Thursday, February 29, 2024

Zambia off the UK Red List


British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley has confirmed that Zambia will from Monday October 11, 2021 be removed from the UK red list of Covid 19 affected Countries whose citizens cannot enter the United Kingdom.

Mr. Wooley has thanked the Zambian government for the good collaboration which has made this decision to be possible.

“I know how difficult the last 10 months were for so many who rely on Zambia UK links. Grateful to Zambian government including Health Minister Sylvia Masebo and the Ministry of Health including the Zambia Public Health Institute for close collaboration that made today’s decision possible,” Mr Wooley tweeted.

“By 4am 11 Oct, we will also lift our Covid-19 Zambia travel advisory, paving the way for UK business leaders and tourists to return to Zambia. We are working at pace with the Ministry of Health to recognise certificates for Covid vaccines administered here in Zambia. More news on that soon I hope.”

And President Hakainde Hichilema has welcomed the news that Zambia is no longer on the red list of Covid19 countries.

“Following the relaunch of the vaccination drive today, the UK High Commissioner to Zambia announced this development. As Zambians, we can now travel to the United Kingdom normally and this positive news also means Zambia’s beautiful national parks are now open for business to tourists coming from the UK,” President Hichilema said.

“We continue to urge all Zambians to get vaccinated as we strengthen our relationships with our neighbours and strategic partners around the world.”


  1. Although you are out of the red list …I doubt they will approve those hand down doses they were donating to you last year as they knew they were useless.

  2. Does this mean Fashion Sakala and Patson Daka can come and represent Zambia on Sunday 10th at Heroes Stadium as they were initially not allowed to travel to Zambia because the 2 lads are not fully vaccinated?

  3. What a joke. UK should have been on Zambia’s red list and not the other way round. Did they see us falling like flies because of covid? Their sense of superiority knows no bounds.

  4. Who cares? The UK is no longer an influenctial country. If anything, China and Russia now surpass it. I agree with the comments above that say that we should have had them on our red list. However, that won’t happen with a muzungu anikonde type of president like hh

  5. Ba Kaizer you say muzungu ani konde but who is that WHITE woman I see you with in Kafue? have you divorced madam?

  6. Tito behave yourself you are putting me in problems kikiki. Even if I was with a whlte woman in Kafue, chances are she is the one who wants me. So it’s mufilika anikonde for her and not muzungu ankikonde for me.

  7. the one thing that President Lungu NEVER understood is the power of appearances and the spoken word. The Bible says that the power of life and death is in the mouth of the king. Lungu, in spite of having a ministry of religious guidance never understood that. He was shy of press conferences and he never even came out publicly to state whether he was vaccinated. His fight against corruption was through a whisper. Never took any steps to encourage the foot soldiers at the battle front against corruption and graft. The optics were never right with Lungu and Zambians paid the price. Now, things are different.

  8. @Kapwepwe, who told you that soccer players are NOT fully vaccinated you idyot!?
    These galus from Lusaka are fvcking ignorant.

  9. It is interesting to NOTE that when it comes to positive news tthose that are in office for less than three months want to clainm glory for work spanning more than one year but when it is bad news they quickily wash their hands and say that they have only been in office for one month ? unbelievable.

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