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Kabuswe tells UPND members to be patient with government


Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe has called on UPND members to be patient with government as it works on delivering on its campaign promises.

Mr. Kabuswe said the UPND Administration wants equal distribution of resources to foster development in the country.

Speaking when he met with UPND party officials in Kalumbila District, Mr. Kabuswe said the Party will not fail to deliver its campaign promises as it already has a roadmap to develop the country and create jobs.

Mr. Kabuswe, who is also Chililabombwe Member of Parliament, warned UPND party officials against intimidating members of the public as it will make the party unpopular in the community.

He challenged UPND officials to spearhead the developmental agenda of the party and not reciprocate the behavior of Party officials from the PF regime.

And North Western Province UPND Chairperson Grandson Katambi said members of the public are eager to start benefiting from the presence of mines in the province.

Colonel Katambi said the province is still lagging in development and high unemployment levels despite having three big mines.


  1. “Mr. Kabuswe said the UPND Administration wants equal distribution of resources to foster development in the country.”LT. who does that who do things like that.

    Don’t take us back to UNIP Era. You reward according to recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement.

    PF you have put us in a mess this is why we wanted your administration to have presidential debates. “CNN) It is unlikely that anyone would make a hiring decision without interviewing them, based only on some combination of the candidate’s resume, testimonials from family members, social media comments and scurrilous accusations from anonymous critics. That’s why we disagree with those who want to scrap presidential debates, the metaphorical equivalent of a presidential job interview.” World Bank and IMF Stay…

  2. Kabuswe can ask others to wait because he’s eating. Those artisanal miners you have stopped from mining from slime dumps comprised of people from all walks of life. But because of your hatred for PF you think it’s PF cadres alone that benefits from those dumps. You’ve cut their source of livelihood. How do you expect them to be patient? Soon you’ll realize that it isn’t easy to run a country. You’ll begin to fear to face the people that elected you. Can you reverse your decision and allow people to conduct their businesses? You won’t create 1,000,000 jobs tomorrow. HH has no such a plan. These aren’t quick fix problems

  3. Unemployment can be classified as either being Cyclical, Frictional or Structural to address unemployment in the short to long-term you can be assessed like that in all sectors of Value Creation of long-term valued employment yes can be structural but with proper strategies in the sectors like the motor ,agro,services and other with shorter learning curve you can create employment opportunities as the cycle of the economy allows Government being the major factor in spending, can effect proper desirable policies now in monetary and fiscal to create in the short to long-term Now

  4. Unemployment can be classified as either Frictional ,cyclical or structural Now Government in its fiscal and monetary policies can effect appropriate Business cycles to create employment for its people in the sectors in the short term, medium and long-term according to the cyclicality frictional or structural Only those hard Jobs that requires major structural changes can be in the long-term assuming that structures and talents including soft issues are not there but as it is its the initiatives that will call for Job creation in the short to long-term on the Zambian economic sectors

  5. The labor force participation rate for youths or prime aged workers across sectors should improve from its historical lows because that is what people voted for

  6. The official cash settlement of Copper on the LME Copper is now $9,324.07 There is therefore no reason why this opportunity in the future price of copper now cannot result in increased productivity on the those productivity frontier including creation of value chains in the short to medium term that is the employment strategy It starts now in all sectors as explained above and the budget is also something structural to actualize that

  7. The simple truth is that UPND is ” Chimbwi no plan” . They have no capacity to deliver on their fake promises. They cannot create jobs..they are here to cut on jobs. Civil Servants be warned.

  8. At least we have also seen the increase export of copper at major ports like Namport averaging of more than 8500 tones at cash settlement of 9324 LME some Jobs in the short-term can surely be created

  9. Be patient for how long.
    UPND ministers are working making love to their women…. trying this and that to Zambians… be patient for what? If you ministers can’t get an erection, then get the fvck off your women.

  10. PF did its part. ECL trained hundreds of teachers, thousands of Nurses, Teachers , pharmacists etc. These are the young men and women waiting to be deployed. Lungu has already built clinics , hospitals and schools. All the UPND needs is to deploy these skilled young men and women. Dont tell them to be patient!! Lungu had already set the foundation for you.

  11. For the past two months, I have never heard a UPND official give a statement without mentioning PF. PF is no longer in power and UPND needs to concentrate on working. Come 2026 UPND will still be blaming PF for everything the way they have been doing past 10 years. PF is in the past. It is time to move forward.

  12. Yesterday I had a die hard UPND friend of mine back home complaining about no electricity…they had no power for more than 20 hours and the following day no power for almost 48 hrs….and he told me clearly that he thinks Zambians have been duped…this is not what they expected..
    For those commenting from back home am sure you can confirm that load shedding is back….just a continuation from where PF left from but even longer hours no power

  13. Tarino Orange soon to be Tarino lemon!!! You have been reading too many BNP postings.
    Come off it!! A plateua Tonga cannot reason so simplistically.

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