Monday, July 22, 2024

Luapula Province Minister calls for professionalism among police officers


Government has urged the newly appointed Luapula Province Police Commander Sharon Zulu to ensure professionalism among her officers in the province.

Luapula Province Minister Derrick Chilundika said this is because there are a lot of noted gaps in the Police Service in the region which he said needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Speaking when the newly appointed Luapula Province Police commanding Officer called on him at his office, Mr Chilundika pointed out that the Police is not there to serve politicians but rather the Zambian people bearing in mind that they are supposed to work with the Government of the day.The Provincial Minister explained that there is a need to sensitize the police officers in the province so that they can improve on their service delivery.

Mr. Chilundika noted that among the things which the police should try to address is the issue surrounding illegal mining of manganese in the province.And Mrs Zulu said she will do her best to ensure that her officers conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Mrs Zulu has since called for people of Luapula Province to continue supporting the Police as they carry out their duties.She took over as Provincial Police Commander from her predecessor is Chilije Nyirenda .


  1. @Deja Vu, not likely. How can the Police arrest a government minister when they are failing to arrest ‘cadres’ involved in that shameful act at the High Court? This is despite a video footage which makes it easy for Police to identify the suspects.

  2. Just look at that picture of our police………..

    One would think that is Congo or Haiti……..

    The corrupt theif lungu would rather spend millions militarising the police instead of making sure there is money for FRA to buy maize and proper storage……

  3. What the police need is clear policy guidelines from the politician . At the moment I do not think Jack is providing this leadership. Kampyongo did a better job in raising police morale and providing that leadership. We need Jack to do more than just talking.

  4. When it comes to manganese mining there’s little that the Police can do. Further, I don’t know what he means by illegal mining because villagers don’t need travel to Lusaka to see a dull Minister for them to exploit what God has given them. They get authority from their Chiefs. Instead of asking the Police to go and teargas or shoot people, you as Minister are supposed to meet these people and find out what they need then send your officers to advise and facilitate the legalization of these artisanal mines. The vehicle you’ve been given is to enable you to go to meet people and not to drive to meet your concubines. Police officers also need money and some participate in these same mines you call illegal. Don’t just eat fart the whole day in your office. WORK! If you don’t know what…


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