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Is placing investigation wings under OP meant to protect president Hakainde Hichilema?


By Venus N Msyani

Lately President Hakainde Hichilema approach to corruption has become confusing. It is becoming clear that his administration is ready to abuse the fight against corruption.

The fight seems to target the immediate past government of former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

It is a provoking and hurting conversation but worth repeating. People who condemn involving president Hakainde Hichilema name in corruption conversations should pay attention. This is just a beginning.

HH approach to corruption will soon make every corruption conversation in the country bear his name. Especially on social media.

The president wants to recover everything stolen from the people of Zambia. The genesis of corruption in the country is the 1990s privatization process hence some investigations may lead to that period.

Zambians don’t agree on who stole during privatization process of state-owned assets in the 1990, but they agree that properties were stolen during the process.

To complete investigations on such properties president Hakainde help will be needed. Not as a suspect or guilty person but as someone who participated on the privatization process.

This should help those who misunderstood the author in the article The HH administration should call for amnesty on the past corruption.

Placing investigation wings under the Office of the President seems to be meant to protect president Hakainde Hichilema from such investigations.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) are now under the office of the President.

To my understanding, these investigative wings will now operate under the President guidance. The question is, does it mean president Hakainde Hichilema will have to self-investigate if needed?

No doubt HH effort to fight past corruption will continue to face hiccups. He should call for amnesty on the past corruption to avoid being misunderstood.


  1. There is only one President please who happens to be HH. Allow him to rule ,that is why we gave him the mandate. Whether OP will be in his bedroom as long as the deliverables are visible there is no issue. Instead of sending these articles, why don’t you find something useful to do so that you can add value to your time.

  2. We warned you that when you point at someone that he is a dictator, three fingers are pointing back at you. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Those harvesters are preparing for another round of corporate theft. We may not even have a country left by the time they finish with us.

  3. This is a dark moment for our fragile democracy. Only one person is “clean” in Zambia and that is HH the share holder in Formerly Zambian assets once under privatization in which he was a consultant. The cult rages on as the members defend even what is not defendable.

  4. Another one trying hard to protect and deflect corruption attention away from lungu and PF………..

    These people fall into 3 groups……

    …..they were Direct beneficiaries of lungus massive corruption

    ……They are tribal fanatical bigots , who can’t understand how a tonga can be president

    ……..They are being sponsored by PF backers

  5. We tongas do not steal. So I have faith and trust that HH has the right intentions. HH is not a drunk from chawama. He is already wealthy. Why would he waste time stealing from poor country like Zambia

  6. HH has already proven to be one of the worst Presidents in the world..he’s not Patriotic and perfect chimbwi no plan…when he was in opposition he thought governing was as easy as heading cows….we will soon mobilize protests and get him out of office if he tries any tricks of putting investigative wings inside his bamba

  7. The one issue I have with this new govt is you can not have the same ACC and DEC Directors who failed to investigate or deliberately create weak cases to suddenly start working..I am afraid to say they are part of the old system remove them. Just look at how Dr Chilufya, his PS, HoneyBee got off lightly …$17 million has still not been accounted for no Procurement officers have been arrested at MOH.

  8. ‘We tongas don’t steal’. All the people in police custody and prisons in southern province were brought from other provinces because tongas don’t commit crime. Also the MPs from southern province in forest 27 are not tongas.

  9. PF chaps are really hurting, going by the senseless comments they post on a daily basis but ignorant that Zambian people are so resolute and don’t want to hear the word PF for another hundred years

  10. Everyone knows who took our money. Right now PF are trying hard to frustrate efforts to recover the money because they know they will soon be caught up in the net. Just to mention a few, honeybee scandal, tollgate costing 4.3 million dollars, 42 trucks, 48 houses, and the list goes on. So please don’t listen to these people pretending to be champions of the rule law when they actually did not respect the law when they were in power.
    Come on Bally, get our money back please. We are happy with the progress so far

  11. Dominion please list even one name of a politician who is tonga and has been convincted for theft of public resources. For that 1 person you name I will give you 40 northerners and easterners

  12. Look put RDA, ACC,DEC, ZESCO, ZRA at some known bars around Lusaka and inside a whiskey. So HH u can put even the ministry of finance at your own house in New Kasama – no problem. Whole Zambia will support. Disgruntled PF cadres are not Zambian, by the way. Tiye nayo

  13. Tarino i dont kow how old you are but parents and other older people have told stories about a notorious criminal called Roy Mudenda. He was an agrevated robber. This Tonga my friend Tarino made history in theft. I can give you many examples, but for now that is enough.

  14. You can retain Administrative control under that but Operational and Functionality could be relevant to the Minister of Finance and Central Bank Governor for effectiveness and enforcement just as it has always been That is what we learn from IMF and Edgemont Group ad also as in the Acts to avoid any misconceptions

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