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Motivated teachers key to producing good school results


Chasefu District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Benny Ngoma says motivated teachers are key to producing good results among learners.

Speaking after attending the World Teachers Day celebrations yesterday at Phikamalaza Primary School, Dr Ngoma observed that the probability of a motivated labour force producing very good and high results among learners is guaranteed.

The DEBS encouraged school managers in Chasefu to continue motivating teachers in a quest to produce desired results.

Dr Ngoma further noted that the teachers day, celebrated under the theme “Teachers at the heart of Education Recovery”, is important because it celebrates teaching which represents the mother of all careers world over.

“Whichever part of the careers, even the economy that you will be talking about, the person who is behind that is a teacher. You can imagine and you can decipher from there why this day is important and the person who is commemorating must be considered to be important,” said Dr Ngoma.

Dr Ngoma disclosed that the day has now for the past two years successively been commemorated uniquely in schools due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, three teachers at Phikamalaza Primary School have been awarded K500 each as motivation for their outstanding performances.

Those awarded included Mr Michael Phiri, Mr. Peter Zulu and Ms Audria Nyirenda.

And the School Head teacher Mark Sakala, who described the day as successful, urged the recipients to continue working hard.

Mr. Sakala said he was happy that Ms Nyirenda has revamped the production unit, especially in fish farming which has seen the school management planning to extend the unit by putting up a modern fish pond earmarked for completion in December this year.

And Ms Nyirenda said she was happy to receive the K500 award which she said was a motivation to her, and appealed to her fellow teachers to work extra hard if they were to benefit in future.


  1. I really don’t know what teachers want. Sata gave them a good salary increment but most are back to square 1 because they’ve entangled themselves in loans that are beyond their salaries. Some loans will even affect their pensions. The liberalization of the training of teachers and nurses hasn’t been properly superintended by the Higher Education Authority. We have many teachers that can’t even construct a sentence and they’re part of the over 50,000 waiting for Bally to fix it. How were they admitted into college if they didn’t meet the minimum requirements? How does one obtain a diploma in early childhood education with 2 O’ Level qualifications? I think let’s consider to arrest college owners as they have committed a very serious offense. Now you see where we are as nation?

  2. Motivation is a hard word. If our teachers can find no difference between migrating to Botswana and staying put then there will be room for motivation. As a start.

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