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Search at my private residence was illegal and no Money was found-Valden Findlay


Lusaka businessman Valden Findlay says no money was found at his private residence during the search by the police. In a statement to the media, Mr. Findlay said the search was illegal and conducted in his absence.

Mr said that the falsehoods being perpetrated on social media that money was found at his residence and stolen by police officers are false.

“In response to the recent events that have been distorted by social media, I would like to state and correct the position. A search was carried out by the relevant government authorities at my private residence, I take issue with the legality of the Search, which was conducted in my absence and despite the officers being advised by my Lawyers that this was illegal, they proceeded anyway. However, to be clear no money was found at my residence or allegedly stolen by any police officers. This is all “fake news,” Mr. Findlay said.

Mr. Findlay added that he is saddened that in an attempt to tarnish his name and reputation and possibly sell their stories the relevant social media platforms, have not only deliberately published lies about him, but also attacked the integrity of the Zambia Police Service.

“It is indeed sad that such ‘fake news’ undermines public confidence in the truthfulness of journalism by publishing lies that can never be substantiated. Social media has become a common place to attack and settle scores with individuals just because one can. It is unfair in an attempt to gain followers social media platforms have resort to publishing lies about me, knowingly are untrue with no shred of evidence or truth to support these,” he said.

“It is expected that any reputable journalist would verify their source before taking to publishing, why mislead the public and publish rumors, knowing you have no credible source. Most of these social media platforms get away with their fake content because they cannot be taken to task in court due to their virtual existence, they get away with publishing content that is irreparable to an individual,” he added.

He emphasized that he has not committed any crime, but that he has been judged, found guilty, and condemned in the public domain, adding that his silence has been taken advantage of.

“We undermine the power of social media and how it can destroy any individual, their life and affect their family. Our society has been indoctrinated to believe anything that has been published in the social media simply because it has been published,” Mr. Findlay said.

“I would like to state loud and clear that none of the stories published in the social media about me are true, they have been deliberately distorted in an attempt to gain followers. We ought to be mindful that such bad publicity and cyberbullying can happen to anyone and that such baseless rumors have the potential of destroying lives. To date, no shred of evidence to substantiate any of the allegations published has been brought forth. The recent story of money allegedly found at my residence with a police officer on the run and my having paid a bribe is all lies,” he said.

He said the respective authorities should correct the position by issuing a public statement to that effect, as this is not only affecting him as an individual, his family, and his reputation, but also the integrity of our Zambia Police Service worldwide.


  1. Can people please let law agencies do their job without undue pressure. Like they say NOT ALL YOU WISH FOR CAN BE A REALITY. Some people want to spend precious time on hunting PF ” stolen loot” at the expense of full filling what was promised. Nothing under this Earth can hide for ever. If indeed someone stole they will eventually be exposed no matter how deep (Liato) they bury their loot. Not this unprofessional cadre driven reprisals.

  2. This government will take us no where. Its acting on hear say.

    Do we have a minister of communication who understands his/her role. How can social media say police stole the money and you keep quiet as if it is normal.

  3. This UPND GRZ should understand that……

    Because of the ineptitude, secrecy and lies peddeled by the PF regime under lungu…….

    Unfortunately, social media is the main avenue of news dissemination for Zambians ………..

    Unfortunately, again fake news is rife……..

    The UPND GRZ needs to get to grips with quickly dispelling what is fake , otherwise they will pay a heavy price when the the unstoppable SM beast turns on them……..

    UPND , You have been warned……….

  4. If you have nothing to hide. Police or anyone should be free to search. Lungu’s team was specialized in looting national resources look at the honeybee situation among others. Anyone close to Lungu had some level of knowledge and could have been involved in some of illegal things that were going on. Zambians need all their stolen back and anyone who was involved needs to bring it back or help bring it back.

  5. Alternative facts have hit the shores of Zambia. Good luck fellas. There will be myths and legends in your news now. It is cancerous and damaging. Once again: Good luck.

  6. This govt and HH were sleeping, you can not be methodical with hardened crooks …you gave these criminals two months to prepare they have now moved whatever loot they have 5 times by now and if you want to catch a crook like Findlay its not going to a case of finding cash, its more about dodgy deals with his ruthless partner Farwaz. These guys have a lot of officers on their payroll.

