Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Ndola to soon have a new Mental health hospital with a capacity of 132 beds for admission


Ndola Teaching Hospital (NTH) medical superintendent Joseph Musowoya has disclosed that the district will soon commission a new Mental health hospital with a capacity of 132 beds for admission.

Speaking during the commemoration of World mental health Day Dr Musowoya explained that once commissioned, the facility will create a conducive environment for treatment of clients with mental health issues in the district and beyond.

“The structure being used as a department for mental health is old and only has capacity of 62 beds and because the facility has to attend to all patients in need of the service, we over admit. This is the reason why government decided to construct a new modern facility to respond to society needs,” he noted.

Dr. Musowoya further stated that the facility will house a rehabilitation centre, as well as an out-patient department.

Meanwhile, Dr Musowoya has urged the Ndola health club team to work in collaboration with the district health team, towards enhancing advocacy on mental health issues in both rural and urban areas.

He stressed the need to enhance sensitisation, noting the need for people

to know where to access mental health services.

He also emphasized on the need to strike equity when it comes to accessing treatment in various health facilities.

And speaking earlier, Ndola Teaching Hospital, Head of Psychiatric Noah Ng’uni noted with concern, that specialised psychiatrists in the country are not equitably distributed.

Dr. Ng’uni has observed that psychiatrists are concentrated in Lusaka and this has affected provision of service delivery in the district, and has since called for deployment and employment of more specialized psychiatrists, to help manage the prevailing challenges.


  1. This in itself is worrying…lol.
    Instead of having physiotherapy specialized hospital to help the obess we are having a mental one.
    Does it mean ba Ndola bale baila saaana nangu shani???

  2. Upnd will build mental health facility because a lot of Zambians will experience mental health disorders.

    All of us will get mad hence the increase in the number of bed

  3. The facility has already been built (Lungu) but will be commissioned now(HH). Built by government and not by a political party.

  4. Govt must also expand Chainama…..We have lots of mad people in this new deal govt. Yapping about nothing everyday. !!!

  5. Comments above are disappointing. If these are the type of bloggers we should be finding on LT entails a frozen society. Mental health problems are just as prevalent as other forms of illness which are manageable. For example, some PF election candidate losers are in need of admission to the mental hospital for rehab. You can see from their rantings and denialism that the loss took them by surprise. A good number need counseling to avoid premature death. Do not underestimate the value of creating more space for mental health services. We are all prone to suffer mental health illness in our lives. The problem is we think everything has to do with ‘madness’. Mental health is broad in scope.

  6. Mangani msanga vimasilu vapaka … jokes aside we actually do need a humane way to take care of our unfortunate brothers and sisters whose mind-elastic anadonsekelatu! Mental health is real and it is commendable our government is paying attention.

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