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President Hichilema confers with UK envoys

Headlines President Hichilema confers with UK envoys

The United Kingdom has expressed interest to partner with the Zambian government in areas of trade and investment.

And President Hakainde Hichilema has expressed happiness with this development saying that trade and industry is the foundation on which the new dawn government was elected into office by the Zambian people.

The Head of State was speaking when UK special envoys who included British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley, UK Prime Minister-Trade Envoy Lawrence Robertson and UK Director of Trade-Mining, Sally Bevington paid a courtesy call on him at State House yesterday.

President Hichilema explained that Zambians expect a turn of events in the way government will drive the economy, create job opportunities, better health services, and improve the education system and livelihoods, which is only possible through trade and investment.

“We are grateful to have you here for many reasons, some are obvious but one which is important for us is trade and investment because it is the basis upon which we were elected into office by the people of Zambia,” President Hichilema stated.

Meanwhile, the UK Prime Minister- Trade Envoy Lawrence Robertson said the UK’s interest to partner with Zambia in trade and investment, was inspired by President Hichilema’s agenda for developing Zambia.

Mr Robertson explained the new administration’s agenda has shown a desire to not only create prosperity for the Zambian people through trade and business, but also to fund vital public services.

He noted that the UK is therefore delighted to be considered a partner of choice for Zambia in the areas of trade and investment.

He reminded that the two countries have very strong historic links, which should be taken forward, while stressing the importance that the UK government places on trade.

“The United Kingdom is recognized as being a worldwide trading nation but also to mention that the UK is looking across the world to strengthen trade links in every country,” Mr. Robertson told the President.

He disclosed that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed a number of trade envoys, because of the importance that the country places on trade.

He acknowledged the restrictions that were recently lifted on Zambia from the red listing due to COVID-19, but assured that a lot of companies have shown interest in partnering with Zambia.

And British High Commissioner to Zambia Nicholas Woolley said the UK-Zambia relationship was special hence the interest by UK Prime Minister-Trade Envoy to work with the current government.

Mr Woolley revealed that the UK intends to work with Zambia on a whole range of global priorities such as climate change, protection of human rights and global security, among others.

He noted that the visit by Mr Robertson was to highlight the cooperation between UK and Zambia as well as deepen it.

“We look forward to working together to achieve this because what the UK can bring in terms of its responsibility in terms of business models, and investment in communities is something that will work in tandem with your government’s priorities,” Mr Woolley noted.

Mr Woolley acknowledged that the new administration was elected on a clear path for equitable economic growth that benefits all Zambians, and which strives to improve livelihoods and incomes, hence stressed the need for the UK to be considered a partner of choice to fulfil the ambition.

UK Director of Trade under Mining, Sally Bevington said looking at the history of mining in the UK, it would be better for Zambia to partner with UK companies in all forms of the industry from extraction, and processing to selling.

She identified mining as a crucial part of the world going forward, in terms of renewable resources, especially with minerals such as copper.


  1. Hichilema there is nothing good that will come out of UK, in the first place these people have never supported our developmental agenda..Before Zambia turned to China for help during the construction of Tazara rail line …We ask UK and USA to help they refused…What makes you think that they can help with developing the nation! They is nothing to point at which UK and USA have done for Zambia apart from looting minerals..Almost of the structures have been put up by China school, hospital, stadium etc So kaya hichilema kindly revisit your plans for Zambia allow China to be part of the developmental process and agenda they have always come to the aid of Zambia.

  2. Zambia should be open to trade with any suitable partner………..

    Who ever is willing to trade on equal terms for the benefit of Zambians is welcome……

    Though zsmbia is greatful to China, we should know that the help China renders is not free………..

    China gets what it wants and much more for their financial assistance………

  3. It is estimated that with the +80,000 Chinese citizens in zambia, no less than $60 million per month leaves zambia for China every month , without counting the GRZ loans …………

    So if you think China gets nothing for helping zambia, think again……..

  4. These are our former slave masters and 2021 we still begging to eat crumbs falling from their table when we can make a table of our own…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN HH….he thinks Africa can only be developed by bazungu and Kaloba….this man is an uncle Tom sell out….we don’t need UK please baby President get that in your oval head

  5. Everything sounded like roses until they mentioned funding our public services. These are the same people who forced us to break up ZIMCO which funded our public services and also championed the removal of subsidies so why do they thing their funding would be different? Are we not supposed to be trade partners already via the commonwealth? These are the same people who destroyed Zambia and Zimbabwe and now looking to come back and finish us off.

  6. Another example of the confidence that the first world has in our tonga leader . I am glad those famous words were uttered that only a tonga can rule upnd. Through upnd Ieadershlp the tongas are proving how competent they are. I would support changing the name of Zambia to the repubIic of Tonga

    • This is not Tarino Orange writing and posting this kark. Whoever you are, imposter, you don’t seem to know or understand the implications herein. You think from and through your bottom not head.

  7. #4  Saulosi 
    October 13, 2021 At 7:41 am

    “…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN HH….he thinks Africa can only be developed by bazungu and Kaloba…….”

    So you think Africa can only be developed by the Chinese and their money ???.

  8. Tariono Orange ,

    Report that fake using your profile to

    www stophateuk.org/how-to-report-online-hate/

    The faker is spreading hate speech that can cause ethinic cleansing…….

  9. Tarino Orange

    If I were you , I would make sure uk authorities track down and deal with the faker using your profile to push hate speech and ethinc cleansing that has a potential for terrorism which is a crime in the UK……

  10. “We are grateful to have you here for many reasons, some are obvious but one which is important for us is trade and investment because it is the basis upon which we were elected into office by the people of Zambia,” President Hichilema stated.”-LT. what???

    We are in trouble. Opportunity after Opportunity for the country moving forward just slipping away. That’s what happen when you let your politician play tribal card. GRZ is in state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties.

    Above article is troubling the way HH is doing things. PF why did you put us in this mess?, why Did you jail HH? now the all nation is paying for your mistakes.

  11. Spaka no point wasting my energy on a sad little boy. The UK govt have far much better things to be dealing with.

  12. I reported him months ago but the authorities said he had the right to express his opinion and views. They said it did not amount to harassing.

  13. Tarino Orange

    Formenting ethnic cleaning or spreading hate speech likely to cause civil war from the UK is a serious crime…….

    You did not not cook the case right……..
    Lives have been lost on zambia, like during the gassing incidences where more than 50 people were murdered……….
    People like that clone are inciting such incidences………

    GCHQ and other hate crime agencies have many zealous young graduates wanting to prove themselves and tracking down such idoyoootes is a welcome opportunity for training for them……

  14. Spaka thank you. I will try again. I just don’t have time for a childish clone like him. The people can tell who is real and who is a clone so he is wasting his time

  15. HH does not know anything else apart from selling things. Our former slavers are back for our minerals and other resources. Thank you bayufi and bayufi did you go for work today? UPND stooges are very gullible, if HH was today going to say let us eat sh!t they will do exactly as told.

  16. HH will make Zambia to be vassal state to the Americans and the British and he will reap big from the deals. This guy knows where big money is in these deals, and not from government coffers.

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