shetani s like Nawakwi and Kambwili are Surbotourers .

    They are trying to Undo whatever the Government of the people are out to Achieve.Forget about Checks & Balances,these people are out to Surbotage the Nation .

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