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The Government has released 2021 Constituency Development Funds to all constituencies-Garry Nkombo


Government has disbursed the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to all the 156 constituencies in the country.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo has therefore advised both the new and returning members of parliament to acquaint themselves with the CDF Act of 2018.

Mr. Nkombo, who called for prudent utilisation of the funds, emphasised that transparency, accountability and equity are among the principles that should be embraced when using the funds.

He said this today when delivering his ministerial statement on the allocation of the Constituency Development Fund in the National Assembly.

“All the constituencies have received the allocation and this calls for strict follow up of the guidelines as prescribed in the CDF Act of 2018 and failure to do so will attract the wrath of the law enforcement agencies. Transparency, accountability and equity should be among the principles to be observed,” he said.

The Local Government and Rural Development Minister, who is also Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament, said implementers of the fund should prioritise completing old CDF projects before embarking on new ones.

He has since urged new Members of Parliament (MPs) to fully complete developmental projects that were initiated by their predecessors in order to attain maximum value for money.

Mr. Nkombo has meanwhile warned Members of Parliament to desist from interfering with the utilisation of the CDF.

Meanwhile, Zambezi East MP Brian Kambita asked whether the government has plans to check the competencies of council workers and increase the CDF allocation.

In response, Mr. Nkombo underscored that government will professionalise the local government and will consider increasing the CDF from the current K1.4 million.


  1. You inherited the government with empty treasury; so where did the money come from? These are some of the things you must clarify…………………. is it from kaloba or Tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! explain not just allocating funds from empty treasury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Musa – CDF is imbedded in the budget…do you people not hear HH say that more than 80% of our budget goes to debt servicing and civil service salaries?

  3. Constituency Development Funds (CDF) needs to audited …all this money just ends up with MP’s proxy companies, I have seen MPs going back to their constituencies with bundles of cash and this was not a ruling party MP…anywhere were one is able to hold cash there is always high probability of committing malpractices.

  4. Musa exactly! Ask these lying t.0.n.g.a cry babies. By them saying they inherited nothing, it was a way for them to steal what is there. So ka garry has already taken his share as we speak. The boy garry even wanted to act humble driving an old car on his first day to work . Yet alikwata range rover. These are the guys who steal. Lobe

  5. This CDF must be pushed to at least $1m some constituency are overpopulated and quite big.

    What can it develop, it is not worth calling CDF.

  6. Iwe ka Zulu, what has Tonga the tribe got do with a government project? Old habits really die hard but soon enough someone will teach you how to address others respectively.

  7. When are you razing downing the illegal structures in forest 27…thought you said by twelve noon upon being ushered into grz?

  8. You can inherit empty coffers but you have
    Enough to eat.We don’t have money to buy
    Presidential jet but enough to feed our people.Our tax system is working so we can
    Pay cdf but not blow on unnecessary inflated projects.

  9. Releasing money to constituencies is the easy part. It now remains to be seen if it will be spent properly. That’s where the challenge lies. In rural constituencies, capacity to ensure that the money is spent properly may be lacking. We cannot afford to waste any money when there’s so much need for it.

  10. Transparency can only attain when you have oversight and accountability structures in the councils. Right now these aspects are almost non existent. In such situations you need to increase citizens’ oversight on funds coming to their areas. Create digital community development platforms that will empower people to monitor how the funds are being utilized in developing their constituencies.

  11. Garry Nkombo can’t talk about equity because CDF is a very poor attempt at equitable distribution of resources. Lusaka has 7 Constituencies and 35 Wards. At K1.4M it means each Ward is likely to receive at least K280,000. Chililabombwe has 1 Constituency but 23 Wards. This means that each Ward will receive K60,000 a difference of about K220,000! Bally must abolish CDF and instead replace it with a Ward Development Fund which will entitle each Ward to an equal amount then we can talk about equity

  12. Use the CDF for pro-growth investments and not consumption related projects. Invest the money in infrastructure and irrigation which can benefit all people involved in small-holder farming. Invest in safe storage facilities for farm commodities. Invest in linking farmers to markets including accessing affordable transport. Enter into partnership with local private investors to establish warehouse receipt systems to ensure a ready and reliable market for farm produce/ commodities. Invest in training youths in modern farming and digitisation and improved technology for transforming agriculture and agro-industries. A similar approach should be made to invest in industrialisation and services sectors. Ensure so called CDF are transformative to our economies in different constituencies…

  13. Well done Minister.
    As advised CDF committees should adhere to your advise,know the law and act accordingly.
    Delimitation should be embarked upon with sole purpose of achieving equity.
    Finish off current projects and then consider new proposals in tandem with needs of the community.

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