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Every Zambian agree that properties were stolen during the 1990s privatization process


By Venus N Msyani

It is a provoking and hurting conversation but worth repeating. People who condemn involving president Hakainde Hichilema name in past corruption conversations should pay attention. This is just a beginning.

Very soon most past corruption conversations in the country will bear president Hakainde Hichilema name. Especially on social media.

Because president Hakainde wants to recover everything stolen from the people of Zambia and the genesis of corruption in the country is the 1990s privatization process, investigations may lead to that period.

Zambians don’t agree on who stole this or that during privatization process of state-owned assets in the 1990, but all agree that properties were stolen during the process.

To complete investigations on such properties president Hakainde help will be needed. Not as a suspect or guilt person but as someone who participated on the 1990s privatization process.

When that happen, every corruption conversation in the country will bear HH name. It is then when the suggestion for amnesty on past corruption will make sense.

Amnesty will put a stop to such. Will completely deleted the past from the mind of Zambians in relation to past corruption.

Meanwhile, president Hichilema has done well by pledging a better democracy where people’s voices and rights are freely exercised. However, the pledge is nothing if the president chooses to be silent on people who cross the line to defend him.

It is doing the same mistake his predecessor did. President Edgar Lungu welcomed criticism but failed to denounce people around him who bullied, threatened, and abused his critics.

Despite his openness to criticism, Zambia witnessed countless unnecessary arrests under president Lungu government. HH seems to lean on a similar path.

Lately, PeP president Sean Tembo has been very vocal. He has thrown several critiques at HH and to defend the president, UPND youth chairman Gilbert Liswaniso was quoted publicly threatening Sean Tembo that youth around the country will rise against him if he doesn’t stop issuing careless and unwarranted attacks on president Hichilema.

The president needed to be quick to condemn such behavior. Apology if he did condemn.


  1. It’s not a secret that machinery from sold companies were shipped to RSA therefore rendering those companies extinct.

  2. Bring it on !! Its going no where
    Not all Zambians by the way
    JUST the disgruntled losers trying to rejuvenate a dead party

  3. It’s THIRTY years ago. More than 50% of Zambians wasn’t even born. This ain’t going nowhere!

  4. And if we’re talking about properties being stolen, start with Edgar China Lungu and his band of thieving PF cronies. If it was down to me the former president would be in jail already!

  5. The period 1990 to 2008 was covered by Levy Mwanwasa.FTJ Chiluba, Army Generals, some Ministers,Permanent Secs and individuals were arrested,tried in court and convicted.
    You must have been born after 2000 if you don’t know this.

  6. Crybabies, you think if HH was guilty you mongrels would let him loose in your 10year rule?

    This is jst to derail fight against corruption, HH ll be prosecuted by the next presido for those crimes(if any cause he was not in government), for now HH must prosecute ECL for corruption- all we are interested in. Fullstop

  7. I believe for now we need to audit the rampant and reckless financial behavior of the last 10 years. If needs be, and if the law decides to be retrospective, we can always go further back. It is about time we start to action audit reports. The record borrowing of the PF is cause for pause and reflection.

  8. Clever people benefited from the privatization. One president championing the fight against corruption stopped in his tracks when certain information came up.

  9. Bitterness is real ka?

    Ba 1 .8 are still very bitter. They think they can bully HH and the entire nation.

    Let us cage all corrupt elements of previous regime.

  10. Great position, Msyani. The anti-corruption drive cannot be driven by Bally when we all know he had a role to play in the privatization process when those who played such a role used their insider positions to sell state assets to themselves at knock-down prices. Bally would do well to clear his name in all this if he means well to the cause and mother Zambia. Otherwise, we are not convinced he is the right person to be calling others to account. His anti-corruption drive is aimed at his perceived political opponents, no wonder he is placing investigative wings under his armpits. This is a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

  11. To my personal observation , I can tell that the seed that was planted in 1991 has now germinated and has born it’s fruits , exactly what we used to see in 1991 is what we are seeing again it won’t take long before a parallel drama starts.
    The man in state house is the privatization icon ! Who can question that now has come back to seal it up all , his followers are just following the stream they are just the small fish in the ocean.
    What we are seeing now will become confusion in the very near future because we shall be confused who is prosecuting who since all of these characters have cases to answer but answerable to the Zambian community however they are the ones in power now hatred for them by the general public will intensify to say the least.
    Those promises during…

  12. Ohhh get over your bitter comprehensive rejection by the people of Zambia……

    3 GRZs have failed find any one guilty of privatisation……….

    And no obfuscation will protect the PF theives …….

  13. No now is when we need to find out who stole what. Noone has ever investigated that. I think thats why HH has put investigating wings under his office. To block probes into privatisation

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