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Government secures funds from the World Bank to work on feeder roads – Lihefu


North-Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu says government has secured funds to work on all the feeder roads of the various districts in the province.

Mr. Lihefu said government had secured funds through the World Bank and will soon conclude on the issue to start the works.

The Minister said this in Kabompo yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on the Office of the District Commissioner.

“We know how bad the feeder roads are in all the chiefdoms in the province, so government has already soured some funds through its partners to work on our feeder roads,” Mr. Lihefu said.

He added that the discussions on which roads to start with are still under way as Members of Parliament are yet to agree whether to work on the Kasempa -Mumbwa road or the feeder roads.

Mr Lihefu also said government remains committed to what it promised the people of Zambia and the contents of the national budget will reveal that government meant well for its people.

He stated that people should not politicize with development as most of the things being rumoured were not true.

“Our national budget is ready and will soon be presented, you will know from what is contained that the new dawn government means well for the people of Zambia, so let people not politic with development.

“Who said we can only increase salaries for civil servants after 2026, that is a lie let us just wait and see don’t listen to rumours,” Mr. Lihefu said. F

Meanwhile, acting Kabompo District Commissioner, Hendrix Solochi told the visiting Minister that almost all government departments are faced with a huge challenge of lack of transport including the police service which is making service delivery difficult.

“Honourable minister, lack of transport remains a major challenge in our district as most vehicles are broken down thus only rely on two or three for all government departments,” Mr. Solochi said.

He said law and order is being maintained in spite the number of challenges such as inadequate funding ,staffing ,lack of a police camp and office accommodation.


  1. Let borrowed funds go for their intended purpose and not lining pockets of politicians. Borrowing & stealing is why we kicked PF. You will follow suit if you also go that route. We want value for money for the poor people of Zambia.

  2. That’s real panicking… how can you talk of salaries for 2026 now? By the way this feeder road is a government program and is not a new thing. Every year feeder roads are worked on although not all of them.

  3. PF govt had organised this way back before the elections. You are just reaping from what you did not sow. Keep riding on the successes of the PF every where. Your own promises????……ZERO!!!

  4. Key roads to be given priority: 1). Kasempa-Kaoma, 2). Kisasa-Mwinilunga, 3). Manyinga-Mwinilunga 4), West Lumwana – Kambimba, 5). Solwezi- Mushindamo, Kalulushi-Kalengwa. Having watched the Zambia Defence Forces parade in Lusaka this year ZNS has got all the equipment and can be awarded some of the roads to work on together with the local private contractors so that the money will remain in the local economy. All the MPs and civic leaders from North Western should come together and agree which roads have economic value to be first worked on. i.e Solwezi-Mushindamo, Lumwana West- Kambimba border post which can be used as get way to huge mining projects coming on board in Kolwezi, Lualaba Province of DRC.

  5. The World Bank Reconsider if a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject can see red flags in above article what about the big organization like the world bank, What are conceptual representation of a system of ideas, events or processes-why not put to practical use as opposed to being theoretical on this instance?

    We are tired of reading Pandora papers.

  6. They’ve increased the debt stock before they even clock 100 days in government. PF was borrowing and they’re borrowing so what’s the difference? This is change that wasn’t change

  7. But why are you securing more debt when the President said they want to reduce or dismantle it? Tell us how this contract is going to cost and how much is it going to cost per kilometre?

  8. I am not trying to be negative but just providing objective opinions. I still have trust in hh. When you put Tongas in power you can sleep with a peaceful mind knowing that they won’t incompetently run the country under. Whilst here I can see my tonga brothers have secured the bag of money, they need to be careful to not fall into debt trap like pf.

  9. So massive borrowing continues…and they campaigned heavily on this same issue…wonders will never end….Now pumping more Kaloba the same Kaloba they were against…Electricity power cuts have started….fuel still very still very expensive….and for UPND cadres please stop insulting bloggers who are being objective…..and you know HH is already showing signs of failure less than 100 days in office

  10. And remember I told you guys that non of the PF looters will see the inside of Prison…you thought I was joking….UPND will shield all the PF looters and in some cases they will just share the loot…thats what Politicians do….all those investigations are fake just to blind voters…behinds the scene PF and UPND big shots are toasting champagne and some bloggers just on Lusaka Times 24/7 insulting others

  11. Ati government has secured a loan. Ubufi. This loan was aproved in 2o17 and I quote verbatim ( word for word}. “WASHINGTON, May 4, 2017 – The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved a $ 200 million International Development Association (IDA) credit under the IDA17 Scale-up Facility for Zambia to improve selected rural roads in six of Zambia’s ten provinces. Government will finance the remaining four provinces.

    According to the Rural Access Index, only 17 percent of rural population live within 2 km of a good road in Zambia, leaving about 7.5 million rural residents unconnected to the road network in the country. The Improved Rural Connectivity Project will benefit 460,000 people in the targeted rural areas.

    “The Improved Rural Connectivity Project is significant…

  12. @De Javu
    He is Tarino Orange…he has gone insane..he can’t even believe it himself what HH is doing now….we told them that HH is a one term President…and I can foresee massive protests on the streets after 1 year in office…the youths will revolt and they will be on the streets looting

  13. Massive new borrowing, no different than PF. Sure?

    Despite more weak journalism from LT and poor explanation by Mr, Lihefu, this clearly an ongoing project and not “massive new borrowing” as some are screaming. Also, there is a BIG difference between international development assistance that comes on very favorable terms together with technical advice and procurement controls and private borrowing at commercial rates with zero oversight that was favored by PF (i.e. the kind of borrowing suited to corruption!). When UPND floats a brand new EuroBond, OK scream. For now – less drama, more breathing.

  14. @ Senior Engineer
    imagine how many lies these guys will come up with in the next 5 years…just less than 2 months in office they’ve come up with a million lies..they lie every minute and they keep on telling lies HH ONE TERM PRESIDENT NO DOUBT

  15. Deja Vu – some sad blogger is (mis)using my account….they lack creativity and intellect…so want to destroy and slander everything else around them!

  16. @Lazi
    Yes just that now they have a much bigger begging bowl than PF……anyway they’re all Politicians and just their inner circles are benefiting…..PF UPND same nonsense and it looks like UPND will cause more damage than PF…and more theft and corruption than PF

  17. Yaba…When hichilema was in opposition he used to attack and condemn the pf government ati why is government sending money on revenue generation he attacked the pf government ati we shall not be eating roads! These upnd chaps have no shame. Do what they where condemning.

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