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President Hichilema appoints Acting ACC Director General


President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed Silumesi Muchula as Acting Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director General pending the appointment of a substantive Director General.

This follows the falling vacant of the office, after the resignation of the Commission’s predecessor Zachariah Phiri and expiry of the contract for ACC Deputy Director General Rose Khuzwayo, who previously acted as Director General.

President Hichilema has since thanked both Mr Phiri and Mrs Khuzwayo for their services rendered while in office.

The Head of State further implored the incumbent Director General, Mr Muchula to serve diligently without fear or favour and in the interest of the Zambian people, while in his acting capacity.

In a statement issued to the media in Lusaka by Special Assistant to the President and Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya, President Hichilema invoked Section 12 of the ACC Act No. 3 of 2012.

Mr Bwalya said that this was to avoid a vacuum in the leadership of the ACC.

“Under the Anti-Corruption Commission Act No. 3 of 2012, the President is mandated to appoint the Director General of the ACC, who once appointed is required by law to execute the mandate of ACC independently and impartially,” Mr Bwalya stated.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema has also dissolved the ACC Board with immediate effect and thanked the team for their services rendered to the nation.

Mr Bwalya explained that this is in line with the Act which also empowers the President to appoint and remove the ACC Board, whereas the Board comprises independent non- executive directors who play no role in the day to day operations.

Mr Bwalya explained that the changes are aimed at ensuring smooth and efficient operations of the ACC, while consultative process on strengthening it as a key oversight institution is ongoing.


  1. so we have a couple of hundred boardmembers, chairmen, directors etc. of all those organisations and parastatals that have been sacked – all without a job. I bet that within one month from now most of these people will be appointed again in a competing organisation, just because there will be an enormous vacancy list for new board members! And let’s face it, that is quite natural: if you are fantastically corrupt in Zesco then nothing stops you to become just as corrupt in ZRA, or ERB, or wherever!

  2. Yawn….people had high hopes and HH sounded very intelligent when he was in opposition….talk is cheap…now it’s full swing Chipante pante….taking his time to find and appoint his loyalists….we know the game….next it will be ECZ and Judiciary and appoint all his loyalists on every sensitive position…Liar in Chief…Chimbwi no plan

  3. Silumesi Muchula? The dots seem to be coming together now. CK was right hichi, hichi, hachi, si, si, sia.
    Zachariah Phiri and Deputy Director General Rose Khuzwayo seem to have been fired. What a coincidence. He is aligning Silumesi to serve his selfish interests and to fix his percieved enemies.
    I have a strong feeling hichi hachi haka has already failed and the quick fix at the ACC is already looking unprofessional.
    He is slowly but surely sliding it into his questionable pocket. He is a selfish and tribal personality.

  4. #4  State House Has Fallen 

    Lungus appointments were 90% from 2 regions………

    Even those replaced at ACC are from one region …….

    Why does tribe matter to you who HEHH appoints , are they not Zambians ?????

    HEHH has appointed someone without baggage, now let ACC start real investigations

    Lungu, kapoyongo, lusambo and old man chikwanda need attention………

  5. #8  Tikki
     October 16, 2021 At 6:47 pm

    “..Tarino is losing his mind could it be the virus ???..”

    Its an imposter.,……..

    you should be able to tell tarinos posts from a mile away…….

  6. Spaka my troll thinks it’s clever. I have reported it to the authorities. It is now using a new photo of a bottle of orange tarino. It is the UK based troll n3z

  7. Ma acting ya paka. It has taken you this long to appoint people to act on highly profile positions, so you will have to revisit these appointments! why not do it once and for all in order to pay attention to other important issues?

  8. What Iam yet to know is weather this man in state house is the same person during the campaigns by UPND , many of us have been disappointed by what we are seeing, the guy looked rather an intelligent young man but with almost two months in the seat he appears to be a dull guy as some of his classmates at University of Zambia said.
    This President seemed to have run out of ideas , probably is he only fit in opposition.


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