  7. My advice to Valden is to never allow those goons, especially from DEC because they sometimes even carry chamba which they can plant and claim to have found it in your premises. If they have a valid reason why insist on an illegal search? Sew the State and claim a substantial amount, that’s free money thrown into your face. The UPND isn’t taking us anywhere and I feel sorry for them because because many will end up in prison when Bally’s leaves Office. They should have just remained in opposition

  8. Bally is the best thing that has ever happened to Zambia, we will start evaluating him after five years as per his constitutional mandate. Love him or hate him, lets allow him to start fulfilling his promises once he starts stabilizing the country. Don’t be excited with the tribal victory in Kaumbwe, not even victory but regaining of their seat. Zambia is unshakenly behind HH, And follow the law when investigating suspected plunderers, the loot cant be hidden for ever

  9. This friend to Edgar also, how can searching a home with a search warrant be illegal. There is no law which says you must be present during the search. And how did you order covid vaccines that you decided to call donation without relevant agencies permission

  10. I agree with my clone above. The only way to get such a criminal to talk is to squeeze and electrocute his manhood until he wimpers

  11. The hatred for anybody who was associated with the PF is what will end the UPND rule in 2026. This hatred has been extended to any persons with roots in Eastern Province and the Northern Provinces of Zambia. It is there for all to see. The voting patterns of the Northwestern, Western and Southern Provinces cannot be compared to what happened in Kaumbwe where the UPND candidate even got slightly below half of what the PF candidate got. For people of Northwestern, Western and Southern Provinces, anybody representing a party that has no roots in these provinces has to be voted against. It is just a matter of time before people from the Eastern and Northern Province realise this and also begin to vote their own. Since UPND won elections, their supporters have become so cocky in public…

  12. Mr Finlay it’s not just money they were looking for.Its like digging in a copper mine
    Only to find gold.So just relax and enjoy as
    You have nothing to fear.I don’t think search
    Can be illegal in new dawn government.This
    Is government of laws.

  13. We know you run away via the east using a known ngo aircraft…you are speaking from the comforts of your hideout…a call out for you was issued you never responded…so a warrant to search your premises was legally obtained we even know the other hideouts you have…we shall soon apply to seize all your properties and auction them in you absences…but remember home is home soon you will start missing this place….you will want to come back…you arre a cheap coward..and crook even CK and KK know that…….

  14. It’s not about NOTHING TO FEAR… these searches (@ Ayatollah) can be dangerous. Remember how FTJ finished off one Unip president, they planted counterfeit dollars in his building and later accused him of printing these dollars.. that was the end of that man.

  15. Useless law enforcement strategy, with all that has happened in the last few weeks in public domain and you decide to raid a known suspect for potential evidence now and expect to find anything? You gotta be kidding

  16. Which thief takes the loot home ??
    This chap is not stu*id, thats for sure
    and when large amounts are involved its not in ZMW but $$$$$

  17. Who is Findlay fooling? This guy is the biggest Crook. Just see the Gang with the Famous Playboy Chris Mbvunga (Former Bank Governor). These Guys including Lungu were so childish as if they are not Zambians in the way they plundered the Country.

  18. Obviously they can’t find anything anymore. After hearing what happened to faith all PF crooks have stashed away their loot away from their houses and properties to other unknown places.

  19. @ Observer. What is tribal about stealing ? My view is that UPND is even too slow and too weak in arresting the looters. You want to demonise the people of Western, North Western and Southern Provinces for rejecting mediocrity, corruption and thuggery behaviour. You tribalist……you think we are scared to have our own country if you desire split ? Masholi tuwe….

  20. This hatred of anyone doing better than you, has to stop. The Findlay family have been in business for years just like the Fishers in North Western province. Good luck to you bloggers wishing everyone better than you ill will.????

  21. The pictures it self speaks volumes The crooks enjoying themselves in Etswatin land. Those are the cartel that made Zambia us there cash cow.How can a country develop with such people playing around people in very sensitive insititutions the breakdancer Chris Mvunga (Former Bank Governor)F.V & Lungu …You can imagine that some of the loot must be in Swaziland while the other loot is hiden in Dubai. And Lubinda is busy tell Zambians that his Pf party will come back really laughable.

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