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Formally Government to back the candidature of Former Attorney General for the post for the UN position


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Stanley Kakubo has expressed happiness that Zambia’s candidate for the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC), Mr. Likando Kalaluka, has been endorsed as a candidate for the election scheduled for November 2021 at the United Nations in Newyork.

Hon. Kakubo said it was the intention of the New Dawn Government to ensure that as many Zambians qualified to hold senior positions in International bodies and agencies, was achieved.
The 39th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union has endorsed the candidature of Zambia’s former Attorney General.

The Executive Council adopted recommendations made by the Ministerial Committee on African Candidatures to International Systems.

Mr. Kalaluka is recommended for the election of candidates as a member of the United Nations International Law Commission (ILC) for the period 2023-2027.

Kalaluka’s candidature was adopted together with other candidates from; Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire, DRC, Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Mauritania.
Africa has been allocated nine seats in the International Law Commission.

Hon. Kakubo has stated that he will direct Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations to work with the African Group and others in New York to ensure that Mr. Kalaluka’s election to the ILC was successful.

Some of the highlights of the Executive Council meeting that has since come to an end included the Elections and Appointments of the Two (2) Commissioners of the AU Commission; President of the Pan African University; Four (4) Members of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR); and Four (4) Members of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption (AUABC).

Another highlight was the adoption of the 2022 African Union Budget for the Union amounting to $651,110,573, as well as the supplementary budget request of US$102,045,433 for the year 2021.

The Executive Council also took consideration of the Draft Agenda and the Draft Declaration of the 3rd Mid-Year Coordination Meeting Between the African Union, the regional economic communities (RECs) and Regional Mechanisms (RMs). It concluded its business with the adoption of the decisions of the Executive Council.

Hon Kakubo further took the opportunity to inform the Council that Zambia would be hosting the 4th Mid-Year Coordination Meeting in July 2022.


  1. Is this govt serious surely Likando Kalaluka who acted like he was Lazy Lungu’s personal lawyer and supported the dreadful Bill 10.

  2. Tarino Orange don’t be retrogressive. Both ECL and Likando are Zambians for God’s sake.. Likando Kalaluka is a highly qualified lawyer and the new dawn government is 100 per cent correct to support his candidature for the top post. He will not be there as Likando but as Zambia. Congradulations Likando! Zambia is proud of you.

  3. Kanamaso don’t fall for the UK based troll above. That is not me. He has cloned my account and is now using a new photo to trick you.

    My view on this is that the ministry of foreign affairs should be prioritising the recruitment of diplomatic staff here in UK. Therr are many easterners in these positions. We need a balance with more Tongas.

  4. This is short sighted – this is not the caliber of people that HH should b supporting. No integrity at all, the person that allowed/abetted all manner of illegality in the PF / Lungu dictatorship

  5. Thats good news as these positions are a country’s invisible exports for the economy. However this will likely go to the usual syndicated countries (Kenya or Ivory Coast). Zambia’s role has been to escort others to the high tables in global and regional organizations. Its they take an audit of whether the country has fair resprentation in all key global bodies. Its not only presence of Zambians but at what level. If found wanting take them to task over that and demand for fair representation.

  6. Chizungu ichi! This is terrible writing! Ati “Formally Government to back the candidature of Former Attorney General for the post for the UN position.” Of the many African news sites I have read i.e. Nigerian, Malawian, Zimbabwean, Kenyan and so on, I must say Zed only beats Tanzanian English writing – Tz being primarily Swahili writers / speakers.

  7. Won’t the government embarrass itself in future by supporting a PF carder with tainted past. Not all PF carders were bad for sure but Likando Kalaluka was as shameful as it get. I view him as a seller out for personal gain and such should never be entrusted with public jobs. He associated too much with criminals like Lungu.

  8. Alo ukko, no one is backing this Hyena anywhere. He is still wanted to answer for abuse of authority & office. He publicly appeared in all court cases involving Lungu & Third term bid. His sitting there costed the country money-HH wants that money back. Even the same minister of foreign affairs is looking for this chap to answer for his crimes but they awaiting John Sangwa to claim damages, then strike him.

  9. I wonder where Lusaka times gets it’s hear say stories from. But truth of the matter is: UPND Gvnmnt is the last gvnmnt on earth to ever support this chap on anything. They won’t even sign the recommendation letter. If u look at the Zambian UN permanent rep. That chap was installed there by the PF and it is that chap who recommend this hyena, and not government. By far

  10. So, soon or later, Government ll officially rebuke this hyena from contesting cos UN ll require GRZ consent and GRZ will refuse cos this boy is key to most of not all cases involving Lungu. Therefore, there is no way they ll let him go, given he is a key witness in many things. Infact they don’t even want him , they want him alive.

  11. They want him alive the same way they want Antonio mwanza, Faith Musonda, Maxwell Chongu, America, Bulldozer, Kaizer Zulu etc including Lungu himself. One thing for a fact if u are into legal issues is that, This GRZ knows very very well how to handle evidence – they are world class. They know how to give u enough rope to hang your self. No thief ever makes it away with such a system world over unless gvnmnt didn’t jst want to arrest but they definitely know all thief’s corners.

  12. Very disappointed with this news. This was one of the worst AG Zambia has we ever had. In fact, this was Lungu’s personal lawyer

  13. This govt is not serious this useless chap who has cost this country billions of dollars by signing corrupt deals is being awarded support of new dawn .
    Mwebantu be serious.
    I will protest to UN

  14. Constitutionally the position of AG lapses as soon as a government changes. He was NOT fired. Secondly, if he has applied for an international job that requires government support — why not? Any better suggestions and have those suggested names APPLIED for that job? These are pragmatic considerations. It is unfair to criticize because one is able to. Finally, a formal endorsement (someone doesn’t know how to spell formal) is usually required by participating governments in most of these organizations. We lose out because we tend to want to support only those whom we want but have not put themselves forward. Corruption ends at the border in most things banene…

  15. Please his name has been ‘adopted’ by the Sub Committee of the Executive Council of the AU…He along with a host of other ‘candidates’ will now be in the pot to be selected…however as he only has one earned degree the other candidates look far superior..his only clout is he held the office of AG and has no international exposure , he is unpublished so he might really struggle with mist itnernational issues..that said lets see how he fares and wish him the best if he gets in…he must look out for other opportunities…to the New Dawn this is well done please consult widely on how other countries have managed to get their people up there…

  16. I agree that a lot of corrupt contracts were signed and approved by the attorney general during Likando Kalaluka’s time. Given how the UN operates, I doubt it Kalaluka is going anywhere.

  17. This guy deliberately influenced a corruption case against Mosho to be lost.
    Then he used his position as AG to award $4million as compensation.
    All these ECL associates are crooks.

  18. I thought it was only in Malawi where people are this retrogressive and full of hatred plus jealousy. Zambians you can do better. Support the dude. He well advised Lungu not to contest the election results.

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