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Kitwe City Council Arrest 5 People for buying from Street Vendors


Kitwe City Council has said that its council Police last week apprehended 5 people for buying merchandise from street vendors.

According to the statement issued by the Council’s Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba, the four buyers were cautioned and one has since been fined K200 after admission of guilt.

Iness Munyeme, 39, a female of house No. 2268 Luangwa West, Kitwe was apprehended by Council police on 20th October 2021 after she was found buying 5 Bananas worth K10 from a street vendor.

The Local Authority further said that it was disappointed that some residents have continued buying their mechendise from street vendors, a situation that is encouraging traders to abandon their market stands in preference for the street thereby contributing to the increase in street vending, street congestion and street litering as well as loss of revenue in the markets.

However, the Council police will continue patrolling the CBD and arrest anyone buying items from street vendors.


  1. Upnd for you. Where will street vendors get the money from to support their children if Zambians stop buying from them.

    Is upnd meant well of Zambians. Arresting someone who is buying awe. I have never seen this in my entire life.

    • Henry I think you just love criticizing even when the case is straight forward. You have to stop street vending one way or another to bring a semblance of sanity and cleanliness to town, that’s why there exist legal designated vending places, the markets. Don’t think those vendors operated freely on the streets, they were paying to the cadres then in order to be allowed to do so.

  2. Instead of arresting the seller, you allow them to sell and then you arrest the buyer…kikikikikiki only UPND can do that. What do you expect from under 5? Sata was right. Chimbwi no plan.

  3. How many street vendors had been arrested by the same city council police. I think the council is un fair by failing to remove the street vendors. You know that street vendors are organised, they will come to your office in large numbers to shout at you hence you have decided to follow the buyers who are not in large numbers. You decision of arresting buyers of street vendors is unfair way of solving street vending. If you have failed to remove them ,contact me . And my first step is to fire you all council staff for failing in many years to remove these street vendors. They are the people making the town dirty because they trade at any place and no toilet to go to. You are lucky you were employed on merit of unmerit.

  4. I hope that Mpasa Mwaya as Mayor of Kitwe will find a smart way of dealing with vendors. Street vending in Kitwe is a problem that was created by her Party, the PF. It’s not always that you should engage force to control people. Try engagement. The current crop of vendors came back into town after the dissolution of the Councils. Why did they leave their trading places on Chisokone road? They were even dressed green because the PF thought they’d get more votes from vendors again but they scored on own goal. People are already distressed so don’t distress them further.

  5. Yes please keep up the standards. We have to start from somewhere. That picture if replicated to all parts of the country will make Zambia a nice and clean place. Well done and keep it up.

  6. Totally ludicrous, if you don’t want those vendors to be on the street, then you arrest the vendors – not the customers!

  7. If I may ask: what is difficult about chasing vendors from the streets? Isn’t it a two hour job? Why waste time arresting and prosecuting those buying from vendors? At some point a year ago we didn’t have those vendors on Matuka Avenue and Oxford road. The same method used to remove them then should be used to remove them now. We demand sanity in Kitwe and this must happen yesterday.

  8. I’m not UPND but I don’t support street vending. Its a manifestation of our failure to live an organized life.
    The council should provide markets and people should learn to use these services and pay for these very services because there’s nothing for nothing. How come there’s no street vending in Kigali?

  9. #12 Edgar, it’s a difficult situation. As you travel on major roads you will see nice shelters built for people to sell their merchandise from but no one uses them, but instead people prefer to sell close to the road. At Chisokone itself there STREET VENDORS.. those have managed to acquire slots by the road that passes between Chisokone and the shops. Nobody wants to trade inside the market. I have seen these vendors cleared from the ShopRite front only to see them return after a week or so. It’s not lack of markets, it a case finding a place where customers will see you first.

  10. The Laws of Zambia
    Copyright Ministry of Legal Affairs, Government of the Republic of Zambia
    (2) Any person who contravenes the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an
    (As amended by Act No 32 of 1993)
    5. (1) The following licences may be issued under this Act: Classification and form
    of licences
    (a) a trading (wholesale) licence;
    (b) a trading (retail) licence;
    (c) a hawker’s licence;
    (d) a pedlar’s licence;
    (e) a pedlar’s (restricted) licence;
    (f) a stall licence;
    (g) a restricted licence;
    (h) an agent’s licence;
    (i) a manufacturing licence.
    (2) A licence shall be in such form as may be prescribed.

  11. You cant sell goods in Zambia without obtaining a Licence from the Council, Period. Google the trading and Licence Act of the laws of Zambia, when I worked for the Council in Zambia it was Chapter 707 but it seems this was amended to CHAPTER 393 OF THE LAWS OF ZAMBIA

  12. You cant sell goods in Zambia without obtaining a Licence from the Council, Period. Google the trading and Licence Act of the laws of Zambia, when I worked for the Council in Zambia it was Chapter 707 but it seems this was amended to CHAPTER 393 OF THE LAWS OF ZAMBIA. There is something wrong here. Let these traders apply for a licence from the Councils. That is that

  13. The law must be followed. No licence no trading. Street vendors are not traders. You must have a licence

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