Thursday, February 29, 2024

Upgrade serving teachers to precise salary scales – NUPPEZ


The National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ) in Nakonde district in Muchinga province has called on government to upgrade already serving teachers in the precise salary scales.

Nakonde NUPPEZ District Secretary, Benny Chishatama said the elevation should be considered in the 2021-2022 budget which is yet to be presented soon.

Mr. Chishatama who was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Nakonde today, stated that despite advancing their studies, a number of teachers are still under incorrect salary scales.

“The union is aware of the fact that a lot of teachers have upgraded in Nakonde district as well as the nation at large who are place in wrong salary scale,” he said.

He bemoaned that the circumstance which is quite demotivating might lead to low productivity among teachers.

“Actually it is very frustrating and as a result teachers cannot work nicely or accordingly. There is nothing to encourage us to put in our best,” he said.

Mr. Chishatama further appealed to the new government to first upgrade teachers who are already in service before recruiting new ones so that no one feels left out.

“It is very painful to see a new entrant being put in the right salary scale when you as a serving teacher who upgraded and graduated 5 years ago are still in salary F or G. Therefore the union is pleading to the the New Dawn government to create PMEC vacancies for new entrants by first upgrading already serving teachers,’ he said.

He pointed out that it is saddening to see their hard earned academic papers being destroyed by termites before they can even get a raise.

“Most of the teachers are self-sponsored who struggled to upgrade and their Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters are now being eaten by termites in the cabinets.”

Mr. Chishatama, however, added that the union has trust that the new regime will bring sanity in the education sector and thereby improve service delivery.


  1. Yeah, they deserve good pay to support their families and reduce corrupt practices, and dancing for politicians in schools.

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