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Government launches the National Numeracy Framework


The government says the successful implementation of the National Numeracy Framework (NNF) will help to address the low outcomes among learners in science and mathematics.

Minister of Education Douglas Syakalima expressed optimism that the launching of the NNF will result in improved learning among the learners from early childhood to secondary level.

Mr Syakalima observed that most learners have not been performing well in mathematics and science a development which is of concern to government.

ZANIS reports that Mr Syakalima said this in a speech read for him by Ministry of Education for Technical Services Permanent Secretary, Jobbicks Kalumba.

Mr Syakalima thanked VVOB Zambia for supplementing government efforts in strengthening the education system in the country.

He said the support rendered to government through the printing of the NNF is highly appreciated.

“We are hopeful that the successful implementation of the framework will result in improved learning in mathematics and science,” he said

And speaking earlier at the same event VVOB Zambia Programme Manager Nico Vromant says the NNF has been designed to address gaps in the curriculum.

Mr Vromant explained that the current curriculum had gaps in the areas of science and mathematics which resulted in most schools recording poor grades in the named subjects.

He urged government to orient teachers on the contents of the NNF.


  1. Why is Education Minister Douglas Syakalima mostly letting others officiate for him? We know his relatives, friends and himself have been holding celebratory parties week after week at his Kalundu home. It has been ‘parte after parte’. One only hopes he gets down to serious work soon.

  2. You see pf cadres won’t comment here cos English & Education is not something they grew up with. It’s not in their DNA but jst mention Emerald then u ll hear voices. But ask them what an Emerald is or what it does? Then u ll see they ll shut up again. Everything is abt education bane – don’t be shy – get taught , learn a skill formally and not streetism in everything.

  3. The practicability of vvob strategies in the early childhood education especially the use of hands on approach and the use of local materials in the facilation of the classroom learning and teaching environment is there to speak for itself, its commendable that it has been rolled out to the wide curriculum encompassing primary through to secomdary. One would not overemphasize its importance but skepticism need to alleviated by corresponding action that will be evident in its implementation. The die is cast let ice not just decorate the cake.

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